Hunter Poetry – Volume 2

Posted: by Arth


Untitled (by Dannok of Whisperwind)

We kill things so
Efficiently, all others
Are deafened by our
Superiority and power…
(Rapid Fire)


Lament of a Faction Changer (By Tzufraw)

I had to change my faction
In order to see some raid action
A proud Dwarf I was when dropped off by the stork
Now I’m nothing but an ugly Orc
I used to be a Dwarf
All these undead walking around Org
It’s like I’m living in a morgue
Org…It is nothing more than a dirt hovel
It could really use a gnomish steam shovel
I used to be a Dwarf
Never again feeling the warmth of the great forge has me chagrined
I so miss the Golden Keg and Hunter’s Guild in Stormwind
Can’t forget the Pig and Whistle, The Gilded Rose, and The Blue Recluse
Oh did we used to let loose(dwarf women of quite the caboose)
I used to be a Dwarf
Speaking of which Horde beer taste like piss
And I’m so tired of this troll bartender telling me “Hey mon, Drink dis”
What I wouldn’t give for some Thunderbrew Ale
Horde brewmasters are utterly fail
I used to be a Dwarf
When I catch a glimpse of my new self
I realize it’s a fate worse than being a night elf
I never thought I would dream about being a gnome
But then at least I would be allowed to see home
I used to be a Dwarf
Raiding be damned
Get me a ticket on the tram
I’m back to being a Dwarf


Haikus by Foxytusk/Ravenholdt

A shielded target.
Enemy flag carrier.
My arrows take flight.
Weak, dazed and alone.
Bleeding prey falls to the ground.
Bested in combat.

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  1. Zetora says:

    Great stuff as always … but what happened to “Best of the WHU”? I look forward to that every week!

    • Arth says:

      Just mixing it up a bit for my Friday post (which is when these have been coming out). “Best of…” isn’t going away, though.

  2. Merlin says:

    New patch out with lots to talk about and you are posting poetry?
    This used to be the best site for hunters, now not so much.

    • Arth says:

      Frost is in the middle of a big move and unable to devote much time to the WHU. It’s just a temporary hiatus. People were quick to jump all over WHU when he was sick as well, and not posting for 3-4 weeks. But it’s not permanent.

      As for the poetry, the WHU has always been about posting a variety of hunter-related things, not just patch notes and guides. I consider it a strength of the site, not a weakness. There are plenty of other news outlets if that’s what you’re interested in.

      In the meantime, I may try to ramp up my posting to fill the void a bit more, but I’ve never been as prolific as Frost with blogging. Patience is the key.

      • Zetora says:

        It certainly is a strength Arth.

        And if you read the posts you would know the situation.

        I to miss the frequent PVE hunter related posts but alas they will return, they are just on hold while Frost deals with his alternate life outside of wow … personally I gave up on that a long time ago but he seems to see value to it.

      • Merlin says:

        I did not know that..
        Guess i just miss having pve and pvp info all handed to me on a plate.
        Sry for whining :)

  3. ironthumbs says:

    This is why I love our hunter comunity :) Someone gets a reasonable counter argument or explanation to a statement and is grownup enough to apologise and hold their hands up!
    Highfives all round :)