Patch 5.2 Roundup

Posted: by Frostheim

Just a heads up that I have updated Arth’s original Patch 5.2 post with all of the relevant hunter changes from all the different waves of info, so it should now be a nice and complete list of all hunter changes in the patch.

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything significant.

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  1. Lumchan says:

    I was looking at the 5.2 legendary meta gems that come from the continuation of the Black Prince Legendary, and maybe it hasn’t been found yet or I misread, but it appears that there is no meta gem for hunters. It also appears that all the work to get the sha-touched gun and gem for it at the moment anyway appears to be a waste since it is replaced with thunder king weapons that outperform the gun. Does that mean that the legendary weapon quest is being postponed became a waste of time or am I reading too much into what is not being shown?

  2. Lumchan says:

    Oh, is there anything of use in the Archeology with the Mantid for us or do we continue to just pretty much ignore that profession save for maybe a quest for achievement points and toys?

  3. Isendir says:

    Frost, what do you think of the beast cleave changes? From 30% to 50%