Patch 5.2 Hunter Gear

Posted: by Frostheim

Today over at WoW Insider, I take a look at the datamined patch 5.2 gear. Ironically I had planned to write an article about the trinkets, and mathing out the trinkets vs upgraded versions of current trinkets and looking at the difference… but I didn’t have good info on internal cooldowns and proc rates, so I hit up the rest of the gear instead (which is much easier to evaluate). And then of course the night before the article goes live Ghostcrawler posts the trinket info : )

So I’ll crunch the numbers and do the trinket post next week. Hold off another week before deciding what to upgrade and I’ll still get ya before the patch : )

It looks like we’re going to be seeing patch 5.2 land within the next couple of weeks, and now thanks to some datamining we have an idea of all the hawt new gear we’re going to be seeing in patch 5.2.

Included in this gear is our new tier 15 set: Saurok Stalker’s, which is a spiky looking set with a helm that bears a suspicious resemblence to a lizard is eating our heads. Fun Saurok Stalker’s set activity: get to just the right depth in water and can make it look like a crocodile head floating on the surface. Then jump out and kill something.

On to the gear! … Read More.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t the crossbow the better choice because it has crit and a red socket as well

    • Frostheim says:

      The gun has higher agility, which makes it the winner. Also, depending on what source & version you look at, the gun socket *may* be a Sha-Touched Socket, which you can put a 500 agil gem into! I’m not counting on that though, and wowhead seems to report it as red or sha-touched at different times.

  2. Iiwi says:

    The gun has the highest agility, which makes it eke out higher than the others.

  3. Rangus says:

    Will the four-piece set bonus buff the “Thrill of the Hunt’ talent?

    • Frostheim says:

      No…. other than arcane shots can proc it, but it doesn’t buff the talent.

      • Rangus says:

        I’m confused, if TotH gives you ‘free’ Arcane Shots and the set bonus gives you a chance to proc extra damage from Arcane Shots, doesn’t that mean there is a very good synergy with the two?

      • Frostheim says:

        I think it uses their new RealPPM system (due to the way they described the procs) which adjusts the proc chance so that you end up with the set number of procs per minute on average, regardless of how many shots you fire. The only thing that increases the proc rate is haste, which adjusts the RealPPM.

        This means that MM hardcasting aimed shot should have the same proc rate as BM with Thrill of the Hunt — except that MM probably has more haste.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There’s no sha sockets next patch blizzard has stated that and I bet that they normalize the agility on all the ranged weapons I can’t recall them ever putting higher base agility of weapons of the same tier

  5. Thornagol says:

    Anyone else concerned about the legendary meta gems. I know we don’t have math on it? It looks like a loss when you factor in the lost agility and crit damage %.