Moar Updates

Posted: by Arth

In line with Frost’s recent additions to the MoP Guide Page, I got off my butt and made a few additions.

Specifically, the Pet Tanking and Soloing Guides from around the MoP launch have been added (with small tweaks, like the addition of the Glyph of Liberation in soloing).

I also added the Pet Taming for Raids guide, which should be useful to a number of hunters.

I may also add the Brawler’s Guild stuff soon.

If there’s anything else, let us know. We’ll get to it…eventually.

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  1. Samurai says:

    Apologies if this is very old news to the hunter community.

    Since you mentioned soloing guides and since I just got through this encounter today, perhaps you could add something to one of your guides about soloing Razorgore in BWL — there is a neat hunter tactic that makes him very easy and it’s not an exploit or anything like that (at least I don’t think it is).

    We all know that Blizz recently made a lot of the older raids easier to solo, but Razorgore still can present a challenge even at 90 because it’s about keeping Razorgore not yourself.

    Hunters are able to heal Razorgore to full if they use Exhilaration to end one of the MC phases (twice if you use readiness right before starting another MC). Kill a bunch of adds in between the MC’s and Razorgore can easily destroy all of the eggs without dying with your hunter heals.

    Full disclosure — this is not my idea. It was posted by MetalGenocide on Wowhead. But, it’s so neat that I think it would be worth sharing again on the best resource for hunters on the web — WHU.

    This is particularly worth knowing because, if you want to solo farm BWL for transmog gear, Razorgore stands in your way.

    • Arth says:

      I’ll look into it. A lot of individual soloing strats get lost in the shuffle, but the WoW Hunter’s Hall compendium of soloing achievements (which is linked to in the MoP Guides on this site under Extreme Soloing) does a great job of collecting them all.