For those of you who didn’t follow the news this morning, Blizzard has announced they’re making a digital CCG (collectible card game) called Hearthstone. It’s a World of Warcraft-ish CCG centered around hunters, that apparently also lets you play a support class if you don’t feel you’re attractive enough to be a hunter.

So when you hear all the talk all over the place about Hearthstone and card playing jokes, that’s what people are talking about.

You can see details from the announcement along with screenshots over at WoW Insider.

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  1. Chevonne says:

    I’m not convinced this one isn’t an April Fools joke. :-/

  2. Garalex says:

    I too think it is this year’s April Fool’s joke. Mainly because nothing else major has been posted this close to April 1 !!!