Battletron is my favorite fight in Brawler’s Guild so far. Why? Because Dark Summoner is arguably a harder fight in terms of the mechanics. It’s about how you handle the mechanics themselves more than any enrage timer or dps quotient (though more dps always helps). Battletron, on the other hand, is very much a gear check. But rather than make the fight boring, it becomes an exercise in min-maxing. Exactly how much self-heals and dps can you squeeze out of your class, at the same time? For some, the dps will be the challenge. For others, staying alive. For many, both. And I love these kinds of challenges, because it asks you to find new ways to eke out every bit of your potential.


Battletron spawns mines around him that circle him the entire fight. Your attacks (Arcane Shot, for example) can detonate the mines, which are arena-wide, and do a lot of damage. It’s almost impossible to trigger less than two mines, but three will usually kill you. So the idea is to trigger two next to each other, and strafe for the rest of the fight inside that window.

The fight features a LOT of unavoidable damage and a really tight enrage timer. You need to be at about 85K or higher to get in under the enrage. On my kill I did 87K (I forgot to document my heals), and was right at the enrage. So the challenge is in balancing self-heals with dps.

Your primary heals are with Disengage and a Spirit Beast’s Spirit Mend heal. There are other “optional” heals that are great to have like Warlock cookies and a healing potion (which prevents you from using an agility potion, but it may be a necessary sacrifice). You will not have time to bandage.



MM can probably go toe-to-toe with BM on self heals. But between the extra pet versatility (Ancient Hysteria is almost a must for min-maxing), spirit heals, and burst damage, you’re hindering yourself by going anything other than BM. If your gear is a lot better than mine was (I was ilvl 489 for the kill), you probably have more options. But for those struggling, go BM.


Here’s the dumb part: certain abilities (Dire Beast, Lynx Rush) have a tendency to trigger the mines. So they’re out. You need a spec specifically tailored to this fight.

  • You want Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera for the reduced cooldown on Disengage. When paired with the new Glyph of Liberation, it makes for substantial self-heals.
  • Take Thrill of the Hunt and Murder of Crows. This is to avoid triggering mines (the crows don’t affect them). Glaive Toss is surprisingly safe. Use it without reservation.
  • I went with Spirit Bond for the “healing tier” ability. I seem to have the most success with it in this format.


  • Fun trick: Queue for a 40M battleground, grab Warlock heal cookies, and drop group. Longtime WHU reader Bramman gave me this advice, and it’s a wonderful extra buffer on heals.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a good buff group to join, great. If not, you’ll have to make do with what you can bring. That includes your Flask, Food (Agility or Stamina, depending on which you need more), Stamina Scroll, Kings Drums, and anything else you can think of.
  • The key to this fight is finding the optimal mix of healing and dps. Buffs are part of this. For example, Spirit Bond’s and Disengage’s heals are based on your total health, so a stamina flask or stamina food will help them. If you need this to stay alive, do it. If not, go with the dps food/flask.

Stable & Pet Management

There are two pets that are almost “musts” in your stable: Corehound and Spirit Beast. When you teleport in, you instantly cast Ancient Hysteria (ideally macro’d to a Brawler’s agility potion) and dismiss your Corehound. Then you bring out your Spirit Beast for self-heals.

Beyond that, there are two strategies to choose from. The first is to use the Glyph of Stampede with your Spirit Beast. When Stampede is up, you can cast Spirit Mend for extra heals from all 5 pets. The second possible strategy is more dps-oriented. Basically, you pick pets that will leave lingering buffs or debuffs. A hyena’s attack speed buff is a great example. If self-heals are a bigger problem, do the first strategy. If dps is a bigger problem, do the latter. I went the dps route.

One more note on pet management: I found that when I cast Stampede early, the pets had a tendency to trigger the mines. This is of course bad. Wait 20-25 seconds into the fight to cast it.

Notes on Learning the Fight

There isn’t much beyond what I’ve told you to the strategy itself. Explode two mines, strafe, heal, dps. But it’s deceptively hard, much more so than that simple description implies. Here’s some strategies to get you to the point where a lot of this is second nature:

  • The first thing I did was go in without buffs, without maximizing dps, literally just auto-shotting (and after that, auto-shot + Arcane and Cobra). My goal was ONLY doing the strafe dance. Then, after that, ONLY the strafe dance and healing myself. I didn’t even begin dps’ing in earnest until I knew I could get close to the enrage timer and still be alive. You need to be used to the tempo of the movement and the cooldowns on our heals, which we aren’t used to watching so closely most of the time. The purpose of this is…the strafing isn’t hard, but it needs to be second-nature, to the point where you’re ignoring it and doing it automatically. Maximizing everything else is potentially that important.
  • Remember which side of the arena the “enrage” starts on (meteors that insta-kill you). If you manage to run to the correct side toward the very end, this can buy you another 4-5 precious seconds.
  • Fiddle with aiming your Disengage. Often I’d overshoot the “mine window” and have to run a bit before resuming my rotation. This is lost dps. Careful Disengage management is very helpful.

Video (ilvl 489)


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  1. Jork says:

    Why couldn’t you stand at melee and dps?

    • Arth says:

      You can physically trigger the mines. If you don’t stay in the “mine window,” even in melee range, you’ll die. If you watch melee classes do this fight, they too have to circle the boss.

      As such, it’s a bit safer to stay just outside melee range…less chance of forgetting to shuffle and having one graze you. Since we can do full dps while moving, as long as we’re managing the strafing speed properly, it’s not a nerf to be running.

  2. Dibbler says:

    If you aren’t sure about staying alive, use deterrence to pop the mines quickly (probably after serpent sting and your first signature shot but before cooldown usage) and then cancel out of it. Only costs you a few seconds of DPS and saves a lot of life, overall I’d bet you lose way more DPS to get the same survival benefit out of disengage with the glyph of liberation.

    Also, if you have a hyena or serpent pet you can do the same thing you do with ancient hysteria in order to get the (extremely valuable) 10% attack speed buff. The serpent’s buff lasts 2 minutes which seems to be the cutoff point for sticking to you when you begin the brawl (if you have someone give you, say, a power word: shield, it will be wiped off when you enter the arena), so you can cast it and dismiss your serpent just before you are teleported, then do the trick with the corehound as usual. At least on the alliance side, the brawl announcer will fly almost 2 complete circles around the room before teleporting in the next fighter. It happens a little after he gets past the Southwestern corner of the arena.

    Since literally no class is able to provide the 10% attack speed to you otherwise (all other versions are auras that won’t reach you no matter who is in your group), this trick is borderline mandatory for any fight with a tough enrage timer when you don’t want to just use the serpent the whole time.

    • Arth says:

      Some good advice Dibbler, thanks for the addition. If properly managed, the Disengage heals shouldn’t nuke your dps, so it’s probably a “whichever is easier” decision between that and your Deterrence trick.

      I like the bit about Hyena/Serpent. I guess I’m fortunate that I didn’t need that tiny extra bit, though I only lost out on the buff for the first 15-20 seconds until Stampede.

  3. Aerothena says:

    If you need help writing the guides or suggestions for future fights (such as the rares) feel free to ask me, I finished all brawls including the rare 1s past rank 8 with only 493 iLvL and just a 2 piece set bonus of T14

  4. Ethniu says:

    I have to say that if you are purely looking for self-heals, marksmanship is probably better than beast mastery even though it means no spirit beast. A spirit beast heal heals me for maybe 12k every 30 seconds. MM’s chimaera shot heals 5% (7% glyphed) every 9 seconds. That is substantially more healing. If you have 450k health, that’s 45k every 18 seconds – far beyond the spirit heal.
    That said, I did this fight in BM as well and just raced with dps to kill him before he killed me. I actually used the instant-self-heal talent instead of spirit bond. Together with readiness it allowed me to pop a 60% heal during the fight. In retrospect, spirit bond is likely to be better. It WILL be better, assuming that you take longer than 60 seconds to get him down.
    I found this fight pretty easy. It was much, much easier than GG engineering, which was the point where I hit a serious wall.

  5. Dandaratikii says:

    Thank you for the info provided above. I read your guide, watched your vid once and followed your instructions. One attempt, one kill. Much appreciated :)