Best of the WHU: Round 6

Posted: by Arth

The outline of what we’re doing is here.  By now, most of you know the deal.  We’re digging up gems from the WHU’s past, for fun and nostalgia.  Read, peruse, laugh, cry, kill raid bosses with stray shots, feign death to avoid laundry duty.  Then get back to us with your favorite-est of the articles below.

We have a particularly good batch of best-of candidates this week!

Best of the WHU March/April 2009:

  • What You Never Want to Hear – At least not from a male night elf.
  • Make Quick Work of FAIL – Frostheim learns a lesson about dues-paying despite rocking top dps in a raid.
  • Why I Hate Aussies (and Why You Should Too) – There’s a lot of hatred to go around here on the WHU.  Elves, bows, crossbows, achievements, vanity pets, Aussies, anything that isn’t a dwarf, etc.  Good thing I’m here to balance it out for the elves.
  • Salute – Big Red Kitty (BRK) is a rock in the hunter community.  Once upon a time, he was THE hunter blogger.  Then he retired.  Sort of.  Frequent listeners to the podcast, and socialites in the hunter community, will know that BRK has dipped his toes back into WoW waters.  But he was gone for the better part of two expansions.  This was the fitting sendoff upon his retirement.
  • WoW Girls vs. WoW Boys – Frost opens up the battle of the sexes after a WoW conversation with a girl at a real-life party.  Barbs were hurled, dignity lost.  Not really, but it’s an interesting discussion.

Vote for your favorite(s) and let us know why in the comments.

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  1. Omogon says:

    Why I Hate Aussies FTW :)

  2. Aerothena says:

    Random post since I don’t know where to post this. But can you ask Frost to post a updated BiS normal trinket list, since a lot of trinkets got a 10% increase to their PPM.

  3. Chevonne says:

    Gotta be Salute. That was just pure-de-ass classy.

  4. GoodGracious says:

    I think the one I found most touching was Salute.

    All the others were funny, but the Aussie one (I am aussie) I remember laughing out loud to when I first read it mumble years ago.

    Although in a lot of those posts there were people I want to smack upside their heads – don’t they get a joke when they see one? Why so serious!

  5. Zetora says:

    Definitely “Why I hate Aussies” followed closely by “Make Quick Werk of FAIL”

  6. Purcy says:

    Why I Hate Aussies! One of my all time favorites, and one I’ve posted on my guild’s website. (properly credited, of course)

    I’d have to give “Salute” my second vote this round. BRK was very good to us, as a community, and an honorable farewell was more than warrented.