WHU Ogremar Raid

Posted: by Frostheim

Last weekend the WHU guild raided Orgrimmar and slaughtered Garrosh (along with a bunch of hordies). In the spirit of Ogrimmar-raiding, we all donned Gordok Ogre Suits and drank Elixirs of Giant Growth (the WHU has been gathering those ogre suits for years) and then we went back to what remains of the dam in Loch Modan to celebrate the death of Garrosh.

With the giantness of our ogre selves and amidst the chaos of everyone packed in the throne room, it was hard to see the pets (or Garrosh for that matter) so we didn’t get to see the madness of hundreds of Stampedes — but we did get to see the glory of all those Murder of Crows going off at once!

For this event we restricted it to hunters of level 80 and higher. The original plan was to launch a surprise attack (thus the misdirection about doing something in Pandaria). We ported into some hills in the southern area of Durotar, flew out to sea, north over the water then inland to Org. Our plan was to burn Garrosh down as quickly as possible, and as such we instructed people to avoid PvP and focus on the boss. It ended up being more of a slow bake than a burn, but the pets had no problem handling tanking duty (just watch Garrosh’s target change about every second!). Alas as the horde gathered defenders they picked the raid off slowly and we wiped with Garrosh under 25%.

In the officer’s channel on vent one officer with a horde spy in Org reported the horde trade chat bragging about killing us off. This motivated us to regroup and try again, as one WHUvian said in chat “We would have had him if you let us fight the players.” This time surprise was out the window (in fact a couple hordies were flying over us keeping track of our position and warning Org as we moved) but we formed up a small group of 8 hunters that were dedicated to PvP while the rest focused on Garrosh.

We charged back in and got to work — cleared out the guards in short order and the wee PvP group sat in the entrance and butchered wave after wave of hordies trying to get in. At times they organized themselves a bit and made it past the corridor, but the PvP group picked them off very quickly while the rest chopped Garrosh up into wee pieces.

This time horde-side trade chat was a bit different:

“What happened?”

“There are like a thousand hunters in the throne room!”

Grats WHU on a very epic kill!

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  1. Beergasm says:

    Damn…I’ve been to every single WHU event and had to miss this one, sounds like a bad one to miss. Grats for the Garrosh kill though!

    • Texwasabi says:

      I had a ball, hated the part where I dc’ed when he finally died
      Thanks to all who put this on I had a ball!

  2. Arth says:

    Bah. Couldn’t have gotten him on the first try I suppose. I’m frustrated now that I had to duck out early.

    Still, it’s awesome that we got him, AFTER the element of surprise was over (and without me, no less).

  3. Dianth says:

    Yo ho ho, off we go
    What do you know, it’s nine in a row
    Bye bye Garrosh
    WHU’s on the ball again, on the way to make it ten
    Bye bye Garrosh

    You can talk about your great defenders
    Sing and shout about your No Surrender
    But let us give you this wee tip
    We’ll be there for the league and the cup
    Garrosh bye bye

    -adapted from an old Celtic drinking song

    I was there in spirit and will raise a cup is the Stone Tavern :)
    That was awesome all!

  4. Eillarius says:

    The mass suicide at the end ruined it for me.


    • Frostheim says:

      Well, that’s a bit of a WHU tradition, dating back for years (started with our second event ever, at level 10). I think the metaphor is that the only thing that can defeat the WHU is ourselves : )

      But really it’s just a fun way end the evening.

  5. Wuldur says:

    Damn, would love to join, but playing on EU.

  6. Sarasín says:

    Very nice kill. Unfortunately I must admit I am playing on the Horde side (although on EU server), but this sounds like so much fun. Would love to join up forces with you on American server, I would even consider a faction change :D

    Nevertheless – GZ on the kill – I can imagine that Org chat ;)

  7. Omogon says:

    Well done WHU. I was unable to be there for this one but it was surely an epic achievement. The ending scenes at Stonewrought dam are bittersweet. I remember well the end of Wrath party there and the horrible changes of Cata. Loch Modan was always my favourite zone in WoW and I really hate what was done to it in Cata. Maybe someday the dwarves can rebuild the dam and return the loch to its former glory. I also love that the ending music revives previous events.

    Thanks SO much Frost and Arth and Bella and everybody who makes this happen.

    • Arth says:

      Mostly Frost and Bella, and many of the WHU Guild officer, but thanks for the shoutout. I’m actually not super-involved in the events, though I hope to lead the all-hunter raiding again near the end of the expansion, like we did in Cata.

  8. GoodGracious says:

    LMAO!!! Love it!

  9. Gudryn says:

    This was so much fun. Thanks to everyone who participated and for their patience. Can’t wait for the next one. Also when will we see Arth’s side project from that night? Or did I miss it?

  10. Thornagol says:

    Congratulations on beating the final raid of MoP early!

  11. Kyllea says:

    lmao that was too epically funny. :D
    Grats all!

  12. Kirk says:

    And an epic time was had by all. As always it was lots of fun. ;)

  13. hillbillyhatfield@hotmail.com says:

    This was great, but not the greatest. we wiped on first try. That took the uber out of it the epic. It was a epic run non the less. TB was a 10. this was atleast 9.9.

    Surprising we didnt crash the servers this time. I logged there horrible a few times. It seemed everyone dire when off at once, and it was wall to wall pets. I was in the end of the corridor powing away and saw how far the pvp horde got. I counted maybe a dozen who got that far. It was almost as epic in the hallway as the throne room. Those hunters on guard duty are hardcore.

    The party was great, but sad since the dam is destroyed. But I danced my heart out on my parrapet. And almost deployed my parachute on instinct, but did the WHU way and fell to the ground below.

    I love these runs, and want to do more, but then they wouldnt be as epic. 1 or 2 year wouldnt be bad. Id like to get my bear pvp mount(hint). Show we hunters can finish the war if given the chance.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Glad you guys finally got him down it is so lopsided the way we kill your king pretty much weekly but good job anyway

  15. Mythriak says:

    Grats WHU!!! Every time I see one of these amazing events my hunter heart warms up and it makes me wanna go and join your ranks… but theres so little time…

    Anyway, hunters are that amazing, so amazing feats are in our way!

  16. Dezibel says:

    Fantastic work!

  17. Flint says:

    Great Event. With this event I am retiring from WOW. I will be back for events and to help out with WHU when needed, but for now the game has lost that spark. It has been a great run. I started 2 months before BC hit and enjoyed the ride.

    During the days of lore, of might and Dwarf I like many was lost and overwhelmed at times. Not being a very good Hunter I scratched my head when my pet would get upset and abandon me. I would take the berating from my raid mates as my pet ran off after a rat only to pull 2 rooms in on us for our doom.

    During BC I studied and learned. I maximized DPS by honing my skills and building that relationship with Baconbits my boar. Often a rogue fell to my Traps and Gun as my Dwarven laugh would echo through out Terokkar Forrest. The pure pleasure I would get while chasing the Lone Blood Elf across Shadowmoon Valley can nary be described.

    Like the Blacksmith I Hammered my raw skills during Karazan, Zul’Alman and Gruul’s Lair. I heated them to a red glow in Mags Lair, SerpentShrine and the Eye. Forged them sharper in Hyjal and polished them in The Black Temple. Soon the Demons of Outlands lay vanquished at our feet. All to get us ready for the Ultimate fight in Sunwell the “Guild killer” where Guilds tested their metal, but many fell apart. We few came out victorious in standing upon the bones of the fallen.

    A cold when blew out of the North. A new Enemy was reported. An Enemy that put a chill in your soul. Dwarf I be; born of cold and hard as steel. I like my brethren rushed off to fight this dead foe. A kingdom he claimed, a king of cold and the dead he did show himself to be. Epic battles and hard fought victories took us into the nightmare of Ulduar. Insanity ruled this place and threatened at every turn. Dwarfs are hard folk, but Insanity could grab the best of us. In the end we held on and vanquished our own evil inside. The long hard road led us to the frozen doors of death himself at Ice Crown Citadel. Ulduar held insanity, but Icecrown held deaths promise. With great reluctance we ventured in to defeat the Cold King of death. Ice, Dragons, gas and death awaited. Attacked by the Horde, by Dragons and mutated dead we fought side by side. Frozen and gassed bitten by blood hungry Royalty some survived. Then it was him and we few; That cold King. The heartless ruler of frozen death. His Army vast, his weapon sharp as ice. The battle was long and hard, We fought we cried and then we all died. If not for the strength of a human all would have been lost. With his strength, his courage, his will we few came back from deaths cold embrace to expel evil from this cold dead king. This Victory ripped from the clutches of defeat brought forth a promise of peace.

    Years from now when sitting in front of my fire my grand children will ask “Grand Papa, where were you when the Cataclysm happened?”. What shall I tell them? Do I tell them how once again we Dwarf’s picked up our guns, Woke up our trusted pets and joined the fight? Should I tell them how fire, earth, air and water turned on us? How the Mages lost control over their domain? Should I explain how enemies long thought imprisoned escaped and destroyed the world? Do I tell them of the wild ride on the back of a dragon and the fight along side a hated enemy saved us all?

    Now here we are with pets that should be tamed running around as monks. Where drunken battles are not fought by Dwarfs, but by teddy bears and feelings. Where pets no longer fight by our side and take the punishment, but turn and let us feel the brunt. This place called Pandaria is not for Hunters. This place is not for me.

    I reluctantly hang up my gun. No more shall I polish my armor. My trusty friends and comrades can curl up in front of my hearth and relax to the fires warm embrace. My trusted pets, my trusted friends, my trusted companions have earned their long awaited rest.

    Lift a brew my friends and lets have one last cheer to the Dwarven Few, those that went where others have feared. Hunters tried and true. Garrosh fell.

    • Arth says:

      Cheers, Flint. Thanks for all you’ve done to help the guild and community throughout the years!

    • Ominous says:


      I play on Europe’s Nordrassil Realm. I didn’t know you, in game, but wish I had.
      Anyone that expressive will be a loss to the regularly playing population.
      This video, your comment in particular and subsequent comments have proven to be quite touching.

      You might have chosen to say goodbye to the game, but I’d like to say hello to you and to some of the other hunters in this thread:
      – Omogon
      – Bowmont
      – anyone else who enjoys good gaming and good communication.

      I’m hoping that including my Twitter account name, in my WordPress details, will allow you to get in touch.
      I look forward to hearing from you, somehow.


  18. bellaskye says:

    Very fun guys!! Tyty for the great, if not greatest community that you allow me to be a part of! :D Thanks for the vid Frost :D Epic as always :D

  19. Dezarand says:

    Awesome video, this is coming from a Horde Hunter no less.

  20. Omogon says:

    well said Flint. Omogon is now sitting in the Stonefire Tavern with a mug of brew and his old boar Scutters by his side. I started playing in late BC so I don’t go back as far as you do but I think I’m done as well. From one old Dwarf to another: Safe travels, be good, keep yer feet on the ground and watch yer back :)

    • Ominous says:

      As I commented to Flint, I’m really quite sorry that such expressive hunters may not linger.
      Plenty seem to be sticking around, and that makes me happy, but I hate to discover the departing on their ways out.
      My Twitter account is linked to my WordPress name – just click the Ominous name to say hello.
      As you may leave, I hope that we can begin to communicate.
      I’ve attempted to say hello to Flint, will say hello to Bowmont and would love to chat with any like-minded (current, former and future) hunters.

  21. Zenzito says:

    My one regret being horde: I can’t do this myself (yet). Awesome video!

  22. Sairon says:

    All Alliance Must Die !!!

  23. Bowmont says:

    Gratz to all that got the cheevo for downing Garrosh that night, I did see a few. I enjoyed the night of fun. I had a blast. Thanks to all our leaders for their efforts and not letting one little wipe discourage the raid. Ale is on me!

    My gun and turtle (Pistachio) are always at your service, just ask :)

    • Ominous says:

      As I commented to Flint, I’m really quite sorry that such expressive hunters may not linger.
      Plenty seem to be sticking around, and that makes me happy, but I hate to discover the departing on their ways out.
      You seem to be one of those who remains and your positivity definitely seems cause for optimism.
      My Twitter account is linked to my WordPress name – just click the Ominous name to say hello.
      I’ve attempted to say hello to Flint, Omogon also and would love to chat with any like-minded (current, former and future) hunters.

  24. Chacha says:

    I play horde, but it embarrasses me to no end that Garrosh is our leader now, so thank you and congratulations on killing that asshat :D
    Also, his position so close to the front gates seems so tactically retarded, but I suppose I can’t really expect more from his tiny head :P