A while ago I wrote about fellow WHUvian and Hunter blogger Kheldul, and his site hunter-dps.dungeoneer.com. Specifically, he had created a name generator that I thought was pretty nifty. Based (roughly) on Tolkien’s Elvish language, it was a cool alternative to naming your character Legolass128 or relying on Blizzard’s name generation.

Whether it was a feature I didn’t catch last time, or a new feature, it does more than Elvish. And – this will be of interest to our Dwarven brethren – you can create dwarf names with it as well. A slider bar at the bottom of the page allows you to toggle between various races, languages, and regional dialects.

The full list of name variations is incredibly impressive. Here’s a list of the genres you can choose from:

  • Human
  • Various “regions” like Northern Male or Female
  • Elven
  • Translated Elven
  • Eldar Elven
  • Goblin
  • Dwarven
  • Hobbit (with various regional hobbit varieties as well)

Check it out by clicking here. It’s super fun.

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  1. Kheldul says:

    Yeah… it’s not new. I wrote it in 1995. Eighte-omfg-en years ago. ;-) I was into novice linguistics stuff. I guess I should have put advertising on that site. I might be able to buy a steak by now.

    Uhh, some of the naming styles have not aged well in the context of what we think of now in wow. But hey.

    I also gathered a bunch of different types of maps and made one for names of places. Those are all pretty good. e.g.:

    The Elvish language stuff is certainly the most interesting to me.

    • Arth says:

      Cool stuff, thanks dude. Maybe we’re in the minority that find this stuff interesting, but it’s been a heavy news week, so I wanted to find something light and fun like this to highlight.

    • Mushan says:

      Awesome stuff. I’ve used it a few times… and the funny thing is, the first time I used it, I did a Google search for a name generator and his was at/near the top (I forget which). I clicked the link and thought, “hey, I already follow this guy!” It’s funny what you can miss when looking at a site…

      Now, of course, it’s my go-to place when I make a new toon. I’ve used it to get some ideas when I named my night elf mage, dwarven baby hunter and shaman, among others. Names are important to me, even if I don’t necessarily use names 100% properly. :)

      Thanks for highlighting this, Arth. I’m sure there are many others out there that would love to know about Kheldul’s site. And many thanks to Kheldul, for sharing it!

  2. Ominous says:

    Cool page. I like to pick suitable adjectives and use those as character names.
    I’ll certainly bookmark the page and pass it to others, who prefer lore-based names.