WHU In-Game Event: March 9

Posted: by Frostheim

Ooookay guys, we finally have it set up: the first big WHU in-game event of Mists of Pandaria. Everyone should have their main mostly squared away by now: leveled up and somewhat geared. It’s time to get our dwarf hunter madness on!

The next WHU in-game event will be on Saturday, March 9th at 6pm Icecrown server time!

Now that we have access to Pandaria we have some new, very difficult challenges to face, and as such we’re restricting this event to characters of level 80 or higher (level 85 strongly preferred if we’re going to have a chance at success).

Anyone with a level 80+ dwarf hunter on Icecrown is welcome to come. You can read about how to join the WHU Guild here.

This is probably going to be the last high level WHU even for a long time — after this we’ll be forming the new level 1 baby hunter guild, which will stay permanently low level (though there’s some debate about what that level should be). Thus we’re going to be pulling out all the stops for this one. If there’s one WHU guild event you’re going to make this year, this is the one you want to be at!

I’m announcing this event a good month in advance so that everyone with a somewhat high level WHU hunter has time to get them leveled up. Please try to get all the way to 90, or at least up to 85 if you at all can. And for those of you already at level 90, the more gear you have, the better our chances of success!

I’ll be coordinating with Bella and the WHU officers about manufacturing the extras we’ll need for this event — including costumes for everyone!

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  1. Joonces says:

    Any opportunity for cross-realm grouping? My WHU hunter is only about 45, but my main (dwarf) hunter (level 90) is on another realm.

  2. GTyoungblood (a.k.a. GT) !7;^) says:

    Wahoo! Finally got a reason to go level Steelhide again!

    Baby hunter guild, about time. Minimum level consideration, is race dwarf only? If not, then consider some races cant leave their starting areas until a certain level (Worgen and Pandas).

  3. Omogon says:

    I shall wait for the video. I’m sure it will be great as always :) I don’t think I have any chance of leveling my WHU alt to 85 in time.

  4. shawn murray says:

    i was curious as to whether you will be accepting cross-realm dwarven hunters for this event?

  5. Dagnabit says:

    PLEASE PLEASE keep us updated on the baby hunter guild! I wasn’t able to join the other one as I found out late then I had to leave wow for almost a year. Really interested in joining this time!

  6. Jaeger says:

    Yeah, leaning towards baby hunter guild. I could lvl a fresh hunter by the time of the event but it’d take up too much of my WoW time. Still doing a lot on my main hunter.

  7. Ismena says:

    I’m curious about cross-realm possibilities too. I’ve got a decently geared lvl 90 hunter on another server. Not a dwarf though, so… maybe no?

  8. Sev says:

    Aww, I’m going to be out in the middle of nowhere on that weekend. Hope you guys have fun.

    For the baby hunter guild, I’d vote for level 24 so we get a mount and are at the upper level of a BG bracket.

    • GTyoungblood (a.k.a. GT) !7;^) says:

      Keep in mind (and this may no longer apply, I really dont know) that you dont always want to be at the top end of the PvP bracket. I dont know if this applies to all the brackets, but someone once explained it to me in the 70~74 bracket.

      In the 70~74 range, I capped my hunter at level 74, thinking that would keep him in the top end of that BG for a while. I began to notice 99% of the other players I saw were level 70, and kicking my arse! I asked on of the players I saw repeatedly, and who should obviously have leveled by then, why he capped at 70 instead of 74.

      I didnt completely understand everything he said about it, but it basically came down to what happens with our stats as we level. Level 70 was a sweet spot. It actually did more damage than a level 74 that was in better gear.

      I dont know if the lower levels even have this kind of scaling, but keep that in mind when setting the cap.

      I like the idea of at least level 21. We get mounts, and it keeps the free accounts out (free WoW up to level 20, right? But they also cant join a guild either I think, so that might not matter).

  9. Bowmont says:

    As always Frost my rifle is yours whenever needed :)

  10. bellaskye says:

    Very cool Frost :D The officers eagerly await our battle plans so we can start gathering the appropriate materials. Keep us posted :D

  11. Flint says:

    running another Raffle. This one for the JC crafted Jeweled Panther Mount.