Best of the WHU: Round 7

Posted: by Frostheim

The outline of what we’re doing is here.  By now, most of you know the deal.  We’re digging up gems from the WHU’s past, for fun and nostalgia.  Read, peruse, laugh, cry, kill raid bosses with stray shots, feign death to avoid laundry duty.  Then get back to us with your favorite-est of the articles below.

We have a particularly good batch of best-of candidates this week!

Best of the WHU April/May 2009:

  • Dear Blizzard – A discussion of the concerns and joys of the rollercoaster that was early Wrath, looking at the coming of patch 3.1 (shortly after the horrible over-nerf to BM hunters)
  • Hrist Guest Post – Hrist writes a guest post after I bailed on a raid night to update a bunch of WHU guides for the recent patch.
  • Frostheim Boss Hunter: The very first WHU video ever, in which Frostheim solos Sartharion, back in early Wrath. The secret here was the realization that you can solo a boss without successfully soloing the boss.
  • Unforgiving: Frostheim talks with Roomate, who observes that WoW raiding doesn’t look very hard. This is particularly amusing because Razerscale is used as an example — a boss that very quickly became a farm, but at first our group had some issues on it.
  • In the Beginning: Frostheim discusses how he first came to play WoW, first hit level 60 and learned the existence of the endgame and raid progression.
  • A Dirty Day: Frostheim looks for advice on what to blog about, and the conversations immediately turn incredibly dirty. Arust and Bella have filthy, filthy minds.

Vote for your favorite(s) and let us know why in the comments.

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  1. Wätts says:

    Hrist guest-post FTW

  2. Arth says:

    I’ve been slacking. Thanks for picking up this week. I’ll do the next few rounds sometime this week.

    My vote would be for Dirty Day. I’ve long tried to marry the geeky and the practical in my life. Musing on how WoW could get one laid is a noble endeavor.

  3. Chevonne says:

    Unforgiving followed by Hrist Guest Post.

    The constant “battle” with Roomate gives me the giggles.

  4. Omogon says:

    “In the Beginning” for me….this comment “Last night she hit level 60. With over a thousand gold.” speaks volumes about how much WoW changed.

  5. Zetora says:

    Oh my it has to be “Hrist Guest Post!” … definitely the best of the bunch.

    A Dirty Day must be in second place though

  6. Wolfshot says:

    Definitely “Hrist Guest Post”, though I also loved Unforgiving.

  7. Ominous says:

    These “Best of” are great.
    They make me realise how many good times have passed and how many there may be, to come.