Hunter Buff Tuning

Posted: by Frostheim

Note: you can see a full updated list of all 5.2 hunter changes here.

After several days of my Twitter feed cluttered with PS4 news, I can see that we’re now back to WoW business! And the start of that business is more tuning to the patch 5.2 hunter buffs.

This tuning takes the form of some PvP nerfs, as well as slightly lowering some of the MM and SV dps boosts (but not by a whole lot). Here’s what Ghostcrawler had to say:

– Dismiss pet now has a 3 sec cast time (up from 2 sec). This is to discourage swapping pets in the middle of PvP to get a different form of CC.
– Powershot now cancels Camo when the cast begins rather than the shot landing. Powershot is much more effective in 5.2 since it is so reliable now.

– Chimera Shot damage +25% (was +50%).
– Black Arrow and Explosive Shot damage +10% (was +15%).

Before the MM afficianados out there start to complain, keep in mind that the Chimera Shot buff was just one of many MM abilities that were buffed (Aimed Shot got shorter and harder, so to speak, and Steady Shot hits harder too).

To me this looks like a tweak that’s designed to ensure that — in single-target static simulations — BM keeps its slight edge over the other specs. This is good design theory, as it keep players from feeling like they “have” to respec, while still lettting everyone who wants to do so.

So from a PVE perspective, this isn’t a very significant change to the buffs. SV might notice a slight single-target boost come patch 5.2, but MM hunters are definitely going to feel the love in the dps meters.

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  1. Lirithiel says:

    Meh I guess I’ll almost never land Powershot now that Camo gets broken when the ability starts. Oh well time to try out Glaive Toss…

    • Arth says:

      …except they’re changing Powershot so that it always hits your primary target. It was a balancing tweak with Camo, but should be a net win for PvP hunters.

  2. Deadface says:

    It’s a tuning right?

  3. Darkruler says:

    Another nerf to MM/SV

    Hunter (Forums, Talent Calculator)
    Dismiss Pet now has a 3 sec cast time, up from 2.

    Chimera Shot now does 265% ranged weapon Nature damage, down from 315%. Additional damage reduced by 30%.

    Black Arrow damage and AP scaling reduced by 5%.
    Explosive Shot damage and AP scaling reduced by 4%.

    • Jaffle says:

      I think it’s a nerf to pve, where your raid’s Brez is on cool down, and you want to summon your quillen.

  4. Zeherah says:

    The data that came out today is just the formula updates for the reported changes we were told about a few days ago. It’s not a new nerf, they just tweaked downward the initial buffs to some of the shots.

  5. Berryz says:

    C’mon Blizz, I really wanne raid as MM again D:

  6. Taruno says:

    You probably still can raid as MM cause by my calculations and ptr testing with perfect CD stacking and rotation on a boss fight i did 1% higher than my BM, altho 1% is nothing (may be crap procs and stuff like that ) It means MM is more than viable

  7. Jaromor says:

    Gief Dismiss pet w/o LoS!