Best SV Hunter Glyphs

Posted: by Frostheim

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Reviewed 3/28/2013
Patch 5.3

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Survival hunter glyph choices in Mists of Pandaria are far less important than they have been in the history of WoW. We no longer have any SV glyphs that directly impact our dps, so instead the best glyph choices tend to be those that improve our healing or mobility.

Unlike past expansions, MoP really has no required SV hunter glyphs. Our glyph recommendations below are the glyphs that we feel are best for the raiding SV hunter, but you will absolutely encounter boss fight mechanics that make different glyph choices worthwhile for that specific fight.

Best SV Hunter Major Glyphs

Without any glyphs that increase our dps, the best glyph choices tend to be those that reduce the amount of healing we need to receive.  SV hunters have four pretty decent major glyphs to choose from: pick the three that best match your raid’s playstyle and bosses you’re working on.

Glyph of Animal BondGlyph of Animal Bond

This glyph just straight up increases the amount we receive from any healing effect by 10%. That means if the healer heals us for 10,000 health, we actually get 11,000 health out of the deal. Over the course of a boss fight, that can add up to some nice extra heals.

Glyph of Deterrence

Glyph of Deterrence
Deterrence is fantastic when it actually makes us immune. Unfortunately many boss effects ignore the Deterrence immunity, but in those situations we still get the damage reduction effect of Deterrence. This glyph greatly increases that damage reduction, and in the right fights popping glyphed Deterrence during a huge incoming damage phase can make a huge difference in survivability. Note however this glyph won’t help at all on fights without those big incoming damage phases.

Glyph of LiberationGlyph of Liberation
Another way to improve our healing, this glyph grants us 5% of our max health every time we Disengage. Given how useful Disengage is for fast raid movement, this glyph is pretty strong. You will, however, need to pay attention to making sure you’re Disengaging pretty often if you’re using this glyph. If you aren’t at full health and Disengage is off cooldown, it’s time to hop.

Glyph of DisengageGlyph of Disengage
By increasing the distance we travel when we Disengage, this glyph allows SV hunters swifter movement across the battlefield. The usefulness of this glyph is pretty dependent on the kind of movement required by the boss mechanics.


Best SV Hunter Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Aspect of the CheetahGlyph of Aspect of the Cheetah

Moving faster can be hugely beneficial in a raid environment. This glyph lets you pop into Cheetah when you need to get somewhere else fast without worrying about being dazed. With so few minor hunter glyphs that do anything beneficial, this is a no brainer.

Glyph of StampedeGlyph of Stampede

With this glyph, all of the pets in your Stampede will be clones of the pet you have out. The advantage of this is that if you have tenacity or cunning pets in your active stable, the dps of your Stampede won’t be hurt by their lesser damage output. Glyph of Stampede is used by most raiders as the easy solution to ensure that your Stampede dps is always as high as possible without having to worry about customizing every pet in your active stable for the raid. Note, however, that in some specific situations you might prefer to have five different pets with different abilities during Stampede, in which case you’d need to remove this glyph.

g-genericGlyph of Whatever
For your third SV minor glyph, there is nothing remotely useful. So take whatever tickles your fancy.

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  1. CaribaLd says:

    I would definitely not recommend Glyph of Stampede. For 25 man it probably doesn’t matter, but in 10 man and other things with fewer members, you will often be able to bring extra buffs, albeit temporarily, or a little utility. For example you might aoe sunder during Stampede with a Tallstrider. Of course it requires that you make sure every pet is Ferocity and has its stuff on autocast.

    On the other hand, I would recommend using Glyph of Direction (minor). It’s STILL bugged and resets the cooldown on Misdirection, even when used on a player. One might argue that it’s bug abusing, so it’s a moral choice I suppose.

    • CaribaLd says:

      Oh, and Glyph of Revive Pet is my preferred third minor glyph. Obviously you don’t want to have to hard-res your pet, but you never know if it’ll be needed (pet might soak Talon Rake on Ji-kun, or if pet has despawned and Heart of the Phoenix doesn’t work it’s good to not have pushback on the revive).

  2. Tatiana says:

    What, no Glyph of No Escape? That glyph is amazing for many fights in TOT, with all the adds that can and need to be slowed. I’m also sure many players use Glyph of Revive Pet.

    • CaribaLd says:

      I think you misunderstand that glyph (unless it works in an unexpected way). It increases crit on targets affected by Freezing Trap, not Ice Trap, so it can only affect one attack on one target. I would say it’s a pvp glyph if anything, allowing some extra burst on an opener.

  3. Jackbower says:

    First, I agree with CaribaLd: Glyph of Revive Pet could be a “useful” raid glyph. The only 2 other glyphs that I can think of that I use in a raid sometimes are Glyph of Mending and Glyph of Mirrored Blades. During the Protectors of the Endless fight, I like to use Glyph of Mending because sometimes my pet will take extreme damage from Kaolan’s “Defiled Ground” ability. Glyph of Mirrored Blades I’d sometimes take during fights where I have to use Deterrence a lot. I’m not sure if it actually works on any raid boss abilities, however! If it is does work, hey, that’s DPS while negating or minimizing damage, which is a plus!