Brawler’s Guild: Meatball

Posted: by Arth

I don’t have the next crop of “Best of the WHU…” posts ready to go, so the next installment will have to wait until next week. Until then, here’s the next in the Brawler’s Guild series:

Meatball is the last boss at Rank 7, and apparently Blizzard went temporarily soft. After running the unholy gauntlet that is GG Engineering, Dark Summoner, and Battletron, Meatball is an easy one-shot boss.

There’s a bunch of orbs on the ground. They heal you and give you a stacking damage buff. They’re everywhere, and the buff is huge, making it a fight you’d have to actively try to die on if you wanted to lose.

If you’ve make it this far, Meatball is a joke. It’s basically Blizzard’s way of welcoming you to Rank 8. You get a Brawler’s Guild Achievement once you beat him.

For completion’s sake, here’s the video:


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  1. Fhinn says:

    I just recently did this fight (05/07/13) and had a heck of a time. He kept ignoring me and 2-shotting my pet. I had growl off and even distracting shot him. With Phoenix unavailable I had to Deterrence/Revive pet. I got him in the end, but what a pain for the cake walk boss!

  2. Stormrose says:

    I was feeling a failure after reading this, because no matter what I tried, he always enraged and killed me. Only after I switched to Survival I was able to pass this guy, and it was in fact easy, specially considering I have not used this spec since lvl 30.