5.3 Hunter Hotfixes

Posted: by Arth

Shout out to the WHUvians who pointed this out to me; I had lost these changes in the 5.4 notes (which are coming steadily now…more on them tomorrow or Monday).

Here are the official hotfixes that came through on June 10:

  • Arcane Shot now deals 10% more damage.
  • Cobra Shot and Steady Shots now deal 10% more damage.
  • Hunter Pets summoned by Stampede now only use auto-attacks against their target.
  • Blink Strikes now has a 10-yard minimum range, and the teleportation effect cannot happen more than once every 20 seconds.

Here’s the explanation from Blizzard:

Patch 5.3 resulted in Hunters feeling a bit stronger in PvP than in 5.2, where we feel they were in a much better place overall. Stampede in particular has been proving troublesome. We originally designed it with an “empty your stables” theme primarily for flavor–we wanted you to be able to see all of your favorite pets. In practice, it turned into more of a “deck building” mini-game, where Hunters were managing their entire stable to bring as much crowd control, raid buffs, etc. as possible. That’s opposite of our intentions with the Mists stable redesign; we want you to be able to pull out whichever pet you feel is ideal for your current situation. If you’re instead filling your stable based on whatever’s ideal for Stampede, you lose that entirely.
Furthermore, this min-maxing led to Stampede being a bit stronger of a DPS cooldown than we’d really like, especially for Beast Masters (who are already quite bursty in PvP). The hotfix lets us tone Stampede back just a little, and once again allows Hunters to keep whichever pets they like in the stable.
With Blink Strikes, our goals with the original 5.3 changes were to reduce Hunter burst for PvP as well as give them a passive talent option. Generally speaking, we prefer active talents to be slightly superior to passive talents in the same tier. No one will choose an active talent if it requires more work for the same reward. So, we wanted Blink Strikes to be DPS-neutral. Instead, it ended up being a PvP buff, hence the hotfix.
Regarding the changes to Arcane Shot, Cobra Shot, and Steady Shot, we had originally only buffed Arcane shot, but there was some risk that it would change Hunter rotations, which wasn’t our intent. We simply wanted to compensate for the Stampede and Blink Strikes changes. Ultimately, our goal with all of these changes is simply to tone back some of the outlying behaviors that were causing Hunters to feel a little too strong in PvP in 5.3, without much impact elsewhere.


  Ok, so let’s break this down:

  • In terms of overall dps, the word that I’m hearing is that this actually increases sustained hunter dps. At worst, it’s dps neutral. PvE hunters, breath a sigh of relief.
  • The downside is two-fold. One, it’s a nerf to PvP because the abilities nerfed (Blink Strikes and Stampede) contributed significantly to hunter burst. They still will, but not as much. Now, we have the statement from Blizzard that hunter PvP was a touch too good, and that BM was (and potentially still is) too “bursty.” I’m willing to take them at their word and hope this balances PvP a bit more, but that won’t soften the blow for many PvP hunters.
  • The other downside, and to me the bigger long-term one, is that Stampede pets no longer have as much “flavor.” By that, I mean they aren’t casting their buffs. So there’s less buff customization for soloing, Brawler’s Guild, or situations where your raid is missing 2-3 buffs and you want to bring them all for a brief period of time. The other changes are balance related…balance comes and goes with each new patch. But this is a big decision that changes how we’ve used Stampede. And it removes some nuance from the class, which makes me sad.

Near the launch of 5.2 I wrote an article on spec viability in both PvE and PvP. General consensus was that we were middle of the pack in PvE and possibly a bit low. Since then we’ve received nothing but incremental buffs, so I have no reason to believe we’ve dropped. In PvP, we were weak overall but incredibly strong as BM in specific comps. Like, possibly TOO good compared to other classes and their representation at the highest levels. So from what we saw there, some burst nerfs aren’t a surprise, which has been the trend recently. In a competitive environment like PvP, I know it’s a tough pill to swallow to think we might have needed some burst nerfs, but it seems Blizzard thought we did. But it’s a still a shame, since it’s been a long time since huntesr had a spec near the top of PvP comps.

To me, the loss of customization in Stampede is the change that will outlast this patch, since the next hotfix or patch will alter balance once again. I LOVED the nifty stuff you could do with varied Stampede pets, it made the ability more than simply “press the big red button for teh l33t dps!” And now it’s gone. It’s hard to be too upset when the past months have seen us acquire 50 stable slots, no minimum range, more viability in PvP than past expansions, etc. But there’s still some sadness.

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  1. Nenia says:

    The current 5.4 PTR notes also put Silencing Shot out of reach of BM and SV again, the way it was pre-Mists. If that change goes live, then not only will we have lost out burst-heals (Spirit Beast stampede) but also our only interrupt. This will make it significantly harder, if not impossible, for non-Marks to do solo content like Brawler’s Guild or world rares with interruptible healing.

    You’re right, Arth, numbers come and go, but it’s a shame to see our utility sacrificed on the altar of balance.

    • Arth says:

      There are pets with interrupts, so MM won’t be an absolute requirement. But I get what you’re saying, and agree.

  2. hillbillyhatifield says:

    So what does sur look like now with the buff of arcane. It would seem with the tier set bonus, and the new buffs, sur will be the dungeon go to. Especially with multi mob encounters.
    I find there killing us on interrupts/stun/silent. I’m having to team up on the rares now. Priests in pvp are left to some other class that can stop the heals.
    Any word on them fixing the pet movement bug. My pet is really hurting. Ive noticed since the hotfix, my tank will charge, then come back then run back to the target, plus running at walking speed. I saw this a few times last night.

  3. Med says:

    Just a few things here that were upsetting most people…..
    1) It was a pretty sneaky move to slip these changes in with a hotfix knowing that the data dump for the 5.4 PTR was right on it’s heels. Probably done with the hope that most hunters would not notice.
    2) We now have a 5 minute CD that is fairly useless. If you never press that button again, your DPS loss is very minimal. It will either need far less of a CD or need to do more damage to make it worthy of the 5 minutes.
    3) The changes made were exclusively because of PVP. Opinions vary, but mine is that if an ability is that out of whack in PVP then make the changes only effect the PVP side of things, not both.

    • Arth says:

      In fairness, the total PvE contribution equals out. So it MOSTLY just affected PvP. But yeah, the timing might not have been intentional, but it certainly will be seen by less this way.

  4. Bramman says:

    I agree on stampede… it removes a lot of the strategy from the talent in a number of PvE scenarios. I also believe burst dps adds strategy to PvE. The really good players will line up their burst abilities with procs and other temporary buffs as a strategic way to increase DPS or deal with certain phases of a fight. The more burst abilities get watered down the less important it becomes to strategize about their usage.

    I understand the problem with burst in PvP I just wish there was a better solution that allowed for strong burst in PvE.

    I also wish they had buffed the signature shots instead of Arcane shot. Buffing arcane is the easier thing to do, but this again contributes to watering down all of our attacks so that they are more and more similar and since it’s a shared attack it makes the specs more and more similar (and they’re already too similar in my opinion).

    • Arth says:

      BM will still have significant burst. I don’t see it as a huge PvE loss. We may have gone TOO far into bust dependency, and were easily a top 3 spec for burst (maybe #1 at times in this expansion).

      But yes, anything that removes potential strategy is a loss in my book. A shame.

      And I’ll have more on the Arcane watering down once I go over patch notes. In short, though, I agree.

      • dethstalker says:

        Is there really anything wrong being #1. Someone has to be #1. Why can it not be a hunter?

      • Arth says:

        @deth – No, not necessarily, but if the gap’s too large, then yes, it’s a problem. This manifested in PvP 3’s, where Holy Pallies and Arms Warriors were solid across the board, but when paired with a BM hunter, that comp was WAY too generously represented compared to other similar comps, suggesting an imbalance.

  5. Dernan says:

    It is really disappointing to see silent shot removed for BM specs :(

    Does blizzard want to force all hunters to MM? At least give us back intimidation, we need at least one interrupt.

    • Arth says:

      There are pets with interrupts. We’re not without other options, even though this definitely is a step back overall.

      • dethstalker says:

        Pets have interrupts. Got it. But MM has access to the same pets AND they now have exclusive access to Silencing Shot. Why?

      • Arth says:

        @deth – I suspect it has to do with the tier Silencing was in. The vast majority of hunters took Silencing at that tier. Blizz wants each tier to have real choices. When one is clearly much better than the others, there’s an imbalance. So I think it had more to do with tier balance than wanting to specifically favor MM.

      • Shannon Spencer Fox says:

        If Silencing Shot was being taken by almost every Hunter (which I can imagine being the case, since… well, let’s face it; the other options are too situational), they should’ve just made it a baseline ability and gave us something else, or left Binding Shot where was.

      • sheppo says:

        The problem is with the CC tier of talents, is that there is a clear winner that will work more often in PvP. More useful + shorter cool down = clear winner.

        There needs to be some major normalisation of the CCs each class have, the amount they have, and the CC-breakers they have. Until then there will never be class balance no matter how effective damage, or damage mitigation.

  6. Lirithiel says:

    So Arcane Shot gets buffed by 10% now only to get nerfed again in 5.4 PTR. The Stampede thing doesn’t phase me too much as I pvp mostly but now I wonder if Blink Strikes is worth it. What’s hurts most for me in the 5.4 PTR is that BM (and yeah SV) will lose Silencing Shot once again. As someone who does pvp mostly that just plain sux. So now its back to Intimidation again which was never a viable interrupt to start with. I was happy when MM got Binding Shot coz I never used it but now they get Silencing Shot for themselves again. What’s next, Readiness?

    • Arth says:

      If Blizzard is correct, hunters are still going to be fine in PvP. Nerf doesn’t equal total ruination. So you should still be ok, and BM will still have decent burst.

      The PTR has had some Arcane changes, but it’s all still in flux. We’ll have to wait and see where it ends up as an ability.

  7. Sparbanken says:

    As stampede affects BM most and the buffs affects all specs, I wonder if this changes what the simulated preferred single target spec…

  8. delirium says:

    Has their been any explanation of losing silencing shot?

    When Frostheim was complaining (a few weeks ago, or months, I don’t recall) about the “balancing” of hunter shot rotation making the class too easy, or to mindless, because people can just spam arcane shot and not have their dps significantly drop, I wasn’t quite convinced. But add this move, it really seems like they’re encouraging hunters to pay even less attention to fight mechanics and playing the class well. :-/

    • Arth says:

      Not a stated explanation, but an implied one: they want tier choices to be actual choices. I think far too many hunters were taking Silencing, so they saw the tier as imbalanced.

      On the latter, I agree to an extent, but it’s easy to take the point and run too far with it. Better players will always top charts. But yes, the gap is smaller with some of these changes.

      • bengstra says:

        If they want tiers to be actual choices … make them actual choices by design, not exclusion. “Too many hunters are taking Silencing Shot. It’s too good! I know … we’ll restrict it to one spec!” What kind of logic is that? The only fun left in the game for casual play was soloing. Now … no interrupts if you want anything other than Marks.

        Now we lose even more of the fun factor (Stampede being cosmetic only) while they put yet more effort into effing Battle Pets. (Want to bet that mined tiger is a cute little battle pet?)

        The ping pong play with classes has effectively knocked me out of the game. I realized I haven’t even logged in in 2 weeks, and I didn’t care.

      • Ril says:

        funny thing is, i can see far more applications for BS than SilS in PvE. in T15, i counted 4-6 bosses where i could use BS vs 0-2 for SilS, depending on the setup. it all comes down on whether there’re enough interrupts or not. of course the situation might change completely with T16, we don’t know yet. in T14, both spells were about equally used, BS was used in more important bosses though and tends to have more impact.

        accordingly, getting BS back at the expense of SilS upsets me far less than the loss of BS did (also it was a very cool toy imho). yet, it seems to be a fairly stupid move on blizz’ side to put a skill which is felt as mandatory in many situations into a single tree.

      • Exeron says:

        What dps class/spec has to use a talent tier to get an interupt?

  9. Bluejay says:

    Blinkstrike… NO ONE IS SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THE CHANGE TO BLINKSTRIKE. Min range of 10 yrds? So does that mean that, in PvE, after the initial pull Blinkstrike is useless?
    I get that the Sims have told ppl to go Crows but I’ve found Blinkstrike to work out much better (even when I had to press the button myself, which i prefered btw), but seriously, whats with this change and why has no one said anything about it?

    • Ril says:

      as far as i understood it the 50% dmg buff still applies on the auto attack. it’s only about the port there, which we don’t care about in pve.

      oh, and my sims told me to use blink strike, mostly because i use a haste >>> mastery > crit build i guess.

      • Roachkilla says:

        I hate the new Blinkstrike. I used it so much in Pve. It was extremely useful. I don’t min/max but that was the only time I felt I could min/max. Why wait for your pet to >run< to the adds/boss/rare when you can stand back and pull from a range, like a hunter aught to? Best way to min/max dps is to have your pet there before your first shot. Why? Because the pet is auto dps. It also helped tremendously after the "nerf" to growl. Taunt, but no threat… Oh boy, I am too tired and ridiculously irritated to make the points i want and for them to come out well….

        but that's part of my 2 cents.

  10. Med says:

    While the net effect of these hotfixes is an overall DPS gain, there are still huge problems with them.

    1) 5 minute CD was nerfed by about 60% and is probably just a 1% DPS loss if no longer used.
    2) Arcane shot is now dangerously close DPS wise to all signature shots. It should never get so close that we question using kill command/Explosive/Chimera.

    Do we really want the class to move to a 2 button rotation of cobra/steady, arcane shot?

    • Arth says:

      Agreed. I’m saving this bit for the 5.4 discussion, where this problem may actually get even worse.

    • garfurion says:

      according to some EU hunter the hotfix change to arcane makes Kill Command (you know the BM signature short) a dps loss unless using it under the effects of bestial wrath and fully raid buffed. In all other situations BM hunters should use Arcane shot instead. the 5.4 changes to arcane will make this even worse.

      Stampede is now a joke. It’s our lvl 87 ability but it does about the same damage as dire beast but doesn’t return focus. Given the hunter bloat problem they should just remove it.

      Clearly the hotfix has been some kind of panic reaction by some blizzard devs that don’t know anything about the delicate dps balance between the different hunter shots.

      I also wonder if BM hunters will still be able to tame hutia (spiritbeast) without a reliable interrupt after 5.4

  11. Flint says:

    Buffing Arcane was ridiculous bad. Arcane shot has been used for the most part since Wrath as a focus dump. Buffing it 10% just puts it closer to Signature shots. It’s just a matter of time before Arcane has a better ROI than the Signature shots.

    Bad move Blizzard, you should have buffed the Signature shots.

  12. Accor says:

    Med, that is what i have being reading the last 2 days, hunters going the 2 button rotation, I know that sometimes some were complaining about having a lot of buttons but going from that two only smash 2 and be competitive, that is just bad desing. I haven’t had the chance to raid this week or do any changes, but have you tested Thrill of the hunt and not use KC at all?

    • Med says:

      The way things sit right now, in a raid environment, keep doing what you have always done……it is still worth it DPS wise.

      Solo or with a smaller group however it is working out to be that KC is only worth using inside of BW. You will have better DPS by spamming arcane outside of BW.

      Now all of this is subject to RNG but to even have a question about using a signature ability is just a poorly thought out fix to a PVP problem.

    • Arth says:

      I don’t like this trend either, but I think the silver lining is that Blizzard is aware of this, and they’ve corrected the abilities in the past when it got too close to be 2-3 buttons rotations.

      But they’re dangerously close now, as Med alluded to. So it’s something to watch and bring up with them.

      • garfurion says:

        if they were aware of it they would have buffed our signature abilities instead. Arcane is the last ability the should have buffed.

  13. hillbillyhatifield says:

    Im not going to complain about the buff to arcane, and other shots not being used. I’m one that griped about button bloat.
    So if my rotation is serpent, arcane, arcane, arcane, cobra, cobra, arcane, arcane, kill, kill. Then so be it. with all the backflips, and jump shots in raids, I don’t mind a simpler rotation. I may micro dire into cobra so I will have a 4 button rotation bar outside of going red.

    • Arth says:

      Yeah, that’s kinda the funny part. Easier rotations are easier. If it’s our best bet, just follow the dps and enjoy the simplicity, even if it’s not ideal.

  14. Med says:

    Beyond rotation, this puts the class in an extremely bad spot when it comes to raiding. In a 25 man setting there is now no viable reason to ever bring a hunter. We have no raid utility (at least in a 10 man you could argue that you bring a buff), burst has been eliminated, and we are a middle of the road DPS class. Smoke bomb, banners, cookies, portals, hybrid healing, raid damage reduction, the list goes on.

    In the past we actually were wanted on some fights to help burst through a particularly difficult phase on an encounter. I hold out hope that they can do something for the class, but I get the feeling we might just have to limp through the rest of this expansion.

    • Arth says:

      If you’re in a very high-level progression guild, yes. But for the vast majority, patch changes don’t affect raid viability at all. You may jump up or fall behind some players, but not enough to be kicked. As always, skill and preparedness means a lot more than class disparity, even if it’s less than it once did.

      We may be above middle of the road by now, though. Overall dps has had nothing but buffs since 5.1, and we were middle-ish then.

      Which isn’t to say that I’m happy with the changes. I’m not. Just that we’re talking about a small number of raiders in terms of those who might get booted due to hotfixes.

    • Ril says:

      extreme mobility. avoidance. 15% (10 in 5.4) flat damage reduce. strong burst. misdirect. total add control. the most powerful AoE stun (before 5.2 and from 5.4 on).

      we might not be top notch at the moment, but it has always been worthwhile to bring a few hunters, as long as the damage remains decent (which it is). 25m doesn’t depend on every single player to bring cooldowns. in 10m it matters, but the unique abilities of hunters can be just as good.

  15. Mindala says:

    Effectively this change nerfs BM a bit relative to the other 2, right?

    MM has been left a bit pointless in 5.x so far since two of its biggest advantages (Silencing Shot and Recuperation) got given to all specs. Is this an attempt to try and differentiate the specs again? I think they bought balance by a bit too much homogenization.

  16. garfurion says:

    GC on twitter regarding the stampede disaster: “We posted our explanation. In addition to PvP, it was undoing the work we had done to add more active stable slots.”

    I’m not sure what the active stable slots remark is about tbh.

    • f0nZi3 says:

      LOL! “undoing the work we have done to add more active stable slots” – Really??

      Does GC even play a Hunter? Because it sounds like he hasn’t a clue what he just said there. Active stable slots is STILL 5 – this has not changed. What changed was the INACTIVE stable slots (from 20 to 50) and using Stampede had (and has) ZERO bearing related to INACTIVE stable slots.

  17. Geckko says:

    Maybe it’d be better if they change out our 87 ability. Dump Stampede (which at this point I find boring and pointless) and replace it with a good ranged interrupt.

    I’m not very happy to see Silencing Shot be slated for MM only next patch.

  18. Aadyn says:

    Blink Strikes now has a 10-yard minimum range, and the teleportation effect cannot happen more than once every 20 seconds.

    Am i the only idiot who doesn’t understand what this means? In order to use blink strike i have to be a minimum of 10 yards from the target throughout the fight is that correct? and teleportation can only happen once every 20 seconds?? How often was it happening before? I didn’t see my pet porting all over the place when i was switching targets so if they moved it from 15 seconds to 20 seconds who really cares. If the boss doesn’t move during the fight is this a DPS loss from how blink strike was before the hotfix?

    I took this blink strikes talent since i use Thrill of the Hunt and am always focus starved somewhere between 20-40 focus at all time so i have no use for crows and Lynx rush although fun was an active ability that i always forgot to activate.

    I am glad they are taking Silencing shot from hunters in 5.4. Who wants the extra responsibility of interrupting anyways? Soloing will be a bitch but I am back to easy street raiding..

    Silencing shot was a default grab i am sure but then again for 98% of raiders so is iron hawk and glave toss. I am just glad those gawd damn PVPers don’t use these abilities so they don’t get hit with the nerf bat as well.. All the best stuff goes right out the window because of PVP.. Gimme back my Stampede that does double the damage on a 10 minute CD..

    • Jaeger says:

      Your pet needs to be more than 10yds from the target. It’s so that your pet doesn’t blink for 3yds or 5yds and only triggers the 20s CD when there’s actually some distance to cover.

      Blink Strikes still gives the dps bonus to pet basic attacks. The change was only to how frequently the Blink occured (it was every basic attack before the hotfix). I saw my pets stick to mobs like glue so I suspect they were doing the same in PvP. It will be a slight loss from how it was before in target switching fights or if the boss is constantly moving around, but it probably won’t be much. Also, those situations don’t really occur that much anyway.

      I’ll keep using Blink Strikes for the convenience and it’s still quite good for BM anyway.

  19. Blackspiral says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call it DPS neutral. I’m averaging between 6k and 10k less depending on fight.

    • Jaeger says:

      Yes, in the simulators I think it’s dps neutral, but no one is perfect like the sims. Delaying Stampede by a few seconds or whatever didn’t really hurt before, but missing a few AS hurts even more now. Most people in the real world probably will see a dps loss.

  20. Jaeger says:

    These changes are just stupid. AS does not need to be stronger and Stampede is now a waste of a keybind.

    Testing on FemaleDwarf as BM (ilvl 520)
    Leave out Stampede: 1% dps loss. 1%? Why even bother with it?
    Leave out KC: 3% dps loss. Only a 3% loss for not using a signature shot?!? This is just absurd…

  21. Nogz says:

    “In practice, it turned into more of a “deck building” mini-game, where Hunters were managing their entire stable to bring as much crowd control, raid buffs, etc. as possible. That’s opposite of our intentions with the Mists stable redesign; we want you to be able to pull out whichever pet you feel is ideal for your current situation. If you’re instead filling your stable based on whatever’s ideal for Stampede, you lose that entirely.”

    I don’t get how it was exclusive. I’m still using the same pets I used to have with me before the change. Nor I understand how deck building is bad. A lot of the game is based around that. Being talents, pet battles, raid composition, etc.

    I’d rather keep Stampede’s utility than the damage. It was very useful in Brawler’s Guild and Challenge Mode. I’m glad I’m done with them.

  22. Kznoll says:

    Silencing shot should be baseline…

    The change to Stampede is good – keeps things simple…

    • Jaeger says:

      Don’t you mean “simply useless”?

    • Ril says:

      the change to stampede is a massive nerf (of the spell) because the summoned pets don’t use claw&co anymore. i don’t like the change anyways but i’d have been somewhat fine with it if id had only affected the buffs, CCs, heals and what not.

      i kind of liked the way it worked, i’d tailor my stable around my 3v3 team i occasionally played with or for brawlers guild. it added a layer of complexity to certain areas of gameplay. however i’m also fine with being more free to pick my stable, but i have to pick my pets according to my raiding team most of the time anyways, since a few buffs are short depending on who is sat on each individual boss…

  23. Flint says:

    Here is an idea Blizzard: Insted of screwing with something that wasn’t broken haw about make Stampede, Blink, or Dire Beast procs and not use Growl which is broken anyway. While you are at it FIX GROWL!!!!

  24. f0nZi3 says:

    Okay, here’s the thing (and sorry if someone else posted something like this already). Consistently, we hear the reason something cannot be implemented is because “the technology is not there yet”. Well, the technology IS there to make abilities behave differently in PvP (arenas and BG’s) and PvE. So, changing Stampede as drastically as they did only leads me to believe the following: Blizzard is f’n LAZY.

    Instead of taking the time to make a function or action act differently in different environments, they take the LAZY route and make sweeping changes because, yet again, PvP ALWAYS dictates how PvE functions. Personally, I pretty damn tired of this same old warn out excuses. Either give us (EVERYONE mind you, not just Hunters) a dedicated PvP spec (that has talents, glyphs and spells etc. tailored to PvP) OR, stop being LAZY and take the time to code the abilities to behave differently in PvP and PvE.

  25. Dargonis says:

    there is just alot about this hotfix that blizzard didnt put into thought imho

    glyph of stampede is just for flavor now, there is no reason to use this in a raid if you have tank pets vs cunning or ferocity because all the pets summoned still do the same white auto attack dmg

    as bm one thing i loved is that i could solo rares heck even warbringers which i do know im not supposed to do because only blizzard lets blood dk’s do that!

    but now with all these buffs to my shots as BM again, no buffs done to Pet dmg which IMHO is where it should have gone, its a pet ability that was nerfed so boost our main pets dmg.

    im now peeling off my pet with constant misdirects in BM with a tank pet, this makes soloing difficult for my class.

    i know people say the change had to happen but i think blizzard did it on a completly blind move and it should have gone into a ptr before being played around to much with.

  26. pichu says:

    I’m sick of reading such idiotic claims as “they are breaking hunters” “stampede is now not worth using “they are turning hunters into a two buttons class”. these hotfix change NOTHING from a PVE perspective, u will be using the same skills, u will be using them the exact same way u did prior to the hotfix, If you dont like or cant be bothered with min/maxing, then you could aswell not use any spell at all,just let the hunter and the pet autoattack. The only change that affects PVE is the blink strikes minimun range and ICD. Bosses with target switching are a pain in the ass now, specially HC Megaera, The pet may never get to the adds in time to cleave them down, on QUON HC you can no longer KC him during the tornadoes, on others like horridon or council you will be losing DPS on almost every target change.

    • Med says:

      So you are ok with a 5 minute CD that does less damage than a 2 minute CD? Or the fact that a hunter using 3 buttons can come very close maybe even do better through lucky RNG than someone executing a full rotation properly?…./sigh…..You might want to check the mirror when you use a word like “idiotic”……

      • pichu says:

        They are 2 completely different things. One thing is poor class design or wrong decisions when it comes to changes or balance, changes which I am not happy with, but neither with the whole class design since MoP. But I don’t bitch about it, and I dont make false statements just because I don’t like the changes. I don’t like a 5min CD being worst than a 2 min CD or even a 30 sec CD like DB, but that doesn’t change the fact that you will still be using the 5 min CD as u used it before. On the other hand if a hunter using 3 buttons can come even close to your DPS (even when RNG laughs at you and he gets all of it) then YOU are doing something really wrong. Bitching on RNG is the new trend because all the RPPM stuff we have, but it is nothing but a delusion we players have created to excuse ourselves. I myself used to do it, but then I realized that, over time, you will get what you should get. My DPS usually fluctuates 3-5% from kill to kill due to RNG, which is around 7-10k from +200k on any ST fight. It is not that much and theres no way a hunter using 3 buttons can make for the difference even with the luckiest RNG ever.