So I recently dug around to try to find where hunters were with extreme soloing these days.  What encounters are possible, what fights have been done, etc.

In doing so, I stumbled across a hunter named CaribaLd, who seems to be at or near the cutting edge of current hunter soloing.  He also documents his kills and makes videos of them, so it’s easier to feature him than some others without video capability.

Below are a few different things.  One is a video of his latest (and arguably most impressive) kill, Lich King 25M Heroic.  The other link is to his Youtube page, where you’ll find all manner of Wrath and Cata bosses among his recent kills.

Please note, according to his kill writeups, CaribaLd is VERY well-geared.  If you aren’t in current-tier heroic level gear, you probably won’t be able to attempt many of these encounters.  For example, his Lich King kill in the video below was done with an ilvl of 502 (and a 510 weapon).  Still, it’s a cool look into the hunter class and what we’re capable of.

If you follow the video to Youtube, the comments include a detailed description of his strategy.  Here’s his channel page.

Other bosses he’s downed include Shannox, and various 10M heroic mode ICC bosses.  I don’t know CaribaLd personally, and I do occasionally hear grumblings of private servers with these sorts of things.  But he’s a contributor on EJ, and I think a WHU reader as well, and his material and writeups seem to check out.  So I have no reason to doubt any of his kills.  This is by no means the only high-level hunter soloing material out there.  But it’s a cool place to start, to see what we’re capable of and bring a little exposure to one of our own.

Finding Your Own Soloing Niche

Since everyone’s gear and skill are different, the best advice is simply to work backwards until encounters are doable.  Maybe it’s 10M heroic ICC, maybe it’s harder than that, or easier.  But once you find bosses that you can one-shot without prior prep, you can start working your way up until you start to hit major challenges.  If you’re patient and persistent (According to CaribaLd, the LK kill took him 205 wipes) you’ll be rewarded.

Soloing skills translate great to PvE and PvP.  It’s fun, doesn’t require a big group, and can develop your playing ability not just as a hunter but in WoW in general.  If you have your own soloing achievements, be sure to let us know in the comments.

More Kills

Tabana over at the WoW Hunter’s Hall has put together a good compilation of some other hunter world firsts.  Click here for more.

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  1. Purcy says:

    Speaking of edgy soloing…

    Does anyone know if there’s a way to get your corehound to use ancient hysteria during stampede?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Arth says:

      A good question, and it’s among the things I’m testing this week for an article that is coming out probably Friday (all about variations in your Stampede). Stay tuned!

  2. CaribaLd says:

    Thanks for the mention!! I can assure you I don’t play on private servers, but with things like that there will always be doubters. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. :)

    One small thing about gear: It’s kind of a double edged sword when it comes to difficulty and fun. Sometimes you will find a boss that your gear is just barely enough to beat (Shannox is a good example of that), and it’s super fun to maximize everything possible and tweak the strategy ever so slightly until you finally get it down. Other bosses you never attempt until they are very easy with your gear, and the satisfaction of such a kill is slim or non-existant. The best are obviously bosses with very difficult mechanics, and only just possible with the gear you have. Lich King 25H was such a boss, and it’s the one I’ve spent the most time on in my “career”, Algalon 10 in Cataclysm coming in second.

    To the posters above: I’m 99% certain you cannot make a Stampeded Corehound use Ancient Hysteria. It cannot be set on autocast, and will therefore not go off. My findings have been: If your main pet has an ability ready that Stampeded pets also have, casting it will make all pets that have the ability cast it. This includes things like Last Stand. Otherwise, the only way to make other pets cast abilities is by having them on autocast. This means you need to go to each individual pet and select which casts you want them to cast when using Stampede.

    If you use 5 Spirit Beasts (unglyphed – I have never used the glyph so I cannot comment on how that works) and Spirit Mend is NOT on autocast on your 4 other pets, and Spirit Mend is on cooldown on your main pet, you will NOT be able to cast it with the other pets, even when pressing the Spirit Mend keybind or clicking on the bar. It always requires the cooldown to be ready on the main pet or autocast.

  3. Skortaran says:

    I have viewed many of CaribaLd’s videos and anyone claiming he’s using private servers is a fool. The guy is the real deal and any hunter who’s put in the time would know he’s doing it legit. I’ve followed several of his videos to help with various soloing efforts of my own (nowhere near his level, though).

    The biggest issue I see with extreme soloing currently is that pet Growl is still broken in older instances. Every once in a while, it’ll work as intended and then the next boss you pull aggro almost instantly and things go all to hell. I would imagine that it makes fights that are extremely challenging basically impossible since one of your tools isn’t working as intended.

    I know Blizzard is aware of the problem – it’s just a question of when they’ll get around to fixing it…

    Anyhow, if anyone is thinking about doing some soloing, CaribaLd is the first place to start doing research, in my opinion.

    • CaribaLd says:

      Thanks for the kind words! As for aggro problems: They removed the global cooldown from Misdirection in Mists of Pandaria. If you use the Glyph of Misdirection, you can literally macro MD into every damage ability, and nearly all threat will end up on the pet.

      A small tip: Glyph of Direction (a minor glyph) is bugged and actually resets the cooldown as well, even when MD is used on a player or someone else’s pet. Not only is that extra useful, it saves a major glyph slot that can be used for something else.

      • Skortaran says:

        Yeah. I will probably have to resort to the macro route but I wanted to avoid it (since my bars are already starved for space…).

        I did not know about the glyph bug, however… I think I just found a glyph to replace Fetch (which is nice but I’ve used twice, I think…).

  4. GTyoungblood says:

    Glyph of direction is too good to be true right now. Not only does it do as intended, making your MD target larger, it has the side effect of resetting the CD for MD no matter the MD target. So when I 5 man, which is rare, I usually only solo, I have all my attacks MD to my tank. This is wonderful since even those loose mobs i go after, go right to the tank.

    I just hope Blizz fixes other things before fixing this glyph. Like fixing the Wintergrasp BG so the EASTEARN TOWER is actually in the warzone again. As it is, you end up leaving the BG when you go to attack it. This has been since patch 5.0.

  5. GTyoungblood says:


    Your bars being starved for space is a good reason for macros! I’m sure you have your main attacks on the bars, so just macro MD in with your shots. Then every shot is MD’d to your Tank or Pet.

  6. Dettbizzle says:

    Currently, I’ve got an iLvl of 447, which is mediocre given when it could be.

    My solo’s are Onyxia 10m, VoA 3/4 10m (can’t figure out Toravon), and Heroic Stonecore. I’ve two-manned Sunwell, but intend to attempt a solo when the game comes back on after maintenance.

  7. Nagrenol says:

    Am I correct in saying that you need to bug valks to be able to solo this as a hunter or at least that is what you did for the kill?

    • Arth says:

      If you follow the video to the Youtube page, most of his strategy is in the video comments. Hope that helps.

    • CaribaLd says:

      The val’kyr grip mechanic is bypassed by taking a melee hit from either The Lich King or a Raging Spirit at least once every minute. Taking a melee hit from either of those will mark you as a tank, which renders you unable to be gripped (and on normal mode, it prevents you from being sent into Frostmourne in phase 3). I’m sure you can imagine how it would cause trouble to guilds progressing on the encounter back in the day if the tank could get gripped :)

      Of course, today that is not an issue anymore, as the game can detect who’s a tank, so such mechanics are not on new encounters as far as I’m aware. They haven’t gone back and changed it for old bosses though, thankfully!

  8. Jazzism says:

    I was reading about the new stats they’re planning for WoD and Lifesteal caught my eye. There’ll be some interesting … Very interesting Lifesteal gear setups I forsee. WoD become very interesting now!

  9. Felspar says:

    I’ve been levelling a hunter very slowly – taking my time to clear loads of content and generally have fun! I’m currently at 81 and have been exploring Pandaria and have been killing some of the rares, which got me thinking – what is the lowest level possible to get ‘Glorious’??

    At 80, I had cleared all the rares from Jade Forest, Krasarang Wilds and Valley of the Four Winds – apart from Ruun Ghostpaw and one other in VFW (Ruun couldn’t do and the other just got bored of waiting to catch!)

    By 81, I have now cleared all of the first 4 zones (as above, including Kun Lai Summit), but still can’t do Ruun :(

    I’m aiming for Glorious by 85!

    Any other contenders??