In the latest patch notes for the April 9 Hotfixes, Blizzard made a substantial change to Powershot on live:

Powershot now has a 25% decrease to damage, cast time, cooldown, and focus cost.

We of course don’t have any explanation for this, though I suspect it’s partially a desire to reduce the uber one-shot damage in PvP now that the shot is always hitting. To compensate for the damage reduction the shot’s cast time is shorter and it has a lower focus cost. Honestly, this still isn’t going to be a very desirable shot in PvE situations (in raids we can better optimize our DPS with Glaive Toss with the bonus of not having to worry about standing still, and in 5-mans your tank will kill you for knocking all the adds back), so I’m going to qualify this as mostly a PvP change.

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  1. Tabana says:

    The changes you listed for Powershot were actually a hotfix for the live servers. There were a few changes datamined for 5.3 though (to Arcane Shot, Focused Aim, and Powershot).

  2. Onslaught says:

    I am going to check out Powershot when I log on in a bit. I suspect with Rapid Fire popped it’ll come out hella fast, combined with BW this will still pack a huge punch.

    That being said I’m ms Marks, so I’d like to see some more buffs and shot adjustments there. Survival too, I want to play the spec but without its own self-heal it doesn’t have much use to me

  3. bahzob says:

    Pity they couldn’t have added a minor glyph option to get rid of the knockback. It can be a pain in PVP too

  4. Ril says:

    nice change, still not good enough skill. even in pvp, glaive toss is often superior thanks to the slow and instant-ness.