Brawler’s Guild: Rank 8

Posted: by Arth

Since Brawler’s Guild came out, I was always slightly behind the curve set by the hardcore raiders. My guild’s team is decidedly casual, and I couldn’t tackle the same bosses with much lower ilvl. But it was still enough for many who were working through the ranks of Brawler’s.

But now, at Rank 8, I have to wave the white flag. My team hasn’t raided regularly for, well, a while. And without a raid team to gear up for, I can’t stay motivated to run LFRs on my own each week. WoW’s a social experience for me…ONLY getting gear quickly becomes work, not play.

As such, I’m stuck a bit behind where I’ll likely need to be to complete Rank 8 in a timely fashion. But I don’t want to leave the WHU guides unfinished, nor do I want to wait months to release guides.

So there’s some tips below. These are cobbled together from my own attempts (where I can make a good showing of a few of the bosses, if not beat them outright), and various guides that I used to help me research them.

Rank 8 bosses are random, not linear like Ranks 1-7, so you could face any of these bosses.

Zen’Shar (Giant Eyeball)

By most accounts, this is the easiest of the bunch. And I’ve found that to be true as well. If there’s a boss I might be able to eek out at my current ilvl (492), it’s this one (Update: scratch “might,” I’ve had him beneath 2%, largely unbuffed, though I still haven’t killed him).

  • SV is (usually) the spec of choice here, because the opening phase features a quick but intense AoE burn.
  • The dps requirement is somewhere around 120K, depending on how close you want to cut it with the enrage. You’ll spike to much higher than this early in the fight, but then will see your dps drop as you stay single target for the latter portion of the fight.
  • There’s a LOT to avoid, and everything in the arena will 2-shot you, but it’s not impossible. Find yourself a rhythm.
  • For Alliance, I’m told there’s a “dead zone” for the green lasers along the east wall by the large metal pipe. I tried this and hate it, though. It wrecks your line of vision and there’s still the void zones to contend with.

Epicus Maximus

  • Another in the “AVOID ALL THE THINGS” category, this guy looks extremely cool.
  • There’s not much to say on strategy. You interrupt Blue Crush, which is basically an insta-wipe if it casts. And you’ll have to dodge about 100 little sonic void zones and a laser beam that will follow you around. Entirely single target, plan accordingly. This sounds simple, but the precision needed on movement doesn’t allow for any mistakes, the speed of everything will take getting used to, and the dps requirement is of course also quite steep. Basically, it’s WAY more intense than even intricate PvE fights require of us, so your focus and ability to anticipate will be tested.

Millhouse Manastorm

Millhouse is the biggest enrage timer fight, but gear alone won’t get you there. He’ll cast totem-looking things that create a beam to Millhouse. You have to stand between them to absorb the damage buff it gives you. This gives you a stacking buff that can stack to 100, and will fall off quickly if you don’t stay in the beam.

Here’s where it gets tricky. Depending on the location of the totems, you may not be able to absorb both. Millhouse can also get the buff, as can your pet.

This is a bad fight for hunters, because our pets don’t automatically get our dmg. increase. There’s two ways to potentially deal with this: Go MM/SV and ignore your pet, hoping to do enough dps yourself, or micromanage your pet to get the buff, but lose some dps time and likely get to 100 stacks yourself more slowly. There’s no right answer; I’ve seen it done both ways. Some notes:

  • Wait to blow cooldowns until you’re at 100 stacks.
  • Have “Move To” hot-keyed to quickly move your pet into beams. I’m guessing most hunters will need to have their pets get some stacks, even if it’s only after they themselves get to 100.
  • If you can’t absorb both beams because of their placement, you can one-shot them with an auto-shot or Arcane Shot. This prevents Millhouse from getting enough stacks to kill you.
  • Don’t stand super-close to Millhouse. He’ll throw you off…both annoying and debilitating. Experiment to find the closest safe zone.

Disruptron Mk. 3R-Alpha

This guy can go to hell.

Disruptron is the ultimate awareness fight. I can’t quite describe how precise you have to be without resorting to phrases that will sound like hyperbole. If you’ve faced him, let me know what you think.

Some of the early kills were from those who had a priest cast Levitate on them, which eliminated them from having to deal with the primary mechanic – 3 laser beams that file back and forth across the entirety of the arena. These will, at best, take most of your life away (when faded), and at worst one-shot you. Levitate no longer works on this post-5.2 according to most accounts (I haven’t tested it myself since 5.2), so that’s out.

In addition to the beams, there are cannons that shoot circular pulses that are somewhat hard to see. As with anything at this level, they’ll 2-shot most, 3-shot at best.

My only advice here is to ignore actually killing him until you can survive in the arena. Turn on auto-shot and focus on movement. It will require practice, skill, and patience. Then once you can successfully and consistently exist in the arena for over a minute or so, add in dps.


Zen’Shar can be downed in the 490’s in ilvl. On the others, and especially Disruptron, I haven’t seen a (confirmed or reputable) kill at less than 500, and most are 510+. Keep that in mind when deciding when to tackle these guys.

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  1. Dibbler says:

    Zen’shar like you said isn’t so bad. Mostly about learning the patterns of eye lasers. Millhouse is straightforward too for the most part. Apart from trying to get 2 beams at a time whenever possible and sending your pet into a beam after you hit 100 the only trick I know is to interrupt his 3rd spell to get him to spawn the first pair of crystals sooner.

    There are a bunch of tricks you can do for Epicus and Disruptron that are not readily apparent.

    For Epicus the circle pulses on the ground have both a maximum and minimum range. If you stand directly under the boss or 30+ (I think? might be 35) yards away the circles will still appear but you will not take any damage from them. Blue Crush also has a maximum range so if you flub the interrupt you can still survive. Beating the enrage for me was mostly about keeping my stupid pet alive since the destructo-laser absolutely loved chasing him (and it does full damage) and I spent a lot of my attempts sending him in and out.

    For Disruptron the keys are making proper use of the arena and to some extent getting lucky with which turrets he activates early on (he can pick any of the 5 one at a time until he hits 35%, at which point he soft enrages and turns them all on at once. The interesting thing about the arena is that for Alliance, the laser that runs East-West never actually touches the North wall (the Horde arena is different – each North-South laser will touch either the East or West wall but not both) and the turrets in the corners also do not skirt the wall closely enough to hit you there. Basically what I did was stand along the North wall the whole fight, camera zoomed into first person mode, looking straight ahead at the middle turret. This cuts down the number of obstacles you have to keep track of at once from 7-8 to only 3: the middle turret (which fires 5 discs in a rotating pattern each time it discharges) and the 2 North-South lasers. You will have to time your jumps by watching the lasers in your peripheral vision, but I found that to not be terribly difficult. Try to prevent him from stunning your pet with his AOE stun by stunning him or recalling your pet when he casts it. Make sure not to use stampede if he is about to do the AOE stun.

    • Arth says:

      Some good advice here. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sobriety says:

      I did a very similar strat for Disruptron – using the north wall which makes you safe from one laser and most of the balls. I set my camera angle to look down at myself from the front. Also, I switched my strafe keys to Q going right, E going left since you’re mirrored with the camera angle. After doing that I 3-shot the fight.

      I believe Disruptron is the easiest of the fights with this setup.

  2. Oxix says:

    Right now I’m sitting on Distuptron. With LFR gear and ilvl 503, the other bosses weren’t, well, impossible. Disruptron seems to be.

    All I can say about this fight – if you don’t hopelessly outgear it, as a hunter you have to wake up early one day, when there is nobody in the guild, and practice the shit out of this boss. Memorize every laser move. Try different tactics and places that give any safety. Just try, try and try, until he dies.

    Btw, Arth, there is one more thing about Disruptron that you haven’t mentioned: at about 30% ALL the turrets begin to shoot, and more rapidly. Yep.

  3. QSilver says:


    I managed to 1-shot Zen’Shar at ~500 ilvl as SV
    Epicus took some tries: I was tanking it in a corner as BM, using pet with Spiritmend and running to the other corner when the laser came through. Managed to outrange Blue Crush
    BM with corehound micro-ing at Manastorm got me to 1-2%
    FUCK Disruptron.

  4. Ril says:

    Disruption lasers seem to be bugged in the way that they hit you even if you jump when you’re standing on the grid floor rather than solid floor. Appearently the ground is slightly lower there.

    As of Manastorm, BM was the way to go for me. BM is simply much more convenient on short fights like the brawler ones, not to mention the extra goodies like spirit mend and ancient hysteria. Positioning the pet can be a pain thouth.

    • Wrekh says:

      I was just going to post that Ril, so don’t drive yourself insane (like I almost did) on horde side and stick to solid floor!

  5. flea says:

    zen’shar is possible in the 480 ilvl range

    • Arth says:

      You’re right – my near-miss at ilvl492 without several key buffs is an indication that this is very possible. But I’m also speaking to a large audience. If I said “this is doable in the 480’s,” for every superpro hunter at 488 who downs it, there would be a dozen frustrated casual players trying it at 482. But if I say 490’s, it won’t stop the superpro hunters from saying “Pfft, I’m better than that. Just watch me,” and then downing him at 485 or something.

      My numbers are reference points, not absolutes, which is usually how I try to approach any guide.

  6. Keelyu says:

    Can’t say my advice is for everyone, but if you’re on a low pop server I recommend this: focus on one fight at a time. If you don’t random the fight you’re specced for, dismiss pet and feign death.

  7. Oxix says:

    For the Horde hunters – our Disruption is quite a lot easier than the Alliance version, since there is no way of hugging the wall all the time. I figured out the solution: BM spec, Corehound, 2 RPPM trinkets. The initial burst with all the cooldowns (without Ancient Hysteria) drives the boss to sub-35% values, this being the moment of popping AH, new cooldowns and hoping your insane burst will glide you towards the end of the fight. Iron Hawk and Stamina buff always help.

    • Oxix says:

      Damn, I meant harder:D

    • Dibbler says:

      In the horde arena you can hug a wall to simplify things a bit, it’s just one of the side walls instead of the front wall (I don’t know how the Horde arena is oriented, but I’m talking about the long side rather than the short side). Of the two lasers that run along the length of the arena, only 1 of them will touch each wall. You have to keep track of which is which, but the end result is you need to dodge 2 of the 3 lasers and the center turret, just like the alliance version. It’s a little harder because the 2 lasers you have to dodge are perpendicular instead of parallel, but it’s still probably the easiest method.

  8. Massai says:

    Where fore art thou, Frost?

  9. Mizu says:

    Another Key thing to note about disruptron and i haven’t seen this mentioned in most places is the jump mechanic. When you jump the game registers you as where your feet left the ground until you land.

    So say you jump from x to y, and a lazer touches x before you land on y, it registers a hit and you die or lose lotsa health.

    Same with disengage if you disengage it registers as a jump.