Patch 5.2 Porcupine Spirit Beasts

Posted: by Frostheim

Note: you can see a full updated list of all 5.2 hunter changes here.

Okay, so last weekend I wrote an article for WoW Insider about my 2013 predictions, which included getting new spirit beasts. By the time that article went live on the site, we had found new porcupine spirit beasts on the patch 5.2 PTR!

The porcupine spirit beasts come with a new and unique taming challenge: for all those hunters out there who mourn for the days of class-specific quests like the mighty Rhok quests of yore — these are the new hunter-specific quests: taming challenges. In fact, one of the new patch 5.2 spirit beasts is eerily similar to a certain Rhok demon….

Meet the Porcupines: Hutia, Gumi, & Degu

The new patch 5.2 porcupine spirit beasts come in three colors: blue, green, and red (and this is the first time we’ve had a red spirit beast). All of them are a taming challenge, in which you have to get them down to 20% health before you can tame them, and because of their huge health you’ll have to kite them around while dpsing (and be aware of other mobs that may be in your path!)

Along with that basic mechanic, each of the spirit beasts also has a unique special ability that changes the strategy needed to defeat it:

  • Hutia (green): found in the Jade Forest, Hutia has a big self-heal ability that can be cast while moving. In order to get her health down to the 20% range, you’ll need to interrupt the heal whenever she starts casting it. Scatter Shot works on Hutia, and it is reported to be the only one that can be rooted.
  • Gumi (blue): found in Neverest Mountains in Kun-Lai. His only ability seems to be that he moves faster. This is coupled with the winding mountain paths of the region that force you to turn in our kiting, giving him opportunities to corner on you if you do not move optimally. The fact that you will have to kite in Cheetah also means that you’re going to cover a lot more distance while getting his health down.
  • Degu (red): Krasarang Wilds. My personal favorite challenge, Degu has two awesome abilities. First, his melee attacks hit like a truck and he can take you down in just a couple hits — so you must stay away from his melee range. BUT, there’s a but. He also has a special ability where he shoots a quill that is a super hard-hitting ranged attack that is uses if you get too far away from him (and he stops moving to cast it). So the goal with Degu is to kite him within his dead zone: not in melee, but not too far out. Happily if he does start casting barbed quill, you can just move back into the dead zone and it will cancel his cast.

Currently the spirit beasts have a very short respawn timer on the PTR (like 5 minutes short) but that may be just for testing purposes. Personally, I very much hope that they keep a super short respawn — let’s have a spirit beast where the taming challenge is the challenge, not getting lucky enough to stumble across it (and then complete the taming challenge on the first try — since someone else will be there to tag it if you fail).

Kalliope has a great rundown of the new spirit beasts, including maps of their spawn points, over on the Petopia forums.

The New Hunter Quests

Back in vanilla hunters had the option of embarking on the epic hunter-only quest for Rhok’delar after getting a raid drop from Molten Core. Part of this quest involved finding 4 rare-spawn demons and fighting them, and the fights were set up to be hard.

One of the demons used mechanics very similar to Degu (but harder): you had to kite him because he’d one or two shot your in melee, but if you got too far away he’d reset, and of course he periodically varied his speed. It was against this demon that I learned the art of jump-shotting while running uphill!

I continue to be pleased that Blizzard adds new and interesting taming challenges to the game — something other than just getting lucky on a rare spawn. However this pushes the number of taming challenge pets to over 30, when we still have only 25 stable slots.

Every new taming challenge furthers the need for some way for hunters to store more than 25 pets. I suspect that we’ll get that eventually, but I fear it may not happen until the next expansion. There’s a chance we’ll get it earlier however, and I’m holding out hope.

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  1. Prowlspear says:

    Just wished it was not just three porcupines i mean one i nice but what bout 2 other beast like a crane of water strider for example?

  2. says:

    I love new pets. I love the challanges. But why the only 1 beast. Why not a crane, or croc, goat or even a strider. 3 of the same beast is pushing it.

    I already have a host of SB, I keep 4 in my stable so when I pop stampede its a SB parade. Unless we get more stable slots, I’ll tame them and then release them(which is evil). I have 1 spot left. And that is for the new dino. Then Ill have to make a hard dicision on which pet to let go to keep atleast 1 slot free for that rare i may come across.

  3. Tarrson says:

    i did the rhok quest line at the end of 70 it was hard. i was dumbfounded ,at the time, that guys back in the vanilla days did this at 60! 0.o
    class specific quests are awesome. im glad for the respawn of it were

  4. Jake says:

    But what about Dino spiritbeasts?? I’ve been waiting for them since Wrath. 5.2 is the perfect time for them, not more porcupines! I need a spectral Devilsaur! Come on Blizzard make my dreams come true!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just got all three. WAZZUP!

  6. Honeythorn says:

    I let and helped another hunter tame Degu. I wanted to study how this tame would play out. HOLY SHIZZBALLZ!!!! This guy hits 1000 times worse than Banth’olos!!!! My suggestion is to have the minor glyph that shaves of 4 seconds of tame time. When fighting him, get in super close so he won’t have the opportunity to shoot his quills( at you. A DK and some heals will help. He evades any ice traps so once you get him down to beable to tame, hit deterrence and tame tame tame!! Killed us about 8 times before we perfected the tame, but it’s doable with helpers…Helpers are a MUST!!! Hunters taming him, let a tank take the beating so you will be at full health on the tame. I hope this helps. Good Luck!!!

    • tim says:

      well here is were u are wrong the red on (degu) is solo tamable as they all are its just becomes a matter of skill I did all three in one night took about 4 hours anf trying and failing and learning from mistakes but I can now do from practicing the green (hutia) and red (degu) completely solo and all I did was look up on youtube how to tame them it is very hard and a priest to bubble u and heal u up after getting hit is helpful but not needed however the blue one(gumi) is the only one I had help with and took 3 hunters to tame him the two hunters each oput a frost trap down and were dpsing him down and distracting shot to swap agro back and forth across the frost slick and cuncussiv shots as well until he was below 20 percent and that’s were I steped in poped a frost trap cuncssive shot at a good distance away and starting me tame ability took us 5 trys do to me learning whut to do but I evwentually got him as afar as hutia goes u just kite him around dpsing him down little by little while only using 2 frost traps total during the fight one to start and one to end and u continusly use concussive shot and arcane shot to dps and slow him down to tameing point while watching his spirit heal wich heals for 25 % of his health and he will do it on the run so only use your silencing shot whne he is casting his big heal and degu all u have to do is stay out of his ranged ability rang and melee range while kiting him slowing him down using concussive shot and arcane to widdle him down and frost trap for taming each fight is unique and challenging as it is but once u are able to tame all three you will be exstatic special if u do it solo how ever I still haven’t completed gumi solo I have done degu and hutia solo but gl if u haven’t gotten all three yet