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saluteOne of the interesting things about maintaining a blog for many years is that you eventually cross some line where you realize that the vast majority of the blog readers have never read the vast majority of the things you’ve written. I was talking to Arth recently about the idea of having a “best of the WHU” category that would house some of the more notable articles from the site — the stuff that’s worth reading when you’re bored and need a distraction, or for those die-hards interested in the full history of the WHU.

Of course there’s the issue of how to decide which posts deserve to be there, and I think the best solution there would be to let you guys decide!

The plan is to do a regular Friday Best of the WHU feature, in which we dredge 5-7 articles from the ancient past of the WHU and let you guys tell us in the comments which should (or should not) make it into the Best of the WHU category. We’re going to start with the very beginning in the end days of BC and move forward from there.

Of course we won’t put every post up for review and voting — not many people are going to be that interested in four years of blue posts, or in guides on optimizing your Wrath leveling and gear. But we’ll try to include not just the posts we think are great, but a fair representation of what was being posted at that time.

Best of the WHU – Oct & Nov 2008

I’m going to go ahead and get us started from the very beginning of the WHU, though in the future I think I’m going to let Arth choose most of these, to remove my bias from the selection process.

The original design of the WHU site, which existed for only a few months.

The original design of the WHU site, which existed for only a few months.

  • The Problem with Elves: In the very first post ever on the WHU, I complained about the plague that is elves. So for all those elven hunters over the years who have randomly complained about and elf-bashing comment I made in a post: this is the way it has been from literally the beginning.
  • Excited About Tanks: Here I explain the different skill levels of tanks, and what that magical ingredient is that turns a good tank into a truly great tank. This is also the introduction of Hrist, the haterade, who many young WHUvians may not even know. He was the main tank for my raid team for many years (vanilla, Wrath, and Cataclysm).
  • Dues… Wa?: The first post by Arust, the lovable elf hunter with whom I started the WHU. The original concept was that I would be the surly dwarf who hated elves, and he’d be the flighty elf who hated dwarves, but we’d team up in defending the hunter class. Alas blogging was not for Arust and his posts were sparse and quickly vanished to none at all.
  • Stuff I Care About as Little as Achievements: In the early days of achievement, I thought they were a stupid vanity activity and compiled this list. I’ve mellowed with age and nowadays I’ve grown to just not care about them in any way.
  • Invasion: Arust recounts the first appearance of the Lich King in some of the world events leading up to the release of Wrath.
  • Blizzard Prepares for Wrath: In which I am snarky. Seriously, you have no idea how amazingly much better server stability is these days.

So that takes care of the first month or so of the life of the WHU (there’s more November posts. Let us know if you think any of these posts deserve a spot in the Best of the WHU category — the place for archives for bored hunters to read through at work (because seriously, what else are you going to do at work? You can’t go home because then they won’t pay you).

Also let me know if this is a Friday feature worth continuing.

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  1. Jork says:

    I am voting for “Stuff I Care About as Little as Achievements” and “The Problem with Elves”

  2. Omogon says:

    The Problem with Elves is classic. I have read it many times and always have a I vote for that one.

    I actually think I read “Stuff I Care About as Little as Achievements” when it originally came out :)

  3. Omogon says:

    and yes ..this is worth continuing …wish there was an “edit” button

  4. Lumchan says:

    I vote for “The Problem with Elves” though I have to admit, the tiny “Blizzard Prepares For Wrath” brought back so many memories – long queues just to log into the server only to be kicked right back out from a crash, the constant crashing during the port invasions, the joys of constantly dieing on my lowbie toons due to the infected bugs in the capital cities, the horrible queues to log in (yea, I said it twice, but when it sometimes took an hour plus to successfully get into the game, it earns the double mentioning).

  5. Arth says:

    I’ll vote for the Elves one, with the stipulation that it’s only allowed in if my “Importance of Elves” article from last year is included.

    The Achievements one is good too…sets the stage for the min-max nature of the WHU in general.

  6. Mt Stein says:

    This should be a weekly addition to the site. I started visiting the site partway through WotLK so I’m sure there is a ton of great reading that I missed.

  7. Bowmonster says:

    To be completely honest, the only articles i really liked were the longer ones.

    so #1
    “The Problem with Elves”
    “Excited about Tanks”

    I can completely feel the resentment you have to ppl willingly slacking witout an excuse to show other then “meh IDC” or something. I know that feeling even though in from early Cata.

    Excited about tanks is a feeling wel all learn the second you start a Raid (Non LFR) and actually depend on your teammates to keep you alive and efficient. tanks and heaers with their ever undervalued roles deserve more credits, many, many more…


  8. Kahli says:

    Honestly I miss the Frostheim goggles comics. They didn’t last very long, But they were hilarious, and I always anticipated them. Perhaps a revival is in order? ;o

  9. Zetora says:

    In rank order, the highest rated first:

    The Problem with Elves
    Excited About Tanks
    Blizzard Prepares for Wrath

    The best three by far! I remember reading them while I was still leveling my very first chara, a draenei hunter … yes a beautiful space goat! I still love that term and ofc this is still my main, my one, my only! MY HUNTER!

    Where draenei come in comparison to elves I don’t know?!

  10. Purcy says:

    The Problem With Elves, and Excited About Tanks!

    Two of my favorites.