What Do You Think of 5.2

Posted: by Frostheim

Okay, now that everyone has had a chance to get into 5.2 and slaughter dinosaurs, what  are you first impressions? How do you like the new zone and content?

And… if you’re playing MM, how does the spec feel to you now?

Also worth noting, it’s been reported that the Glyph of Chimera Shot is not working. With the buff in self-heal from Chimera Shot, hunters are reporting getting identical self-heals with or without the glyph.

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  1. Thornagol says:

    I noticed the same thing with Chimera shot. I also have found that many of the mobs on the Thundering Isle are being taunted when my pet growls. However, MD works in this case, but it’s still annoying. Also, growl is still broken on bosses. I haven’t had any pathing issues on my pets in combat, but I have had some issues when the pet is following along side of me when mounted. I have also had a couple cases where it looked like improved serpent sting didn’t work, but I haven’t done enough log review to see if it was blocked by an ability. My hit and expertise are at cap, so it wouldn’t have missed due to secondary stats.

    • Arth says:

      Care to clarify on the growl thing? It isn’t intended to work on raid bosses, and “broken” means different things to different people.

      • Thornagol says:

        Yeah, np.

        I understand that growl isn’t supposed to work on raid bosses (even though I think that any taught should work on any mob) but this has to do with mobs that I encounter just doing regular dailies. For example, I was doing the daily where I knock over the quillen statues on the west part of the island and noticed that it wouldn’t work on the quillen that came to life and attacked, nor would it work on the mogu thundercaller guys. It worked on the non-caster mogus (mogi? mogeese?) though.

      • Arth says:

        lol, mogeese.

      • Flint says:

        What do you mean Growl is not intended to work on raid bosses? Blizzard support told me this was a known bug and being looked at. Growl is supposed to taunt a boss and be able to hold aggro. This bug is the entire reason I quit playing my Hunters.

        What information do you have that Blizz has released, and why would their support team lie to me?

      • Frostheim says:

        Growl as a taunt is not supposed to work on raid bosses, due to the possibility of shenanigans with current content. I’m sure Blizz doesn’t really care about old content bosses, but it’s easier for them just to flip the switch and not let pets taunt raid bosses at all.

        I suspect the GM you put a ticket in with is not going to be that informed (don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if our new taunt did work on old raid bosses!).

        That said, extreme soloing is still in a better place than it used to be, with all our self-heals. Keep in mind, until MoP, Growl was not a taunt at all, on anything.

      • Arth says:

        Mostly what Frost said, Flint. Blizzard has been rather silent in blue posts on this, but it works on exactly zero raid bosses, but does work on everything else (with occasional exceptions, granted).

        Ironically, a GM gave me a contradictory response early on in the expansion, which is what I originally based it on (they may not always been super-informed, or it could be something like the Powershot fix where the official story has changed more than once). But…much more indicative, in my mind, is the fact that such an oversight wouldn’t go completely unaddressed for two major patches unless it was intended to work as is. With some things, they don’t get around to fixing it right away, but they’re not completely silent on something they want to change. You’re not the only one to complain. If it was meant to work on raid bosses, unless they’re going counter to almost any other change in recent history, Blizzard would have at least acknowledged it.

        And…it makes sense, yeah? We’re not intended to rip aggro off of tanks in raids. Never have been. That’s what an auto-cast 6-second taunt would be. I’d love for Growl to work on old content, and I do think it should be that way (and may one day be that way, if they ever hear enough calls for it). But the focus is always on endgame.

        Until then, is lacking a taunt really preventing soloing? My pet usually pulls better threat than me even with growl off, not even including MD or FD. I understand it would be a quality of life thing, but it’s not a gigantic loss unless you’re on some very specific encounters. If it’s enough for you not to play, that’s cool, it’s your call. I’m just surprised to hear this as the reason.

        This is pointing to a specific flaw in information, though, so I’m glad you said something. If we don’t have a blue post, how do we know something for sure (especially if information is conflicted)? I’m going to spam tickets on this for about a week or two, and see what I get.

  2. Lheway says:

    Did anyone else have pet issues in the Megaera fight?

    During switching the pet would just disappear and had to be resummoned.

    • Giga says:

      Did the fight last night and never had that happen. I was BM.

    • Sazda says:

      Yes – happened a lot. I complained about it on my stream quite a lot. The worst part is: It just runs off and will not react to defensive stance or calling it back. During that time it will not do anything and only when it is way out of range will disappear and can be resummoned. Every single time there is a boss fight with some kind of water/lava this stuff happens…

    • Giga says:

      I’ve heard reports that it could be Lynx Rush causing the problem (which ofc you should use anyway due to MoC being better). Are you using Lynx Rush by any chance?

      My pet is always on assist, to answer your question.

  3. Beergasm says:

    It’s a wow patch. There’s dailies and stuff.

  4. Longfangs says:

    I noticed that my pet often won’t follow when I come out of one of those kind of safe areas where the daily quest givers are. You know where there is a kind of pink translucent protection.
    I come out of it, pet won’t follow, I start to pew pew pew, pet still at the safe area, I have to dismiss pet and call it again. Kind of annoying.

  5. Eillarius says:

    Got stuck in the wall in one of the caves on the Isle of Thunder. Guy came in and laughed at me…then proceeded to get stuck too (lol). I Had to hearth. Real pain the butt.

    My turtle seems to be more squishy now. Maybe it’s just me. Anyone else noticing it?

    The Isle of Thunder seems just a bit too cramped.

    Overall, I like everything though.

    • Thornagol says:

      My turtle feels a little squishy too, but I haven’t done any log reviews or number crunching to see if there is an issue.

    • Drae says:

      I use a Corehound with growl on for daily stuff to tank, and it seems more squishy to me as well. Like on The Yowler (rare in Townlong), I could barely keep him up it felt like.

  6. Bcharger says:

    Overall i’m quite pleased. I’m still in that transition state where i’m remembering to double cast steady shot, and i have yet to figure out if we should follow the old style of hard casting aimed shot until below 80% and then switch to arcane as a focus dump, or just stick with hard casting aimed shot since the cast time is significantly lower now.

    Also another side note, now that power shot is supposed to be “better”, id like to see a post on the viability of it during a raid scenario compared to glaive toss. just food for thought.

  7. jamthrax says:

    I am having pet issues 2. When i dismount or warp to another zone i have to summon my pet. Not a huge hassle.. but it is still annoying

  8. ando says:

    apart from glyph of chimera shot glyph of animal bond isnt working as well

  9. galendrakos says:

    It looks like they changed hunter pet’s to no longer be immune to the special attacks of mobs in panda land. For example there is a silver panda named Ruun Ghostpaw in the Krasarang Wilds that does a spiny kick that damages everyone in melee. Pet’s used to be immune to it. It kind of trivialized the fights so I understand why they changed it. But it surprised the heck out of me when my poor Bear Iceburgh Died. I’ve killed that Panda many times before because he has a chance to drop BOE Pants that are good for my auction house spec. The pet’s seem smart enough to move behind the mob if it is doing a special attack that only effects targets in front of them. So it only seems to be a issue for ability’s that you have to move out of melee range to avoid. I don’t know if I would call this a new bug or more likely a old bug that happened to be beneficial to us that has now been fixed.

    Ruun Ghostpaw

    I am a Marks Hunter and I know we don’t have much to be complaining about right now but there is one thing. If you get a good bow or xbow as loot the first thing every hunter should do is run to the transmog guy and change it to a gun. Because everyone knows guns are far superior to bows. But if you are a marks hunter and have a bow or xbow transmoged to a gun there is a old bug with wild quiver that makes it use the bow animation and sound when it goes off. I had filled out a bug report and was hoping that it would get fixed in 5.2 but it did not and it’s driving me crazy. I going to have to go back to using a lower ilevel gun.

  10. Gorgor says:

    Ok other than Horridon is giving my group a nice repair bill.

    And 7 little mini Oondasta lookalike pets but no tome from the Dinomancers yet.

  11. hillbillyhatfield@hotmail.com says:

    Did bliz sneak in a pet nurf and not tell anyone. I went to kill ai-ran in vale of EB today and that spin kick is killing my bear and turtle. I tried 4 times (2 with both)and first spin kick kills them even with mend ticking. I know before the patch they ate it and kept going.

    Also when i use a flying mount to run around in thunder, my pet goes in weird patterns to follow, but when I use a ground mount, he sticks with me. Must be some coding problem.

    Im dissapointed with dino island. I am getting owned. Its a constant mend on dino fights. And the big ones are 2 hit kills on my pet. I guess unless you group up forget killing dino’s, except for the little ones. I put my solo gear on and still had to rotate mend into my rotation. It would seem if I can kill gods, and ride aspects like ponys, I could down a dino without too much problem. I think the dino are amped up alittle too much.

    Thunder is great. I love be a lizard. Killing roaches is becoming annoying, but the rest is refreshing. Love the added cone of silence. No more giant mounts on quest givers. Bliz needs to do this alot more.

  12. Malyuta says:

    I didn’t have too much trouble with the dinosaurs, didn’t even have to bring out tanking pet, but it takes a while to burn them down and you have to use Mend. Although I am soloing in BM spec, but as far as I know MM mend is higher due to higher personal damage output of the spec.

    Overall I think the island is overcrowded with mobs, you can’t fly and getting from one point to another on foot and being petered by mobs all the time gets annoying. Otherwise I don’t see it as an exciting adventure, just more of the same

  13. Roachkilla says:

    For the first few days, I can say I am going to enjoy the next few months of gaming. Once all the kinks from the patch are worked out, I am sure things are going to be a real treat/adventure.

    I haven’t seen any/figured any numbers, but I do know that once i figure out how to properly handle MM rotation/priority, I am going to give peeps a run for their money!

    Isle of the Giants is my favorite content atm. It feels like it was made specifically for hunters!

  14. Chevonne says:

    I agree about the Isle of Giants. It takes forever to burn those buggers down. I always work a heal into my MM rotation to stay ahead of the curve. But it picks up a lot more in those fights. And it is rough moving around. If it wasn’t for camo, my repair bill would be even worse. Thunder Isle is kinda meh so far. Just another daily zone so far. Having the NPCs in those invisible bubbles is a pain in the tookus. We’ll see how it pans out.

    Finally, mogeese. Bwahahahaha

  15. Aremera says:

    I know it’s just the first few days, with a lot left to discover, and kill, and pillage, but so far I think the whole thing was made for hunters. Sure, it’s crowded; all the better to have fun with Stampede, and test your eyes-in-the-back-of-your-helm skills. Can you go wrong with the new tier gear: lizard-mail?? No, no you can’t. And the rares spawn like housewives at a yard sale, just begging for us to grab that sweet, sweet loot. But it gets better: Blizz made an entire island so not only could we live out our Land of the Lost fantasies, but we could train up on how to make attack dogs out of the mobs wandering around the place. But it wasn’t enough: while you’re grinding trolls into burger, you’re slowly resurrecting the long-missed albino raptor. Ride a dino, with a dino pet, and a dino companion scurrying alongside? And that’s even before raiding is open! What did we do to deserve such gifts?!

  16. wcay says:

    I think they may have broken the karazhan chess event again. Still need more input to confirm, though.

  17. Giga says:

    5 bosses down so far and happy to report that the Instance so far is really good, fights and looks. More trash than expected, but not a problem. The bridge to Horridon is just funny, I advise you all to try that.

    Too much HIT on everything, considering I have the Shado Trinket and got a Thunderforged Shattered Tortoiseshell Longbow, I’m sat at 9.5% hit and nothing I can really do. Trinket is too good to drop! This will of course fix itself in the future drops, but currently frustrating!

    Damage doesn’t feel as high as I was expecting, but it’s nice to be able to play Survival on everything, it seems close enough to BM now on single targets, but a lot of multi add fights will not persuade me to go to dull BM too often.

    As far as fights go (25 man that is), well:

    Jin’rokh – No trouble at all, 2 shotted it.

    Horridon – No problem if you can deal with Poison adds, great fight for us and for add control.

    Council of Elders – Just a lot going on really, but all very simple. I can see this fight posing an issue on 10man if the group setup isn’t great though.

    Tortos – Proved harder than I expected it to be.. Just MD bats and you’re fine. Bats and rockfalls are normally the issue.

    Megaera – Only fight I went BM on and the other Hunter just behind me was Survival. Died at last 5% too, so perhaps BM slightly ahead still, plus and minus skill of course. A straight forward fight, that is probably only a bitch for Healers than anyone else. 3-4 shotted.

  18. Verg says:

    Greatly enjoying patch so far. Feels more epic, and really well-tuned.

    Both fun and frustrating that the rares and summons are very hard to solo, with abilities that specifically target you or competing priorities. Guess I’ll group up for now.

    Can verify the Pandaren rares hurt much more. Been farming Yul Wildpaw for the enchant bag, and now I have to set my turtle to Passive, position it on the side nearest me, and call it back to me as soon as the Spinning Crane Kick cast starts. My guess is they suppressed the -90% AoE damage pets take for that ability (bug or intended, not sure). On the flip side, old rares are alive more =J

    Raid is a lot of fun. Trash matters. For anyone stuck there, single-pull spirits on bridge after Jin’rokh. Hunters with MD are great for it (though you may die from lack of heals or falling off). You can Disengage back on if you get caught in a spirit light while in combat. Haven’t killed Horridon yet, but we have one more day of progression.

  19. lordmogg says:

    Im not sure if there were any stealth nerfs. However i assumed that because its current end game pve progression content for level 90 you are going to come across mobs that hit harder. No?

  20. Omogon says:

    I’m sure this is a fine patch…but I just can’t get into it. reminds me too much of Tol Barad (which I hated) ….I logged in on patch day went to the island , did a few “find x here” quests…realized I could not fly and that there were a gazillion more dailies to do and have not logged back in since. Maybe I’m just “wowed out” :(

    • Flint says:

      I think we are in the same place. I was getting my only WOW pleasure from extreme solo’ing and old raids, had to quit that when Blizz killed Growl. Just no pleasure in the game any longer. I think after this next WHU event I’m done.

  21. Rhyas says:

    MM hunter came out number 2 on damage in Mogushan Vaults. Before the patch, same gear never got higher than 11. :)

  22. Motorexp says:

    I think the patch is good in the sense that it makes all three specs much closer in DPS. My only gripes with the patch and the expansion in general is that crappy treatment of hunter loot, especially ranged weapons. Since this is really our only way to make large upgrade changes it is something we are always looking for. That is why Blizzard hides them with later raid bosses and poor LFR loot mechanics. I have run the Terrace of Endless Sucak sooo many times and picked up the same belt 5 times, and the tier shoulds 4 times, not to mentions more gold sacks than I can count. I am worn out with daily quests and other tweeks that really don’t give me anything new to do. I am an alt-o-holic, but I can’t come to grips with giving up my hunter to play a more favored too. I think this is the end of a long long relationship with WoW.