Best of the WHU: Round 9

Posted: by Arth

The outline of what we’re doing is here.  By now, most of you know the deal.  We’re digging up gems from the WHU’s past, for fun and nostalgia.  Read, peruse, laugh, cry, kill raid bosses with stray shots, feign death to avoid laundry duty.  Then get back to us with your favorite-est of the articles below.

Best of the WHU June/July 2009:

  • Fighting With Science – In which Frost’s old roommate is again a stand-in for those who don’t understand WoW and sweet, sweet dps.
  • Why I Love Grizzly Hills – Arust’s parry to Frost’s earlier article disparaging the zone. This one is right, btw.
  • Literally – This is literally…an article. That’s about it.
  • Pet Tanking Heroics – My first article. I’m including it only because I’m sentimental, and because it launched a brilliant and uncommonly good-looking career as a guest blogger here on the WHU. The writing is clunky, but it was one of the first dedicated looks at pet tanking anywhere in the hunter community, which remains a viable but severely under-appreciated aspect of our class.
  • Kids These Days – Have we had a Grandpappy Frostheim article in these yet? I don’t think we have. This is an early precursor to those articles, with an already-grumpy Frostheim even in Wrath.

Which is your favorite?! Let us know, and why!

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  1. GoodGracious says:

    I had to reply to your literally an article. So my vote has to go with that one.

  2. Zetora says:

    I have to say I love them all.

    Great reads, every one of them and that makes the decision so darn hard.

    I’ve narrowed it down to three; Fighting with Science, Literally, and kids these days.

    And I think that has to be the order of preference too
    1. Fighting with Science
    2. Literally
    3. Kids these days

    Thank you for all the great articles.

  3. Chevonne says:

    Grizzly Hills. What can I say. Blizzard has refined my poop humor over the years. Followed by Literally. Which is almost poop humor.