Awesome Uses of Stampede

Posted: by Arth

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article on spirit heals, and it had to do with some trickery involving Stampede.

This is not the only thing you can do with Stampede.

  • Missing some buffs for a soloing or Brawler’s Guild endeavor?  Stock your stable with pets that bring needed buffs and have them on auto-cast.  It won’t give you those buffs forever, but the 30-40 seconds of most buffs can add up to a lot of dps.
  • Want extra heals?  Use the Spirit Beast trick from the article linked at the top.
  • Want to buy you or your group some extra time?  Have Growl turned on for a couple of your Stampede pets.  Temporary aggro, and it doesn’t matter if the pet dies.  Not applicable in raids, but could be useful in various other situations.
  • Want to give your pet an amazing survivability cooldown?  Cast 5 different Last Stand abilities.  I learned this one thanks to WHU reader CaribaLd.  Last Stand actually gives YOU a buff, so casting it 5 times will give your primary pet an insane amount of health.  Pair this with our heals, which hit for a percentage of pet health instead of a flat rate, and you have an awesome cooldown for producing huge heals.

THIS is why Stampede is awesome.  Forget the look and feel of it; it gives us so many options for maximizing our performance.  Experiment with these, and post others if you find them.


  • Ancient Hysteria is NOT castable during Stampede.  If you find a way to do so, please let me know.  As it is, my tests have come back negative on this.
  • When doing the Spirit Beast heals trick, it’s important to have Spirit Mend on auto-cast during Stampede.  If you don’t, the execution of the heal is buggy.  Ideally, just make sure your primary pet’s Spirit Mend isn’t on cooldown.  It tends to work much better that way.
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  1. Aerothena says:

    I’ve used stampede for all of these things listed above and you are right about all of them. However some critiquing in my experience is the following.

    Using the minor glyph of stampede in my experience copies your pet JUST as it says. This means that IF you have last stand on cool down on your current pet then its copied with it on cool down. Be wary of this within things like cunning pets and roar of sacrifice in the sense that you can have 5 (YES 5 on one target; IF your current pet uses it when the 4 stampeded copies are also up.) In pvp this is huge.

    I haven’t tested this for abilities like Rabid, but I know spirit mend is acting the same way with the stampede glyph. Also you don’t need spirit mend on auto cast for getting spirit mend to go off with stampeded pets, you just need to cast spirit mend on something and the copies should follow that ability (in this case spirit mend) on your target. I’ve noticed this because I have spirit mend always as BM if my raid has all buffs so I can get extra healing on myself and also have it macroed to Healthstone just for my convince.

  2. CaribaLd says:

    A small addition: Finishing a boss fight will reset your major cooldowns (whether you wipe or kill it) – for hunters this is Readiness and Stampede. I messed around a bit in ICC today, and I wanted to test something: Casting Stampede at the end of a boss fight, then immediately casting it again on a trash mob. Sure enough, I got the Stampeded pets twice. Guess what? They could all give me a Last Stand buff. The first cast gave me 9 Last Stand buffs simultaneously. Swapping the real pets around, I got a total of 13 Last Stand buffs.

    Before this, I had put on stamina trinkets and a pair of higher item level non-set shoulders, although I didn’t use stamina flask or food. Coupled with the ICC buff (which the pet double dips on), my pet reached 7.7m hp.

    The best I can do to show it is the screenshot below. Sadly, the first 9 Last Stand buffs had faded, but the pet pane still showed the 7.7m hp, while the focus frame showed the real current HP with 4 Last Stand buffs.

    • Arth says:

      Neat. Though, to be fair, this bit of minutia is more for the “fun anecdotes” pile. I can’t imagine finding a use for it where it really makes the difference between success and failure. Still, 7.7 million. Good times.

      • CaribaLd says:

        Exactly, I meant to put that as a last line but forgot. It’s not really useful at all, only fun for seeing some ridiculous numbers.

    • Skortaran says:






  3. Aerothena says:

    Wow thats a pretty crazy discovery CaribaLd.

  4. Aerothena says:

    Wow that’s a pretty crazy discovery CaribaLd.

  5. Dailyravager says:

    whats the best pet and pet spec combination for BM and non BM, im currently using a Boar, Raptor, Bear, Dragonhawk and a Hyena as my main (the dragonhawks purely for in dungeons and i have them all on ferocity im wondering if theres one realy good combination for like the lazier hunter hehe i know i shud switch that dragonhawk out for the wolf for crit i usualy have non rares becaue i know ill switch back to survival at some point but any suggestions about the pets rares or not would be helpful lol im absolutely appauling ive been playing this game for over a year and i still dont understand the mechanics of the game and analysing data or how to get it for myself yet :P

    • Arth says:

      There’s no best pet. It depends on raid or group composition. As long as you’re bringing something that benefits you or the group, you’re probably ok. This sort of high-level min-maxing only comes into play when raids are missing multiple buffs, or you’re doing high-end soloing.

  6. Tsunai says:

    There’s also a nice “Holy $&#@ button” I am going to test using for dungeon runs with friends when we don’t have a battle res that includes using the Quilen’s battle res on stampede. I BELIEVE that you can use some active abilities and perhaps even a few of the “player must use” ones via Macro.

  7. Kheldul says:

    Yeah, excellent gathering of uses Arth. I see it playing into 5 man dungeon challenges a fair amount.

    Regarding Spirit Mend on autocast: I prefer to leave this off and manually smack it. The autocast works, but will usually leave you with an over-heal HoT. If a raid boss has a healing intensive early P1 portion, I’ll usually wait to stampede and hope I get a trinket proc before. Then I’ll pop a macro Spirit Mend on myself and watch my health go to 100%.

    In our 10mans we’re often lacking a buff or debuff. But when we aren’t I’m always bringing my spirit beast for the cheap heals. If a fight doesn’t have times when stampede will align nicely with a healing need, leaving it on autocast will most likely get you much more heals. And by blowing it as soon as your trinket proc(s), you’ll get a much nicer burst off the pull.

  8. Aerothena says:

    I’ve tried to find a macro for what your saying Tsunai and I’ve been unsuccessful. Just like I can’t blood lust with my core hound summoned via stampede. Best of luck finding a way though!

  9. Dailyravager says:

    sorry i meant to say for soloing i know theres no set of great pets just whats more helpful for solo and grindin people down as i sed there all ferocious wud they behave any different dps wise if there was different order of cunnin ferocious and tencaity in there? would any certain pets give an output to dps when soloing specificaly?

    • Arth says:

      For dps, you want all ferocity. Cunning is close but not the same. In terms of buffs, I’m not sure what the exact hierarchy is (your current stable is decent), but I’d probably go with Corehound, Wolf (or other that brings the crit buff), Hyena, Cat/Spirit Beast, then your choice for the last. For survivability you could run with the Stamina buff, or a bear’s dmg. reduction or turtle’s shield if your pet is dying. If you don’t have a Kings drum, use a Shale Spider. There’s a lot of “good” choices to make a near-optimal soloing stable.

    • Arth says:

      Even a PvP pet with a root or stun may have use, depending on the encounter. At that point, though, you’re getting into specific fight mechanics, not “general” advice.

  10. GTyoungblood says:

    Don’t forget, before a fight (I do this when soloing something that gives me trouble) you can call out each pet one at a time and cast its ability. Just do them in order of longest duration first. This can add several thousand DPS for about the first minute (little less for pet swapping at the beginning). This is especially useful for non BM hunters since they don’t have access to Ancient Hysteria.

  11. Lanis says:

    What about a pet’s exotic abilities? For example, can you use a bunch of Chimeras or Jormungars for extra AoE damage?

  12. Lanis says:

    Nevermind, I just tested that one out and nope.

  13. Lanis says:

    Haha noob moment, I still had the glyph of stampede up, didn’t even notice. I’ll test it later

  14. CaribaLd says:

    As for using Lust with a Corehound in Stampede, here’s a decent alternative I used when we progressed on Grand Empress Shek’zeer heroic. We lacked attack speed, physical vulnerability and lust.

    I had Corehound out on pull, with a serpent (same as hyena), ravager, tallstrider (aoe triple stack sunder) and a spirit beast with spirit mend on autocast. On pull, I cast ancient hysteria and stampede, getting all the buffs and debuffs up. I did NOT buff attack speed prepull by having my serpent out first, then swapping to core hound just before the pull. I found that the buff would not refresh, but more on that later.

    Since the attack speed buff lasts 2 minutes, and Bestial Wrath has a 1 minute cooldown, I got an idea. Rabid has a 1.4 minute cooldown as BM, so it doesn’t line well up with Bestial Wrath. About 10 seconds before Bestial Wrath got ready, I would swap the corehound with my ravager. This reapplied the physical debuff on Shek’zeer, and allowed for me to line up Rabid with Bestial Wrath again. A minute later, I would do the same with my serpent, and it would line up perfectly so that the attack speed buff got refreshed just before running out.

    After this, I would just keep the serpent until the last phase where lust gets ready again. I would repeat the above steps to try and maximize buffs/debuffs to benefit everyone.

    Luckily, we have a shaman now, so I don’t need to spec BM for that fight anymore, thank god…