Today we have a very special treat for you from the Hunter Fuel album — over two years in the making and the song I’m most excited about — the secret hunter community project. Hunter’s Are Just Awesome is based on the awesome Discovery Channel Boom De Yada commercial, and many prominent hunter community members contributed.  Give it a listen and then read the whole story.

You can download a mp3 of Hunters Are Just Awesome here.
And if that link is overloaded you can download a zip file of the song here.

The following people lent their voices to the project, either by singing or giving us a soundbite for the end:

The Epic Story

This project actually began over two years ago. I had the idea to do this song based on the Discovery Channel one, and I thought it would be crazy awesome to get all these different members of the hunter community to sing a line each. Now, I knew we weren’t all singers (I’m extra not) so I got someone lined up to autotune our voices to make us sound not awful.

Thus back in 2010 I contacted all the hunter community members I knew and pitched them the idea — and the hunter community being so awesome, almost all of them said yes. Then at Blizzcon 2010 I met Ghostcrawler, which is when I was able to grab the recording of him saying “Hunters are just awesome.” In fact, the shot of Arust & I parachuting by the dam with the fireworks back in the day was specifically staged for this video.

Alas, the guy I had to do the sound work crapped out on me. I asked Balthazar, but he informed me that what I was asking for actually a crapton of work and he couldn’t turn down paying work to do it. I had promised the people who lent their voices that we’d do some tuning to make sure they didn’t sound awful, and I couldn’t in good conscience put it together without that work done.

So the files sat on my computer for over two years, until the Hunter Fuel kickstarter made it possible to resurrect the project. Balthazar did a phenomenal job of making sure we were in key, but without taking away the unique character of everyone’s voice. Not only that, but he decided it wanted to remake the music track from scratch, and did an amazing job at that too.

So more than two years later, and just in time for the holidays, we have the great hunter community song. Some of the people singing don’t actually write about (or even play) WoW anymore, and this is also the reason that other prominent members aren’t on the track (for example, I didn’t meet Michele Morrow until that 2010 Blizzcon). But I’m really happy with the final song.

This is the Hunter Fuel song I was most looking forward to. I really wanted something that demonstrated how wonderful our community was, and I think this really captures the feel of our awesome community.


I love survival
I love beast mastery
I love my marksman
I love every tree
We love our hunters
And our community

Boom de yada, boom de yada
Boom de yada, boom de yada

I love the spreadsheets
I love to DPS
I love to solo
I love my big red pet
We love our podcasts
Hunters are just the best

Boom de yada, boom de yada
Boom de yada, boom de yada

I love to pet tank
I love target dummies
I love my raiding
I love to PvP
I love real big guns
And being uber leet

Boom de yada, boom de yada
Boom de yada, boom de yada

I love the rare pets
I love to theorycraft
I love our many blogs
I just love hunter math
We love our hunters
It’s just the greatest class

Boom de yada, boom de yada
Boom de yada, boom de yada

We love our hunters
It’s just the greatest class

Boom de yada, boom de yada
Boom de yada, boom de yada


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  1. Crim says:

    This is beyond awesome. Love it! It just goes to show how great a community we Hunters have, with skilled and fun prominent Hunters researching and caring for our class and helping everyone, from noob to pro. Absolutely amazing :D

  2. Joonces says:

    That put a big smile on my face. Awesome job!

  3. Demonman says:

    Just makes me sooooo happy to be a hunter :)
    Great work!

  4. Catniss says:

    This is my new favourite.


  5. Omogon says:

    Absolutely brilliant ! Thanks so much for this :)

  6. Arth says:

    I still love this, years after hearing about it for the first time. Proud to have played a small part. Cheers!

  7. Ekiselx says:

    We love our hunters
    It’s just the greatest class

    Boom de yada, boom de yada
    Boom de yada, boom de yada

  8. Cloudbuster says:

    WHU turned into “Hunter YouTube” so slowly I didn’t even notice!


  9. homerjade says:

    thats awesome frost

  10. Aq says:

    Oh my gosh…I was having a terrible day, and then I found this. Best ever! Had me giggling all the way through and still smiling :).

    Thank you so much, guys! *sings* Boom de yada, boom de yada…

  11. scaresome says:

    Boom de yada, boom de yada
    Boom de yada, boom de yada

  12. Kraythor says:

    This is beyond Awesomesauce!

  13. Ironthumbs says:

    Yes! Fuckin yes!!!

  14. GoodGracious says:

    I have now listened to this about 10 times and it never gets old! Absolutely Awesomesauce!

  15. Whitefyst says:

    Great job! Why to remotivate me on a long Friday work day.

  16. deadface says:

    yay… So where do i get the other hunter songs IF do come free that is?

  17. Wrekh says:

    This is why WoW will never get old, not because of raids or new content, but because of community like this. It warms my heart! Hunters are awesome!

  18. schepp says:

    WoW – Amazing!

  19. bladewisp says:

    amazing! i love my hunter!

  20. Nanthalas says:

    haha this is sooooo amazing :D glad to be part of such an awesome community! Cheers brothers and sisters of the Hunt

  21. Eurinome says:

    LOVE it! Kids love it (they love the swarmin dwarf vids as well as the original Boom de Yada and the WoW boom de yada – this is even cooler we think).
    Great job guys :-)

  22. Sazda says:

    thanks for this – that is just awesome :)

  23. Roachkilla says:

    Such a great work of art. My girlfriend (who Hates
    WoW and the fact that I play) and her 5yo loved it!

  24. Brekke says:

    Excellent job guys! I’m grinning like an idiot and linking this to our guilds’ facebook page. Definitely going to be stuck in my head for awhile!

  25. Shamrunt says:

    I “LOL” IRL. this is great.

  26. Bubbazanetti says:

    The girl who sings “I love to DPS” has an angle voice!

  27. Clochbear says:

    even seen my dancing tree, only took 3 or 4 times to get the shot right, great video Frost!

  28. Spleet says:

    I liked the very first hunter song…

  29. Bonamassa says:

    See? Hhunters can do anything, even sing :)
    Thanks all, lots of fun.

  30. Reddex says:

    TRIBUNAL!!!!! I’ve wathced him since forever then he quit, its really great to see him still in the community.

  31. Uirah says:

    Best. Video. Ever.