I love the Brawler’s Guild.  It’s like “mini-raiding” where it’s just you and your pet against an increasingly more difficult set of bosses.  If you don’t know what this is, you can read up on it by clicking here.  It’s pretty awesome, and I highly recommend it.

Apparently the first rule of Brawler’s Guild is not to talk about it.  But we’re hunters, we do what we want.

A guildie of mine was awesome enough to give me an invite, and I figured it would make a great ongoing series here on the WHU.

Below are two videos that show the fights of Rank 1 (there are 8 total ranks of bosses, and 4 bosses at each Rank).  I skipped the very first boss, so there’s only 3 in the videos.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not reading any strategies on these fights.  I’m figuring them out as I go along, for a “candid” look at the fights.  You learn certain strategies by watching others fight in the Brawler’s arena, but there will be a lot I haven’t seen when I face them.  Mildly NSFW…I don’t filter my language.  Enjoy!



My ilvl for these fights was 481, and I was BM spec’d with a mix of my raiding and tanking talents.  I used a Corehound for Ancient Hysteria, and he was tank spec’d because the bosses hit hard.

More to come!

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  1. Arth says:

    And as an addendum, future installments will focus more on strategy. Rank 1 bosses are, well, easy. There’s not much to talk about.

    Still, I’m having a blast in the Guild, so here’s hoping that this can encourage newer hunters to try it, or help those who may be struggling.

  2. Iggyhunt says:

    From watching others, and from my own experience (rank 6), I think you’ll soon find yourself moving away room tanking strategies to a more focused damage approach. These fights all have a hard 2 minute enrage timer, so you don’t have the luxury of ‘tanking’ many of them. None of the traditional tank class/specs do well in here and end up having to change over to their dps specs soon enough. Good luck and have fun.

    • Arth says:

      I actually just hit Rank 6 yesterday, and yeah, there’s adjustments that need to be made eventually. Though so far I’ve only had to respec my pet to Ferocity once (though I imagine I’ll need to again before too long).

  3. serp says:

    All of the rank 1 bosses only have 1.5-2 million hp so it’s basically just burn them down and avoid poop. As a hunter the only somewhat dangerous one is Goredome as he one-shot charges you shortly after spawning. But if you just start the fight moving you can burn him down before he charges again.

    I’ve only done the 4 rank 1 bosses but I did them all with a spirit beast dps spec’d and taunt on. They can be burned down before they kill your pet. I imagine this will not be the case from rank 2 on. I imagine a dps pet without taunt will be required and I’ll have to dive into the hunter bag of tricks to make it work.

    • Arth says:

      Yup, but that’s part of the fun. Though you can probably get away with a tank pet for at least a couple more ranks. Anyway, enjoy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    His name was Robert PAWson.

  5. Tatianah says:

    Anyone know any good hunter guides for Dark Summoner? Maybe some tips?

    • Arth says:

      Summoner is tricky as hell. I should get to him later this week. Sorry I can’t help you with the strat yet, but I’ll respond to this post again if I have any success.

    • Oricc says:

      A good Strat Tatianah is simply to keep moving in a circle around the room. Kill one add at a time and then pop all your CDs on the boss, if you’re fully buffed, using a potion and in reasonably good gear you can probably kill him with just 1 dead ghost but if your gear isn’t very good you may need 2 or 3.

      Just make sure you don’t get stuck in a corner and when in-doubt prioritize killing ghosts in your way over the boss himself.

    • Ril says:

      i went SV for this one, because mend pet was bugged (maybe still is). it wouldn’t stay on my pet longer than 2 seconds, so no chance with pet tanking. otherwise, i would have tanked him with a tank specced spirit beast while focusing on the ghosts.

      as a sv, i’d just burn stuff down and leave the pet on the boss while taking all the damage. it was quite a race because SV doesn’t have any kind of self heal.

  6. Iggyhunt says:

    I’m currently stuck on the raven boss. His adds pile up quickly.

    • Ril says:

      occasionally multi shot to activate beast cleve? i don’t remember him well (just burned him down) but i’m pretty sure his adds didn’t have a lot of health.

  7. Oxix says:

    Would love to see you progressing through this mess Frost, some fights here are really hunter-unfriendly (especially rank 8), I’d really love to see your approach to them:D

    • Arth says:

      Rank 8 is kind of the holy grail – only 7 people on my server have reached it yet (as of yesterday, so there may be more now). Still, there are more videos coming. Unless I hit an unexpected wall anytime soon, I’ll be able to show everything up to and including Rank 7. I’d consider it a personal failure if I can’t at least get past the Rank 7 bosses, tough as they are. Beyond that, well, keep your fingers crossed…

      • Oxix says:

        The funny thing about rank 8 is that it’s the only rank that nearly forces you to go out of BM and play SV. Zen’Shar is a joke in this spec, and Manastorm/Epicus are just not doable with BM. Pretty severe handicap if you ask me:/

        But that’s what hunters are for, to do the impossible:D

  8. Brekke says:

    I look forward to moving up in the ranks myself. Just got my blood soaked inv yesterday and am now rank 2 almost rank3. It great because you can literally do all the fun little tricks no one ever sees you do in a raid encounter. I believe I’m the only one in my guild to get an inv so far. Hunters are indeed awesome :)

  9. Oricc says:

    Glad to see this post. Brawler’s guild is amazingly fun, even the queuing system works pretty well in my opinion.

    I think in your gear you will definitely run into some trouble the rank 8 rares, but the rest of it should be doable and I look forward to watching you make it there :D

    Good luck!

  10. GTyoungblood says:

    Woot! Looted my invite this morning. I had unfettered access to all 3 NPCs at the horde base at 0700 hrs EST. After nine kills it dropped. Total time was just under 2 hours.

    Found the club and got a few fights in. This is indeed fun. Exactly what I was hoping for, so far. I look forward to spending time in the BrG as opposed to doing dailies.


  11. Shin says:

    I’ve had little time (ok ok, I spend most my time hunting mini pets and what not) but it is indeed fun. And tricky! I expected the first few to be akin to some of those silly lvl 90 rare elites. You know, send in pet go ‘pew pew pew’, done (while hearing all those evenly silly non-hunter classes moan about moving out of stuff), but I was glad to see it was a bit trickier then that.
    My poor old turtle was running out of health faster then he is used too.

    • Ril says:

      yeah, sometimes pet tanking is simply not a viable strat. too bad we need to find this out the hard way, because once growl hits, it’s almost impossible to regain aggro.

  12. Ril says:

    any tips for battletron? when i didn’t fail the dance (it’s not a good idea to try him after a hard night with zor’lock heroic brainmash) i usually died before he did, between 5-10%, close before the enrage, at least the ground started to glow. using BM spec with spirit bond (it’s more effective than iron hawk after 15 secs of fight duration) and spirit beast.

    • Oxix says:

      The answer is simple: max everything. Have a warlocks healthstone (since you wanna use 2 agi potions), have all buffs, have feast, have flask. I used glyphed Deterrance on 2 zaps (-50% damage), managed to redirect a few zaps to pet, even had bloodlust, and still, when I did this fight, I had literally 0.1% hp. This is the fight to reach the absolute perfection I guess.

  13. Shamrunt says:

    Can’t wait to get in on this. Have a bid on a BMAH invite hoping to win. Starting to get bored with the rest of the MoP content and this seems like a lot of fun to get into to pass time until the next set of raids/instances open up.