Best of the WHU: Round 4

Posted: by Arth

The outline of what we’re doing is here.  Awesome articles from yesteryear, and you guys get to vote on it.  The winners from each week will make it into an eventual “Best of the WHU” page where hunters can rifle through WHU shenanigans from four different expansions.

Best of the WHU Jan/Feb. 2009:

  • Paying Dues – A central theme of the WHU is paying your dues.  This isn’t the first time it’s been mentioned on the site, but it’s a reminder of why we pay our dues and are dedicated to our class.
  • A Basic DPS Principle – This still holds true, all the way back to vanilla.
  • 10 Man Assassins – Some fun anecdotes from a Naxx raid.  More elf hatred and beastiality as well.
  • …and Sometimes We Make Meatloaf – If you ever need to convince an outsider of how cool WoW is, start with the meatloaf.
  • The Hate is Back! – Hrist makes a triumphant return to casual indifference and hatred of others as Frost’s main tank.  In should be noted, Hrist still plays, and has switched to heals.  I still raid with him regularly (Frost and I are on the same server these days).  The hatred has cooled, though it still bubbles to the surface occasionally.

Vote now on your favorite!  Stay tuned for more elderly shenanigans next week!

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  1. Kaneli says:

    The haterade is playing… a healer? What is this I need to sit down.

    What class does he play? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Arth says:

      He switched to monk in MoP. Though he was heals through part of Cata too…I forget which class (Shaman?). He’s still quite a good player.

      The other day we were chatting about our least favorite classes (i.e. those we hate) while raiding. This went on for like 3 minutes as we were standing in front of a boss. After that time, he’d had enough, and burst out “You know my least favorite class? The one that stands in front of bosses instead of killing them.” The hate lives!

  2. Omogon says:

    And sometimes we make meatlof ! I remember laughing out loud at this at work. Loved it then and love it now.

    And look at the dps ALMOST 4k !!!!

  3. Zetora says:

    Meatloaf for me please

    Paying dues is a must but Meatloaf and posssibly hatred wins over it.

  4. Chevonne says:

    A Basic DPS Principle cracked me up. But then so did …and Sometimes We Make Meatloaf. I’d have to say Meatloaf ftw. I recall conversations with a similar result trying to explain to my daughter why I enjoy the game so much.

  5. Jackbower says:

    First off, I love reading these posts! I agree, the meatloaf was pretty funny.

    I watch recount a lot. I’m pretty competitive, even if I mostly keep DPS meters to myself. While running heroics in MoP, I noticed that tanks usually performed very well and consistently beat me (and most others) in AoE damage (I wasn’t running Survival spec at the time, so my damage probably wasn’t quite where it could have been for AoE trash moments). I always noticed this while running dungeons leveling up, too: Tanks seem to do good AoE damage, and that makes sense to a degree because it can be difficult to keep top threat on multiple targets. On that note, there is one fight in Heart of Fear, Wind Lord Mel’Jarak, in which I regularly see a protection warrior out DPS almost everyone while the adds are up. All of this is probably common knowledge and maybe I was over dissecting this straightforward post from Frost. I understand what Frost is getting at, and I’m assuming he means mostly single-target boss fights – and nothing makes me feel sick to my stomach more than watching a DPS on a single-target boss fight perform lower than a tank.

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