Best of the WHU: Round 2

Posted: by Arth

It’s another Friday and that means time to choose more Best of the WHU articles from the distant past. The outline of what we’re doing is here.  Awesome articles from yesteryear, and you guys get to vote on it.  The winners from each week will make it into an eventual “Best of the WHU” page where hunters can rifle through WHU shenanigans from four different expansions.

Best of the WHU Nov/Dec. 2008:

  • Burning the Worldtree – In which Frostheim hates Elves.
  • In Sickness and in Leveling – In which Frost marries a murloc.  Not really, but those who enjoy wearing nostalgia-glasses can reminisce about the launch of Wrath through the lens of a very ill Frostheim.
  • The Wrath Is On – In which Arust picks up poop, and enjoys him some toy trains and Grizzly Hills music.
  • TV, DPS Meters, and Cock – One of Frost’s more inspired analogies, I really just hope he forgot about articles like this when he decided to put me in charge of bringing these back to light.  Grey’s Anatomy, WoW, and male genitalia.  Enjoy.
  • I Hate Faction – Where we begin to loathe the grind, especially the insufferably long ones like Sons of Hodir.

Get to voting!

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  1. Lumchan says:

    I have to vote for “I Hate Faction” I feel the pain!

  2. Chevonne says:

    “I hate faction.” Being a Wrath baby, I thought this was normal. And was seriously pissed I couldn’t sell my game to anyone since each game code is yours for-effing-ever. But I got over it. :p

  3. Letalina says:

    I’d also have to vote for “I Hate Faction.” The Sons of Hodir dailies did take forever!

  4. Zetora says:

    As I am sure you cna guess … I hate faction

  5. Bowmonster says:

    Even though giving a top three out of five options isnt the meaning of this ill still do it may way a bit ^^

    The Verdict:

    1. In Sickness and levelling: Why? because this story seeps dedication, enthusiasm and comradery. thing that are hard to develop or synthesize. the hope of finding this keeps me playing MMO’s, WoW especially and exclusively atm.

    2. TV, Dps Meters and Cock: Why? Because its True!! there is no theoretical ceiling for DPS, i mean, yes it can be argued that all factors optimal there is a maximum, but we can always apply AoEs and DoTs to more targets etc, so we need to know where we stand on our ‘usefullness’ the healers and tanks have their clear focusses: Living & Not letting Die ;)

    3. I Hate Faction: Why? MoP :(