It’s been a while since we’ve promoted the podcast here on the WHU, so I wanted to bring it back for WHU readers who might not be aware of it.

First, all live shows air on Saturdays at 2pm EST, or 11am Pacific time.

We’ve started uploading our videos on our youtube channel. And Here’s the site where we host our shows live.  You can now stream our show onto any mobile device through, for those of us who prefer something like Android to the iPhone. As always, here is the iTunes store linkthe Hunting Party Podcast feed, and the direct XML feed. If you email us comments or questions, we’ll read them on the next show. Send an email to Also, we love iTunes reviews. So please drop by iTunes and mention what you thought of the show.

If you don’t do streaming podcasts and just want to download the mp3, click here for Ep. 153 or click here for 154.

Ep. 153: Hunter Songs

The focus of this podcast was the awesome new hunter songs that have come out as a result of Frostheim’s recent Kickstarter.

Ep. 154: Patch 5.2

This episode focused on 5.2 and the changes it will bring for hunters.

And though it may plunge the ratings back to the stone age, yours truly will be on next Saturday’s podcast (I showed up late last week as Frostheim’s replacement, but wasn’t there for the whole show).  But it’s great when there’s a large live audience, since the chat discussion adds greatly to the podcast, so we hope you can make it.

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  1. Ichigothehunter says:

    Hey Arth, I know it’s completely off-topic, but I found an interesting thing in some patch notes.

    The interesting part is the change to Stampede: Stampede: Summons all of your pets to fight your current target for 20 sec. Your pets deal 175% of their normal damage while summoned this way.

    Unless it’s just at tooltip fix (Mine says 25%), it’s a pretty huge change to hunter dps. I e-mailed Frost to let him know. Cheers! (Trikkie, Troll from Hyjal)

    • Arth says:

      Yeah, it’s listed in the “spell changes” section, which almost always means it’s a tooltip change. I can’t imagine such a giant buff coming through.

      Thanks though; good find.

  2. Wrekh says:

    Arth is in the chatroom!! ;)

  3. Kardinal says:

    153 is on iTunes, but is not on the RSS.

    Us old-school podcasters are sad. :(