Patch 5.2 Lands Tomorrow

Posted: by Frostheim

Just a reminder to everyone that it looks like Patch 5.2 is likely going to land tomorrow — and here in the north that’s looking like pretty good timing, as we’re getting snow dumped on us all day and all night tonight. Easy excuse to take the day off of work tomorrow!

BM and SV hunters aren’t going to notice a huge difference, other than BM AoE dps will increase, but MM will definitely feel the boost in damage dealing. ¬†You can see the patch 5.2 hunter changes list for full details, but it’s lots of nice quality of life things for hunters.

Also remember that the next WHU event will be happening this coming weekend — so get to level 80-90 if you possibly can. This is not a typical event: you really don’t want to miss this one. Oh, and get a Glyph of Explosive Trap. I think those will come in useful.

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  1. Samurai says:

    Curious about your thoughts on using valor on upgrades before they go away. As a casual player who only returned to WoW midway through 5.1, I am not fully geared. I have some items like Relic of Xuen (which I know you covered in your 5.2 trinket post). Should I spend valor to upgrade items like this? Or should I save valor for the items that will be 1/2 price after the patch?

    What about upgrading an item like LFR Bottle of Infinite Stars?

    I suspect that the answer depends on the situation, but I really value your perspective because I think your advice is always on the money.

    If it’s not clear already – I am a big fan. I follow the blog a lot and, one of the reasons why I came back for MoP was because I kept following your posts.

    Thank you.

    • Rayne says:

      You may get other replies so take this as you wish.

      I feel the Relic would be a good place to spend Valor for an upgrade. It still makes the list for 5.2. Also, the upgrade vendor will be going away tomorrow, so whatever you decide, do it quick :-)

      Keep in mind that 5.0 raids will likely become something you can do cross-realm starting either tomorrow or shortly thereafter. So, if you have not completed the regular / heroic modes for MSV, HoF, or ToES, you may be able to get some upgrades from there early on. (depending on your access to progression raiding anyway) is your friend if you are looking to do older content for achievements etc… and they will be supporting the 5.0 raids as soon as they are available for cross-realm.

      • Pichu says:

        If you are normal mode geared, or less, upgrading will be a waste of your VP. Getting the rep neck will be worth more dps than upgrading your trinket, as well the bracers will be. Also the rep trinket is better than the relic, and if you are not going to raid that much, you will keep the relic and the rep trinket for long time, so i would only upgrade the relic after getting all the new stuff (neck, bracers, ring, trinket) u can reach friendly in the LFR

    • Frostheim says:

      It all depends on what of the new content you expect to do, and how quickly you anticipate getting through it. That said, 2x upgrades of Relic of Xuen is a good move for those who don’t plan to rock through new raid content quickly.

      If you have more valor to spend, the second place I’d look is upgrading your ranged weapon (assuming it’s decent) — again, only if you don’t expect to be getting an upgrade in the near future.

      The trinket is nice because it remains competitive against even the 5.2 ones, and the ranged is nice because it’s your largest single dps contributing item.

  2. lordmogg says:

    Also remember that Valor is reset. So it would be better to spend before patch

    • Zetora says:

      Not anymore its not. Valor is not reset!

      Is there any items we can buy straight off the bat or do they all require farming? Just thinking it may be worth going in with 2000vp rather than 3 as you wouldn’t have any place to dispense of the extra, whereas if done before you can get an item upgrade.

  3. Med says:

    There is a necklace for 1250 valor which can be purchased at neutral with the new reputation. Meaning you can purchase a ilvl 522 necklace on day 1 of the patch. This is at least what it was on the PTR, hopefully it does not change.


  4. Olang says:

    They made the Amber Parasite pet small now and no longer tamable!

  5. Ceil says:

    They gave us new dinosaurs for dire beast