Powershot Rebuilt

Posted: by Frostheim

Note: you can see a full updated list of all 5.2 hunter changes here.

Great news for all the hunters out there frustrated as all heck with our awesome level 90 Powershot not working: it looks like Blizzard prioritized getting this fixed for 5.2 and a rebuilt version of Powershot and Glaive Toss will be on the PTR soon. Taepsillum tells us on the forums:

Both Powershot and Glaive Toss have been rebuilt and should now always hit their primary targets, plus, they should also be much more responsive to secondary targets.

This new implementation of the two abilities isn’t on PTR yet but will be as soon as both abilities have been through QA. Once we have a new PTR build go live, feel free to test them and provide us with some feedback, this is when it is most important and when it can dramatically change what ends up going live.

The issue with Powershot was that it didn’t necessarily hit the target you were shooting at. This caused a bit of confusion early on, since it worked fine on the target dummies, and it quickly became clear that terrain and movement were the keys to the problem. In other words, it shot in the direction you were facing, rather than at the target. Thus if your target moved in the course of the huge 3-second cast, you didn’t get your shot (or any auto-shots, which are turned off during casting). Suffice to say, this made Powershot pretty poor in PvE and totally useless in PvP, where the shot would otherwise be much more desirable.

Blizzard said that it would actually take a lot of coding to fix, so it couldn’t be a quick fix, but then also said that it was a “skill shot” and implied it was working as intended. This really smelled to me like “oops, this doesn’t work — let’s just say this is the way it’s supposed to be.” Happily they did indeed rework it — possibly due to all hunters skipping the talent as a result — and it looks like we’ll very likely have a functioning Powershot and improved Glaive Toss in patch 5.2!

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  1. hillbillyhatfield@hotmail.com says:

    I used powershot for about a week after hitting 90. I quit when every tank I did a run with told me if I used it, I would be kicked right after. Because it knocked the mobs away, and they would have to rejust them. If they gyphed the knockback, it would be different. Id use that in pvp.

    I like barrage. It is nice on trash, and adds with misdirect. Plus its great in senario while tanking. It doesnt have the dps of glaive, but I dont like the idea of having hand weapons now with no melee weapon. Besides it looks very rogueish.

    Barrage with surv. gives some insane numbers too. Since I dont run with the elites, 1 shot will not break anyone. I like the looks.

  2. Dibbler says:

    Barrage is actually pretty solid for fights where you aren’t sure glaive toss will hit everything barrage can (and if you haven’t played around with barrage, it hits A LOT more than glaive toss) because the mobs are more spread or because you can’t target the farthest mob reliably. In fights like gara’jal (in the spirit realm), elegon, mel’jarak, shek’zeer, and un’sok barrage will often hit targets that glaive toss will miss.

    For PVE purposes, I’ve only used Powershot for 1 fight this tier: heroic will of the emperor (to knock back the rages). This fix won’t make it more viable in general PVE situations but I guess it’s nice to know that if we do want to use it again in the future it will be less likely to fail.

  3. Bowmonster says:

    I havent been using it that much in PvE in heavy movement fight, but it seemd to work fine. and so did the knockback in PvP, especially where you icetrap a guy and powershot him off the edge :)

    making it work even better will most likely make this my favorite pvp trick, especially in eye of the storm and othe maps with bigh height differences

  4. Dailyravager says:

    i think theyve done somethin to stampede too when i use it the pets no longer run to the target they simply appear at the target :)

    • Arth says:

      That’s actually been in place for a little while now, and was changed as a balancing issue so hunters didn’t need to stand right next to the boss to maximize the ability’s uptime.

  5. Kheldul says:

    I’m guessing that Glaive Toss and Powershot both do the same sort of targeting. And that GT can miss just the same, but that it rarely happens because there’s no cast time — just time to target. IMHO that works in GT’s favor right now since if the target dies or you were picking the target in the middle back of the pack and it moves.. you still smack the middle back.

    Powershot… meh. Fun when it works… but usually you only cast it at someone who is at near max range and that knocks them out of range. Neat idea about the rages in Emperor.

  6. GoodGracious says:

    I looked at the Barrage vs Glaive toss and came to the conclusion that although barrage was less dps, it also had less downtime, so over a prolonged fight you got to use it more = more dps.

    Also barrage looks awesome when you are using it on adds. Its the mafia shot! :D

    • GoodGracious says:

      Hmmm – either I looked at it wrong, or it’s been changed – but the downtime is with glaive now.

  7. Dailyravager says:

    im gona be a pest :P and ask a question i dont realy know where to ask it but here goes im still not convinced that 5 frocious pets in stampede is the best thing and to pass up the other 2 specs but i have no clue how i can go about testing this it just seems like the other abilitities could come into use ill tell you my thinkin behind this im still pretty much a noob bud if im being stoopid :P ill understand:

    4 Ferocious (off taunt) 1 Tenacity (on taunt) my thinking is last stand could be useful to take heat of the tank prolonging life


    4 Ferocious (off taunt) 1 Cunning (on taunt) this being for the reason roar of sacrafice could be macro’d or used via healium to cast on tank (or even onself in solo) plus if the cunning pets takin the most damage maybe it will loose enough health to get the bonus 50% damage done when below 35% health (also with a bird as your cunning choice you can use snatch ability will this work on npc’s in dungeons and raids?)


    3 Ferocious (off taunt) 1 Tenacity and 1 Cunning (not sure which to have on taunt as the first two options wud need to be tested)

    i do realise they are only on play for 20 seconds i just have no clue how id test it or what id use to test it ive pretty much stumbled through this game for the past year with only your site for guidance at very least i think this could be a good discusion point as even in BM we still have all the specail abilities to entertain the idea of a mixed spec bag

    • Kahli says:

      Although I’ve left my WoW days behind me, I keep up with the hunter news regularly as it’s still fun and interesting to read, and I have friends that still play, but don’t keep up with this stuff. But it was my understanding that Stampede merely copied your main pet (the one you have out as stampede is cast). Therefore the entire concept of mix bagging it is null and void. Though not actually being in game I could have this wrong, And if I am, I want to see videos of this. Cause the possibilities of badassery are endless. O.O

      • Rapsukka says:

        The minor glyph ‘Glyph of stampede’ causes all of the stampede pets to become copies of your main pet. Unglyphed stampede brings out whichever pets you have in your ‘active stable’.

    • Kaneli says:

      Dungeons: Most competent tanks will hate you for having taunt on, it messes with their plans, and it might also face a frontal cone boss attack at dps/healer instead. However, you could use it as a defensive CD by having tenacity pets with taunt on in case of severe tank trouble / tank death if you want, but you should not use it in this form to dps for aforementioned reasons.

      Raids: Bosses are immune to pet taunt. (Even if they were not, the boss frontal cone is even more deadly here, plus the boss would smash your pet to pieces.) On trash it will, again, potentially annoy the tanks and spread the damage on others while getting your pet eaten alive to boot.

      Soloing is a different story, there you can natually mix and match and utilize all the specs as much as you like and not piss off anyone else.

  8. Dailyravager says:

    well Kahli at the moment when i use stampede ive got some good pets in my active stable which all come out raptor to tear through armour a bear to reduce damage the enemy deals a pig to increse the damage the enemy takes and a standard hyena and wolf for haste and crit buffs respectively which is pretty epic to see im just wonderin if theres gains wether dps or implimantational for any other benfit the speccing of some of these pets i guess i just dont wana feel im missing out on something buy just having all ferocious :P

  9. bahzob says:

    The knockback on powershot is just a retarded idea, not something that anyone PVE or PVP actually asked for or wants and should be removed.

    (we have a perfectly good knockback using explosive trap and knocking back a target is bad in many PVE and PVP situations the moment you are paired with any melee class.

    It’s an example of Blizzard simply not understanding their own game.