Best of the WHU: Round 3

Posted: by Arth

The outline of what we’re doing is here.  Awesome articles from yesteryear, and you guys get to vote on it.  The winners from each week will make it into an eventual “Best of the WHU” page where hunters can rifle through WHU shenanigans from four different expansions.

Best of the WHU Dec. 2008/Jan. 2009:

  • Chumbawumba-ing – I get knocked down, but I get up again!  You’re never gonna keep me down!
  • Hunter Chat – In the days before Vent was everywhere, people had to type to figure out strategy.  Dark, dark times.
  • Pet Collar – This idea WILL NEVER DIE.  Frostheim conceived of it early on, complete with specific ideas for collars.  It hasn’t become a reality for hunters yet, but our fingers remain crossed.  Maybe next expansion…
  • Gah AFK! – Frost is attacked by a bat.  No, not in-game.  In real life.  While playing WoW.  Raptor Strike + Disengage ensues, and Frost is left trying to deal with a feral beast in his home.
  • Screw You Sons of Hodir – But seriously, screw those guys.

Get to voting, and we’ll have another crop of candidates for the Hall of WHU Fame next week!

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  1. Rayne says:

    I love the Sons of Hodir post… that took me back and made me laugh. As far as the Pet Collars go, you should feel some consolation knowing they built in some of it (spiked collar) and was there ever a follow up to the bat story?

    • Arth says:

      You’d have to ask Frost on the bat thing, but I don’t think there was ever a follow-up. I’ll be sure to ask him the next time we’re both on the podcast.

  2. Omogon says:

    Screw You Sons of Hodir….my sentiments exactly.

  3. Arth says:

    Lol. You guys really hate Sons of Hodir.

  4. Zetora says:

    Pet collar … I was a wrath baby so was late to the sons of hodir but I respected it and got through it and now looking at the crap load of dailies we have now … having just the one main faction for those wasn’t all that bad.

    And wrath was an awesome expansion!

  5. Chevonne says:

    Pet collar. Definitely.

  6. Bowmonster says:

    As usual, though usual is recent here, my top 3 ;) and why’s…

    1. Chawumbawumba-ing: why? Because F*ck Bosses thats why! there is no dishonor in failure, there is sihonor in failing to persist. “me – 2013”
    2. Gah- AFK: Why? because AFking sucks, especially if your waiting for it, but a story like this always does well in vent, chat or at an IRL gettogether in the near future.
    3. Hunter chat: Why? because designated channels create a feeling of cohesion between raiders, groups or certain appointed roles. that unity is what makes you a team, and feel an important member of a team. we need more of this in modern day WoW, and im for halfway cata so newbie as can be :)


  7. Clin says:

    Difficult selection to vote on! For great idea I will always go with Pet Collars, for sheer amusement value, Gah Afk!

  8. Aakduce says:

    I love the old reads. makes me think of the old days :P . some times i like to go on youtube and hunt down old Brk videos also. Brings back memories..

  9. Tarrson says:

    pet collars of course..heck id even go for vanity pet collars. give ol’ bubba some stand out appeal