I don’t think Frost has anything queued up for today, and I want to keep the Brawler’s momentum going for those who are working on their own progression.

Anyway…Brawler’s Guild, Rank 4.  All bosses and some analysis are in the video below.

This rank felt like the transition between warm-up fights (Ranks 1-3) and legitimate boss fights (Rank 5 and beyond).  None were terribly taxing, but all require a certain level of skill or preparedness.

All the strategy advice I have for these bosses is in the video, so it would be redundant to put it here as well.  Enjoy!



And as I’ve mentioned on the videos a couple times, my goal with these is twofold.  One, provide a candid run-through from a hunter’s perspective.  And two, provide some strategies to help hunters.  But it might not cover every single aspect of each fight.  If you want a full rundown on boss abilities, check out WowHead or WoWWiki.

That said, I hope these videos are able to help some hunters who may just be getting into Brawler’s Guild, or those who are struggling on certain fights.  If you have additional advice, or questions, feel free to mention them in the comments.  Discussion is encouraged.

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  1. Alex says:


  2. chereesa says:

    nice guide.. i went to the brawlers arena today for the first time just to watch. now i really want to start trying to win one of the auctions for an invite.

  3. Browning says:

    Arth, I really seem to have problems with my pet keeping aggro- any suggestions?

    • Arth says:

      Growl doesn’t act as a taunt on these bosses, so it’s definitely tricky sometimes.

      There’s a few things I might suggest though. First, be BM if you’re not. Our pets will naturally compete with us for threat in a BM build. Second, MD on the pull. I’d avoid the MD glyph so that you can chain cast it, but that’s a last resort you may consider. Between the MD threat and Kill Commands, you may have to Feign Death at some point, but I’ve never had to FD more than once in a fight to stay well below my pet.

      Hopefully that’s enough tools to keep you beneath your pet at all times. If it isn’t, I’d be surprised, but at that point you might need to consider a kiting strategy instead.

      • Browning says:

        Yea, I’ll have to reinstall Omen for threat, but I MD every pull and my pet still has 0 aggro. I am running BM and had a Corehound before I even looked at your vids. I decided to watch this one and saw your pet holding aggro nicely, but I never can. It’s a trade-off I guess. I don’t seem to be doing insane amounts of DPS compared to your vid but I am constantly strafing he boss (I like strafing better than jump-shotting).

  4. Venadin says:

    Hunter pet aggro is ignored by most of the brawler bosses. I have even macroed md on my shots. I have seen water elementals hold more aggro. Barrage is a really nice talent to use for the fights now that it doesn’t break on movement. It was pretty key for Dominika the Illusionist. I have taken Spirit Bond in a few fights but I cannot tell if it is doing anything since it is not ticking in the combat log since 5.1 dropped. The buff for it is not disappearing like when MOP first dropped.

    • Dibbler says:

      I’d definitely recommend Spirit Bond instead of Iron Hawk. Incoming damage on these fights tends to either be large but sporadic (either because of abilities or because you take a hit once in a while as you kite) or low but steady. Either way, you’re likely better off with Spirit Bond’s healing you back up than Iron Hawk’s damage reduction, which is better for reducing otherwise fatal damage to survivable (and then getting healed back up in raids) or reducing very high steady damage by more than the Spirit Bond heal, neither of which you generally see in brawls.

      And on the fights where your pet is able to tank, Spirit Bond is great for staying ahead of the incoming damage.

      I haven’t used Exhilaration but a case could certainly be made for a few fights.

      • Arth says:

        I tried Exhilaration on a couple fights and found it lacking. It seems Spirit Bond is almost exclusively the way to go.

  5. Odras says:

    Good video. I find Exhilaration good both because of the pet heal and the increased burst healing. I find that the fights do not last long enough for spirit bond to be as effective as Exhilaration.

    For the illusionist fight I used glyph of mirrored blades. My strat was to let the adds build up a bit then pop deterrence, the adds would then all kill themselves. I then had to pop readiness and do it again later in the fight but that was because I am a bit under-geared.