Our continuing series on the Brawler’s Guild is nearing its end (though Rank 7 will take a bit longer than others).  Rank 6 has a lot of similar fights, but has some unique challenges that will make us dip into the hunter toolbox.



If you’re not in the Brawler’s Guild and don’t plan on doing it, I hope you’re able to find these videos interesting nonetheless.  It’s a cool look into a variety of scenario that we have to be prepared to tackle as hunters…not just in Brawler’s Guild but in regular PvE and PvP as well.

I also didn’t realize the glitch in the Akama fight until it was posted on Youtube.  About midway through, another fight starts and there’s two fights going on simultaneously.  Fortunately, it didn’t change the fight or make it any harder, but it was funny to realize that Millie Watt was lurking there as well.

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  1. Itukaaj says:

    5.2 notes ….. Nothing on Powershot or fixing the fact that people can jump up and down and not trigger a trap. DIAF GC. Glad I bought GW2.

  2. Itukaaj says:

    I do think your guides are great. Thank you for them.

  3. Sowhat says:

    Please make your opinion about incoming patch 5.2 becouse this Brawler’s Guild soap become anoying, tnx Frost

    • Silver says:

      Thanks for these guides! They made me try the Brawler’s Guild when I got an invitation from one of those horde rares, and were very helpful. I’m at rank 4 so far. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your fights.