Coming Back Online

Posted: by Frostheim

Hey guys, apologies for being MIA for the past few weeks, and many thanks to Arth for providing some great articles while I’ve been out of it. I did pop on the Hunting Party Podcast a couple weeks ago to explain the whole deal (though I see that episode hasn’t been posted yet, now that I look). Here’s a recap:

A bit over two weeks ago I went in for basic oral surgery to get a couple teeth pulled. I was under general anesthesia (or sedation I guess). Was supposed to be under for a half hour, was actually under for more like 7 hours.

They tossed me in an ambulance to the ER as a precaution (and I missed getting an ambulance ride for being unconscious!). When I woke up I was coughing up blood, and it became clear I aspirated blood during the surgery (actually swallowed a ton too — which was exciting). After chest x-rays and whatever other stuff they did (I was in and out of it) the doc concluded I had aspiration pnemonia and they wouldn’t let me out of the hospital, and kept me there for 3 days on IV antibiotics.

Since then I’ve been slowly recovering. The docs say the pnemonia is gone, but they also say that it takes a long time to recover your stamina. So currently I’m still coughing a lot and get tired far too easily. Mostly working the day job (from home, thankfully) is all I’ve had energy for, so blogging has fallen by the wayside for the past bit.

Oh, and the most exciting part of the whole ordeal was in the ER after I came to. It was just like every medical drama — I had that “uh oh I’m gonna barf” feeling all of the sudden and started vomitting up tons of blood. Only unlike a medical drama the ER staff didn’t leap into action — they just sat there and said “Okay, just get it up, no big deal.”

At any rate, apologies for neglecting the blog. I’m going to try to start getting back into it — starting with a belated look at the patch 5.2 changes — but I’m still not in fighting trim (not to mention being way behind in my WoW playing and WoW news) so it may take a while for things to get back up to speed here!

Oh, and the worst part is I foolishly built a new computer the day before the surgery, thinking I’d get everything installed and set up during the weekend of recovery. Well, I finally got it set up last weekend, so now I get to check out WoW with full graphics effects!


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  1. Arth says:

    Just take ‘er easy, boss. I have some time off this next week and can hold the fort down for a while.

  2. Laeleiweyn says:

    Too dramatic!

    Feel better soon. :)

  3. Beergasm says:

    Jesus christ what did they remove your teeth with, a chisel and hammer? That sounds horrible! Hope you get well soon man.

  4. Myrrmi says:

    Get well soon, gramps :) pwn it like a dwarf

  5. Ironthumbs says:

    After all that, your Teeth better look flippin’ AMAZING!
    Glad to hear you are still alive and well (if barely), and i wish for a speedy recovery!

    I had a baby Boy Born on the 29th of december, but unfortunately my missus turned her nose up at the suggestion of having Frostheim anywhere in his name. Her actual words were along the lines of ‘What the Fuck is a Frostheim?’.
    At least i tried..

    • Arth says:

      Go with something more plausible next time. Frostheim is obviously not an acceptable baby name, but I do have a friend whose name is “Hunter.”

  6. Dan says:

    Take care of yourself and feel better

  7. Undalae says:

    Damn, Frostheim. Sounds awful. Glad you are feeling better, but don’t over do it; it really does take some time to recover. Be well, and enjoy your new machine! Happy New Year! And whatnot.


  8. Glacier says:

    That is one hell of a way to Feign Death. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better.

  9. Mythriak says:

    Gem for stamina, Frost!!! I hope you disengage out of that soon, lad.

  10. Dianth says:

    Welcome back. we’ve missed you and are glad to hear you are on the mend. Take care :)

  11. dethdad says:

    Damn been there done that on a minor scale had anesthesia knock me out for longer then expected and spent several days getting back to “abnormal” but nothing like that!! Take care, take your time and don’t apologize as you do a great job here

  12. Kheldul says:

    YOW. Take care.

  13. Kahli says:

    Quick! Frost was denied a feign death! Everyone get those spirit beasts out and start mending! ;D

    Must have been all those misdirects to the healer. >_> Get well soon Grandpappy!

  14. Beastwithin says:

    The WHU need to all get together with spirit beasts out for a group shot and help heal Frost!

  15. Bryncleddyf says:

    Get well soon, Grandpappy! And tell Euripides to stop being so squeamish. Dwarves are NOT squeamish! The tale of your “surgical expedition” was even more fascinating than, say, tutorials on skinning orcs and silithids!

  16. Omogon says:

    Glad to hear you are OK ..take it easy…..good single malt scotch will cure pretty much any disease or other ailment :D

  17. Chevonne says:

    Ya know, Frost, it will all be here when you get better. It will make us appreciate you more when you do get back. Take care of yourself and get well. No relapses or any that stuff, ya hear!

  18. Gregg Dunton says:

    Get well. Caught pneumonia mysel from 11/16 to 12/15. Still coughing and you are right about stam. Get well and happy New Year.

  19. Dernan says:

    Good to hear your still with us Frost. Get well, we will be here when your return.

  20. Fatawam says:

    Although my game time has dwindled lately I do always look forward to your posts. Really glad to hear you are doing better and I wish you a speedy recovery. Take your time health is of the utmost importance. We will gladly wait.

  21. FarElf says:

    And here I just thought you were being a typical Dwarven Hunter and fell into the vat and were drinking your way out!

    Glad to see you are feeling better.

  22. Snidaere says:

    Arth has done well at keeping some of us interested. Glad things turned out for the better even though you had to go through hell to get there. Take care of yourself, we’ll all be here waiting patiently for your return.

  23. deadface says:

    get well soon…

  24. HuntressRachel says:

    Hope you feel better soon Frost, we love you! <3

  25. Curious says:

    Looks like Arth should have posted that article about the healing before Frost went under. Obviously not enough spirit beasts in his stable when he woke up.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Rest up.

  26. Dezibel says:

    And after that you apologise for neglecting the blog?? Stahp…..
    Thank you for all the inspiration and insight you have given over the years.
    “Get well, get well soon, we wish you to get well”

  27. Weust says:

    Don’t ever apologize for something like that.
    Better to take your rest then going back to work and other stuff without being fully rested.

  28. Huntros says:

    Get well soon Frosty.

    You’d have come around a lil faster if you were a Nelf with Wisp Spirit!!

  29. Fern says:

    ermahgerd! Hope you feel better soon, don’t rush back, look after yourself!

  30. Duveen says:

    Kids!?! In my day, we blogged while coughing up blood!


    Feel better and remember that real life comes first. Also, in the future you might want to pop deterrence before going to your dentist.

  31. Verg says:

    Welcome back, Frostheim!

    Sounds terrible, and very glad you’re recovering. Ease your way back in. Find the fun stuff. Enjoy the new graphics!

    We’ll be here.

  32. Rayne says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Frost.

  33. Allianora says:

    I guess coughing up blood is a pretty darn good excuse for not posting. XD

    Get better soon!!!! Take your time and rest up. <3

  34. Sowhat says:

    Wish you fast recovery and keep your HP and Focus on high level, you know what happens if they fall to zero.. :-), welcome back Frost.

  35. Wonderseeker says:

    /log on to alt Priest
    /target Frostheim
    /use Greater Heal

    All kidding aside, I’m glad you’re recovering. Sounds like a terrible ordeal. :-(

    Get well soon.

  36. Aq says:

    Ugh. Hope you feel better soon :(

  37. Silvuo says:

    Glad to hear you’re okay. Now you know for next time, though…Dwarf hunter dentistry: Get tooth pulled:
    Step 1: Tie tooth to Tauren.
    Step 2: Disengage (with new glyph, +5% hp…BONUS!)
    Repeat as necessary.

  38. xfxforce says:

    take care dude

  39. Mandya says:

    That dentist (actually, I hope you went to an oral surgeon) is going to be on pins and needles for a while.

    Keeping you under that long raises a red flag.

    Here’s to a speedy recovery Frost.

  40. Loote says:

    Yikes. Feel better!

  41. Bellaa says:

    Welcome back. You were missed. Arth is not a competent replacement. See Brawlers guild rank 2 strat.

  42. Zeherah says:

    That sounds really scary Frost. I hope you feel well soon!

  43. Sheppo says:

    I hope you’re over the worst of it, and feel right as rain soon! :-)

    Scary story.. especially as I may need to go in to have a couple of teeth extractions to make way for implants soon (aged 37, i still have some baby teeth! :-/ ).

  44. Gilgor says:

    Glad to see you’re on the mend!

  45. GoodGracious says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re mending! Take it easy and make sure you don’t overdo yourself. I’m sure that we can cope while you get a full health bar.

  46. Morgatho says:

    Get well soon Frost.

  47. zillah975 says:

    Ack, that sounds awful. :( Very glad you’re on the mend. Take it easy and get well soon!