Hunter Name Generation

Posted: by Arth

This is probably coming 2-3 expansions too late, but may still amuse or inform some of you.

So you’re rolling a new toon (I assume it’s a hunter…what else would you want to play?).  You’ve been playing since BC, so you know the pitfalls to avoid.  Nothing derivative of “Legolas” or “Artemis” (I may be somewhat guilty on the latter of these).  Or Katniss, more recently.  Those mistakes are for rookies.

You get to the character creation screen, and give your hunter some bitchin’ earrings and awesome face paint.  You’re almost done.  Now…what to name him/her?

You want something original, but you also want something that has a sense of roleplaying about it.  You’re not about to run around hugging trees and speaking in faux-Shakespearean.  But you want your character to feel like they “fit” in the world.  WoW’s name generator has been failing you for the past 10 minutes, and you’re about ready to name your character IcantThinkofaNamee, with two e’s since IcantThinkofaName is taken already.

May I humbly suggest the following: Our friend Kheldul over at Hunter DPS Dungeoneer has an Elvish Word Generator.  This generator is apparently based loosely on Tolkien’s original Quenya and Sindarin dialects of the elven language.  While not exact, you can impress your friends by saying “My name means ‘Silver River’ in Elvish” and actually not be BS’ing them.  Once you’re on the site, just refresh the page to get a new set of words.

Or, if you’re a dwarf, ignore this and proceed to name your toon Thunderpits or FartNDrink, and be proud knowing you’re contributing to the beautifully ugly dwarven race.


  • It doesn’t have to be a WoW character.  Use this for other games.
  • Use it to name your pets.
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  1. Tenzi says:

    Lol how about thunderbut or Sir belchalot? o.O

  2. Gorgor says:

    Durn hi-falootin elfs.

    What about the puppymans and space goats?

  3. Omogon says:

    The much bigger question is ..why would anybody want to be anything but a Dwarf ??

  4. Hawkke says:

    Just plugged FartNDrink into the Elvish Generator and it came up with Frostheim – weird huh?

  5. Kheldul says:

    Oh how gratifying! Seriously. I never knew if anyone ever used that thing.

    I made it a very long time ago. It was the first reason I made an actual stand-alone website in 1995. I studied the words in Tolkein’s books and pulled apart the word roots and then made it so they could be re-combined in various allowed rules. So the words you see may be completely unique.

    If I did it today, I’d probably just run it exhaustively and then make word clouds and other cool visualizations. But this code hasn’t been touched in 17 years. (Yow! I. Am. Old.)

    I’m a Dwarf Hunter. For non-elves it works quite nicely for pet names. You can also copy-paste the umlats, accents, and acutes. I’ve used it a bunch:

  6. drvic10k says:

    Use it to name your kids.

  7. Berusan says:

    DOH!! Is this article givin’ a tiny bit of love to Elves? Knock me over and pull my ears!! Blessed Ilune!! or as they say in common, holy shit!!

  8. Sojnekah says:

    That’s funny because I have been doing that as long as I have been playing blizzard’s games. I use the online sindarin dictionary to figure out the names I want to use. Erdraug = lone wolf, and I have also had characters named Mithrildraug. It started when I was reading LoTR for school (before movies came out) and I needed an artistic piece for my book report. I made a poem in Sindarin. I think the teacher just took my word for it lol. I am such a nerd.

  9. Brekke says:

    :) I usually use names from favorite books (Brekke) or animes for my characters. I will even go so far as to name my characters to match abilities and traits of the anime/book characters. Sometimes even trying to match appearances. It’s a fun way to pick names when I actually can’t even pick names for pets in real life. lol

  10. Firndulin says:

    I used it to name my undead lock, thanks for the info :D

  11. GTyoungblood says:

    I used to play a lot of AD&D with some good friends in the Air Force, back in the early 1980’s. My best friend Gary always rolled a dwarf. So when I rolled my dwarf hunter I tried to remember all the dwarf names he had used. All of them taken of course.

    I didn’t want to ruin a good dwarvish name by misspelling it, so I used his name instead. Here’s to my old friend Gary T. Young. May you always make your saving throw, and roll lots of natural 20’s.

    As for my alts names, well, meads on me for the first one to figure out the themes…

    Then a few others that some might recognize…

    Fude (a gnome rogue, hairstyle is combover, I’ll be damned if he isnt the spittin image of my old boss with the same name!!)

    And once MoP hit…

  12. Shannon says:

    I unashamedly pull the majority of my WoW character names from Tad Williams’ “Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn” trilogy- to me, it’s an homage to a series of books that were huge to me when I read them as a young teen. My pet names, however, are largely out of mythology of different cultures. For example, I tamed a trio of shale spiders during Cata and named them for the Fates- Clotho (purple shale), Lachesis (Jadefang! And you had better believe I was PISSED to see green shales in Jade Forest), and Atropos (pink/red shale).

  13. Spleet says:

    I came up with my name from a friend who said it sounded like something in Greek that refers to the female anatomy. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I went with it. My friend linked the urban dictionary for Spleet and he (after laughing himself off from his chair) still couldn’t decide if he liked number 2 or number 4 better.

    • GTyoungblood says:

      I generally like discovering words to add to my vocabulary. This one, not so much. I think I was better off not looking it up.

      Great idea for a name generator just hit me as I was typing this. The iphone/iPad auto-correct! It often auto corrects my misspelling, giving me some very unfortunate words.

  14. Shadowhawque says:

    My toon names are all prefaced with Shadow and then a word that reminds me of the class all while changing the spelling. Seems to be great so far for my 5 alts.

    And as for my pet names, I strictly name then traditional generic names. In my bags currently I have Ashley, Maxwell, Charles, Steve, & Dave. People sometimes got a kick out of a spirit beast named Maxwell or my devilsaur named Charles so I stuck with it.

  15. Allianora says:

    Ha ha, I renamed Skoll “Thunderbutt” when I tamed him… ^_^
    I tend to name the Pandaria tames Chinese things.. XueMao (snow cat) for Savage the white tiger, and Zise (purple) for the purple Quilen…

    Thanks for the name generator link! I’m sure it will be helpful for alts. ^_^