Cupcake Tribute

Posted: by Frostheim

As some of you know (those of you who follow me on Twitter), I’m in the midst of planning a move. For my day job, I accepted an awesome new position at a company in Boston (currently in Minnesota) and I’ve been frantically doing all the stuff you need to do to move across the country — well as much of it as I can get done while still working at my current job.

Today is my last day at, and I arrived in the office to see this waiting for me:


Yes, not only do all my co-workers know I play WoW, they also know enough to do a Google image search for “Frostheim’s Cloak” to include the Recovered Cloak of Frostheim on the cupcake tribute.

So even in the midst of corporate America, I’m known as a hunter blogger!

Also, this is why I’ve been notably absent from the blog (and occasionally the podcast) — you would not believe how much time this moving & looking for a place to live in an area you don’t know at all sucks up. I’m still reading all my regular WoW blogs, but haven’t really had time to write much — and of course there hasn’t been much big hunter news, so I’ve felt okay stepping back (if there were news, I’d certainly make time to write about it).

I’m flying up to Boston this weekend and early next week to get a place to live, but my hope is after that I’ll have more time again for the WHU. After all, without an 8-hour workday every day eating up my time, I can get more done and have more time for WoW and the WHU!

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  1. Congratulations on the new job, and commiserations on the pain of moving. I recently moved from California to Seattle for a new job, and that’s an experience I’m not looking to repeat anytime soon!

  2. Gorgor says:

    As a fellow hunter and MN resident, GLHF!

  3. Toka says:

    Good luck with the move! I hope that things go smoothly and that you don’t loose anything nice in the process.

  4. Irishfelix says:

    Good luck Frostheim. I moved from Boston to Texas a few years back. I’m not sure where your job is but I highly recommend living South of the city on the “Braintree side” of the Red Line. I lived there for years and loved every minute of it. I would move back in a heartbeat for the opportunity of course.

  5. Macdougal says:

    Good luck on the new job and the move! Don’t worry about your readers, we can keep ourselves busy while you get settled.

    It is a little sad their Google image search for the Recovered Cloak returned a result on a non-dwarf model, but it is still an uncommonly good looking cloak! Don’t you work in SEO? Maybe you should see what you can do to get the top image search result to be an awesome cloak on a proper race? :)

  6. Roachkilla says:

    As far as excuses go, that’s a pretty legit one. So, Good Luck and hopefully when you get settled in, your new community makes you feel welcome.

  7. Chevonne says:

    Good luck, Frost. Moving is hard enough just across town, much less across half the country. It would be a good time to ditch all that stuff you were gonna get rid of someday anyway. ;)

  8. Blakhunt says:

    Frost don’t eat all the cakes, or you may not fit in the plane seat =O Good luck on the move.

  9. Verg says:

    Welcome to Boston, Frostheim! Best wishes with the inherent chaos of moving. I’ve been here six years, and would be glad to answer any questions I can. Delighted to have you in the area & look forward to the next WHU BBQ!

    For transit: the subway (T) is pretty good and reliable, bus service covers most of the immediate suburbs (but tracking apps are good, buses can run early/late), and the commuter rail serves long-haul commuters for higher prices and less frequent service. The one downside is that transit shuts down a little after midnight.

    Driving into Boston proper means heavy traffic and high parking fees, so if you work there I’d suggest parking at a T station and riding in. As you move your workplace further out into the suburbs it becomes more reasonable to take a car (by I-95/Rte 128 it’s almost necessary) but the parking gets easier too.

    Speaking of driving, drive defensively. Just assume someone will try something crazy, and your goal is to (a) be safe and (b) not let it get to you. It’s usually minor things like running a late yellow light or swerving around a car that’s stopped to turn… but it pays to keep an eye out and keep calm. Oh, and the roads may take some learning (odd angles and ways to turn).

    One of my friends built a rent-intensity map for the city (article in my website) which might be helpful. Having done several rounds of apartment searches here there’s a fair bit of variation if you want to price-shop. On the other hand, if you want a good enough place to get it done with quickly (especially for a long-distance move) there are plenty of nice places for a bit more, starting with college-sized apartments and growing to houses as you move outwards.

    Happy hunting, Frostheim!

  10. Blackspiral says:

    You got another New England Hunter here. If you need a drinking buddy some Friday night shoot me a line.

    WHU raids Boston!

  11. SirFWALGMan says:

    Welcome to Boston. It’s kind of chilly right now.. but heck, MN! :). If you need any advice about the area let me know.

  12. Eurinome says:

    Cupcakes ftw!
    Having just moved myself and kids (albeit only a tiny distance compared to your huge move) I can totally sympathise with how life-draining it can be.
    Shit-in-boxes, piled on top of shit-in-boxes, inability to find a clean pair of socks and searches rendering only boxes and boxes of books and CDs, having to wear the same two things to work for a week because you can’t find your good jeans, stressed cats pissing on anything you leave on the floor *bang face on keyboard in frustration*.

    Cupcakes help. As does a nice 6-pack of black beer and finding out your neighbour is a RL hunter who last weekend bagged 25 ducks and is offering you free duck meat on demand (while season lasts).

    Best of luck :-)

  13. Wrekh says:

    Awesome, gratz Frostheim!

  14. Kilim says:

    Hooray for more Boston huntery goodness!

  15. Niika says:

    Welcome to Boston – along with our trees, we’ve spawned a ton of hunters. I’m going to suggest NOT living in the city… head north, hardy hunter!

    You won’t get directions from me (I’m terrible at them; just ask my guild), but will give you cupcake rec’s. Check out on Mass Ave; it rocks. I think my fave though is – they even have a Cupcake truck. Can’t leave your job? They’ll bring them to you.

    That, a beer, and the Dropkick Murphys are all you need in this town. <3


  16. Ominous says:

    Nice spread.
    You deserve it.
    It’s not always nice to move but, for what it’s worth, we’ll be waiting :)