All the Hunter Taming Challenges

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Today over on WoW Insider, I go through all of the hunter taming challenges currently available in the game. Of course, the real question was how to define this list. I was originally thinking of including all the rare spawn, then realized that list was far, far too long. Then I was just going to do rare spawns with unique skins… but that was still a ridiculous list. So I settled on spirit beasts and the “challenge” tames:

As long as there have been hunters, there have been hunter taming challenges. These are the pets that combine the irresistible draw of being difficult to get your mitts on, combined with a unique look that other hunters don’t have. Nowadays hunters really pursue these taming challenges for the look of the pet, but once upon a time there were mechanical benefits of some of the rare pets as well. Back in vanilla I spent weeks wandering the reported path of Broken Tooth in search of this 1.0 attack speed black lion (this was before Zul Gu’rub and the 1.0 bats, and of course before normalization of pet attack speeds and before the 2 pushback limit to casting).

When I’m talking about taming challenges today I’m talking about pets that have a mechanical challenge or trick to the taming process, or pets that are rare spawns with unique models. There are of course scores of rare spawn pets that look identical to common pets, and even a lot of rare spawns that have a slightly different coloration but otherwise are identical to common pets (and you can see a list of these at Petopia).

While it might be hard to wait for a King Krush spawn, for example, it’s not something that fills vast numbers of hunters with the need to get that pet. Spirit beasts on the other hand … spirit beasts are like a plague of uncontrollable desire that spreads burning through the pet collecting loins of the hunter population, so I have to include them.

If you aren’t the kind of hunter that is really into pet collecting, today’s column is not for you. If, however, you are the other kind, then here is a list of all of the hunter pet taming challenges currently in the game…. Read More.

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