Hunter Predictions for 2013

Posted: by Frostheim

Today at WoW Insider, I examine my predictions from a year ago, and then make some new ones for this year:

Another year of hunting is beginning, and that means it’s time to dig into the vaults of December 2011, when Cataclysm was about to wind down, a time of aspect dancing and the horrible anachronism of minimum range. That’s right, it’s time to dust off my 2012 hunter predictions and see how I did. It’s also time to make new predictions for the state of hunters going forward in 2013 and take some guesses at what’s going to happen with the class as Mists of Pandaria progresses and Blizzcon returns.

Of course last year was a pretty challenging year to make predictions, since we knew a new expansion was coming and while we had a couple of tantalizing hints, we had virtually no idea what hunter changes we would have. The expansion news flew fast and furious all spring and summer, bringing with it change after change; hunter joy and discussion as we got almost everything we asked for, followed by the inevitable buffs and nerfs of the expansion process.

After getting off to a bit of a slow start, hunter DPS is now rocking away as we start 2013 looking forward to patch 5.2. But before we look forward, let’s take a look back and grade Frostheim’s presentience to determine if what I predict has any bearing on reality… Read More.

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  1. Playboom says:


  2. Jaeger says:

    Welcome back, Frost!

    They just announced three spirit beasts on the ptr. :)

    And I really hope we get more stable slots or some equivalent.

  3. Hyrne says:

    Long days and pleasant nights, Gunslinger.

  4. canardo says:

    Nice to have you back.
    Was hoping for a prediction for the too many buttons thingie. We all know that GC only reads your posts and then acts on it. You created stampede !

  5. ditchsurfer says:

    Just found this website thru a guildy. As a long time player, and I do enjoy the game, lord knows I spend the money and not gold. I got tired of dungeon groupies, telling me my dps stunked. Finally a guy said re-spect from beast master to marksman, ok I will try that. reset my stuff in org, dont know what I did, but now I get the loud gong and states “No Battle Aspect Chosen’ I have gone thru it all and reselect and relearn and still, completely annoying, and not sure I really did my self any DPS favors. If it makes it any easier hit me at I live is the us EST, play scarlet crusade. any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a lev 88 blood elf hunter. would love to meet up with someone in game and see what it is i am doing wrong