I have a work thing all this week,and vacation time next around the 4th of July holiday. I’m also fresh out of all my backlogged articles I had stored up for a rainy day (aside from the last couple poetry installments). So let’s hope Frostheim is back for good soon. He’s shown up once on the podcast recently, so I know he’s beginning to get back to normal.

I think the WHU is caught up on 5.4 changes. We should be ok to coast for a little bit. Scroll back over the last few weeks of articles if you missed anything.

And if you need your hunter analysis fix in the interim, there’s the usually-weekly Hunting Party Podcast. Saturdays, 1pm CST.

And remember to ask Frost why the writing on the WHU suddenly picked up in quality these last couple months. He’ll be grateful for your feedback.


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  1. Jork says:

    Thanks for letting us know in advance there might be a dry spell. WHU is really good about that.

    Frost – The quality of writing on WHU has really been outstanding these last few months you need to give Arth a raise. I am thinking something percent based.

    • Kheldul says:

      I recommend a 20% salary bump and 50% retention bonus. Tabana, Kalliope, Frost, and now Arth! They’ll come for us all soon!

  2. Garfurion says:

    Enjoy your vacation Arth :)

  3. Dianth says:

    Well done, sir!

  4. Wonderseeker says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your articles Arth. Thanks for filling in :)