Hunter Poetry – Volume 6

Posted: by Arth



It’s been a busy couple of weeks for news. And (I think) Frostheim is returning next week (he was already on last week’s podcast). I’ll probably fade into the background for a while again, but I think this is the longest I’ve ever been “in charge” of the WHU. It’s been fun. Now, enjoy some poetry!

Ode to Chimera Shot (by Splatus)

Oh Chimera Shot, I love thee
you spinning ball of mace
you make me laugh until I pee
when hitting full the monsters face

You are my sting’s best mate
refreshing oh its ticks
which crit the target of my hate
tier nine is where it clicks

I love to watch the life fade
from targets in my sight
and launch you from my bow’s blade
to hit with all your might


Warsong Gulch (by Grizle)

The rush from the graveyard disquieting… we press on.
A warrior passes, intent on the kill.. his charge ready.
Our healers bravely face the battle in cloth…
My pet screams as she dies..

her cries echo in my ears.. my gun goes off.
No time for tears… stoneform ready.
I continue firing… the end of battle moments away,
energy draining.. out of mana.. they will have our flag.

As the fight rages, only one medic left…  health fading,
still I fire.  Slowing the pace, I leap before the oncoming horde,
my trap holding them at bay.. almost overwhelmed, striving to grasp a win,
Warsong Gulch continues.. a thousand times.. the battle never ends.

We fight for the right to claim dominance in our battlegroup,
the ‘whu’ continue to strive.. our name held high, longing for greatness.
Unconcerned with damage taken, Hunters leave the battlefield -shaken.-
Knowing always.. ‘That was a good fight!’


For the Horde (by Nicala Shorewind)

The sun was set
And the air hung cold
The tenth drum sounded
As night tightened its hold

Forty seasoned Horde
Strong, swift and brave
Warrior, rogue and druid
Sword, dagger and stave

From all walks we came
To meet on common ground
Tensions ran high
In bellies it wound

Ready, we waited
For our Raid Leader’s word
“Charge! Go Forth!
Slay the Alliance Lords!”

Along the coast from Zoram’gar
We thundered onto the docks
Shrieks of Auberdine’s guards
Still echo off the rocks

The stolen ship rocked wildly
Under our combined weight
We gathered our strength on the deck
As we sailed toward our fate

We took a collective breath
Just as Wintergrasp began
And with the enemy distracted
Headlong into battle we ran

Exodar of the Draenai fell first
Crushed beneath our great might
Velen stood little chance
His defense put up a weak fight

Next was Darnassus and its lanky elves
With Tyrande holed up in the Moon Temple
Forcing our way to the top
Was a matter so very simple

The vast human city of Stormwind
Offered slightly more opposition
Commoners fled the streets in a panic
When they realized their perilous position

On the route to the throne
Alliance fighters tried to keep us at bay
But they were no match
And were easily swept out of the way

After we conquered King Wrynn
Word had finally spread
An Ally resistance was forming quickly
We would have to hurry to stay ahead

We took the tram to Tinkertown
Hoping to catch them still unaware
But when we arrived in Ironforge
It was not so well that we fared

Dwarves and gnomes swarmed angrily
Like beetles underfoot
Alliance guards aided them readily
Our roars of defiance shook the stone roof

And so it was
Our advance was pushed back
Though we hardly considered it a defeat
Determination is not something we lack

So, Bronzebeard, beware
Keep an eye on Stonard’s dark fords
Because soon we will come raging
The proud fury of the Horde

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  1. Devaneiador says:

    This last poem is so beautiful that I shed a tear.

  2. Omogon says:

    The last poem was the best. It reminded me of past days when the real king was on the throne and not some pathetic council. We drove the horde from Ironforge many times.