Before this installment’s video, I want to discuss a few things I’ve seen:

Burst vs. Healing

MM gives us the best self-heals, which can be useful.  However, many of these fights’ mechanics are either one-shot mechanics where healing is irrelevant, or they’re things like gargantuan melee hits, where our self-heals won’t prolong our deaths for long.  As such, I think our best defense is a good offense – namely, burst.  The hunters I see struggling in Brawler’s Guild are those who can’t dps the boss down quickly.  Some of this is gear and rotation awareness, but a large part of it is just having the right abilities.  The macro I posted in my previous post (Rank 2) is a decent start.

The general wisdom at the moment has BM as our best dps spec, and definitely our best burst spec.  If you’re Brawling as MM or SV, you’re probably handicapping yourself in this department.  There are exceptions (the Leper Gnome fight comes to mind, where SV might be better) but in general.

General Strategies

Outside the individual mechanics that we have to avoid/manage/etc. there’s only a few basic strategies available to us.  See which one works best for you.

  • Kiting – Here, you pet doesn’t have aggro because he would get killed too quickly.  Drop traps, utilize jump-shot and disengage, and generally run around.  This is done with a ferocity pet.
  • Pet Tank – Your tank sits and eats the boss damage, allowing you to simply work on dps.  The downside is that you won’t have a ferocity pet for extra dps, and you have to interrupt your rotation to cast Mend Pet.  This is the strategy I’ve been using, but it may not always work.
  • Super-burst – This is a mixture of the two.  You use a Ferocity pet and might lead with a Mend Pet, but the idea is that your pet is going to die before long, and you just want to get as much dps out of him as possible to end the fight quickly.  Several bosses don’t have much health, so this is a viable strategy occasionally.

A sub-strategy of any of these is “ping ponging” where you trade aggro with your pet.  There’s more than one way to do this.  The glyph of Bestial Wrath is one way (it drops your pet’s aggro table), Distracting Shot might be another (haven’t confirmed it though), and once we have aggro, we can FD or Deterrance as needed to keep ourselves alive.


This guy seems to be the most difficult through Rank 3, so I want to talk about him briefly.

For most classes, you stay near him and run through him during the cone attacks.  I’m not sure we can afford to be at melee range the whole time – he hits rather hard – so the alternative avoidance strategy is to position yourself to the side or back of him at all times.  For this to work, your pet will need aggro.  If your pet doesn’t maintain aggro or dies, you’re likely going to be relying on Disengage to save you, since the cone attack is very large.  A strait-up kiting technique could work, but avoiding the cone attack would be hard with him trained on you the whole fight.

There’s no magic bullet here.  It’s a mix of avoidance and dps, and probably trading aggro with your pet or allowing him to die.


Hopefully that helps a little bit.  Here’s the video:


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  1. Jackbower says:

    I don’t care if I sound like an idiot asking this because I’m too curious: How were you moving your pet out of Ixx’s frontal cone attack? It didn’t look like you were clicking on “Move to.” If you position yourself in a particular spot, will your pet reposition itself? Thanks!

    • Arth says:

      Just a poorly worded sentence on my part. The pet was moving out on his own. I didn’t catch that snafu when I was editing the video and doing the commentary for it. With some of these fights, I may have done them several days before I make the commentary, so I don’t always remember perfectly what happened. So that was me misremembering the fight. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. Mizunokizu says:

    For most fights, i found core-hound for heroism to be the best choice. For stampede which I found necessary for later ranks, i used Shale spider, Spirit Beast, Quillen, and Hyena just for the necessary buffs. Alot of the encounters in ranks 5-8 don’t seem well designed for a pet class like hunters though, because the mobs will burst our pet down, so really ferocity with heart of the phoenix seems required, and in several cases a binding shot readiness combo was also needed. At rank 7 one fight along with needing 80k dps is virtually impossible for bm unless you use stampede glyph for the heal. Basically i found Brawlers guild thus far to be very poorly set up for our pet class if not played in gimicy ways.

    • Arth says:

      Ferocity w/Phoenix becomes my mainstay by about Rank 5. I’m currently on Dark Summoner…not stuck, just that’s where I’m at. I’ve only had time for a couple attempts on him, so I’m holding out hope to make Rank 8 soon.

      I’ve seen a hunter at Rank 8, so it’s possible. Not sure what his gear was, but there’s hope. Not sure if I can hit 80K at my ilvl, but I’m damn sure going to try.

      • Mizunokizu says:

        The fight i needed 5 spirit beasts for was the next fight, and currently the hardest fight ive seen, its the robot with the mini orbs after summoner, it was insanely hard for me to clear, and i enjoyed the challenge of him but the difficulty and the amount of work i had to put in seemed so unbalanced. So heads up and good luck i am hoping i just made it more difficult with how i played and look forward to seeing your strat on it.

  3. Mizunokizu says:

    Good work so far Arth, i look forward to more videos on brawlers guild, fun to watch.

  4. Curious says:

    I tried going toe to toe with this guy, running thru him for his special, it didn’t work. Just too much damage. I was BM with no spirit beast. Perhaps the extra heal would help, but I don’t think so.

    I did a circle kite, quite close to him. It kept me out of range of his melee attack enough that he was killable. If he hits you with his special its a one shot anyway.

    The Mage with mirror images was tough, I burnt him down using interrupts, I don’t think it’s the optimal strategy as I only jUst survived it.

    • Arth says:

      I came up with a pretty easy strat for the mirror images. In a nutshell, stand in the corner so not all duplicates can reach you…then a strategically placed explosive trap takes care of the closest to you. Readiness and Explosive Trap again, and I barely took any damage.

      • Dibbler says:

        I found face-tanking Ixx to be FAR easier than alternatives. My health was at roughly 50% as he died (without a spirit beast), though my gear is pretty good.

        For the mirror images you can also swap from glaive toss to barrage. As I found out doing challenge modes and raiding, unlike glaive toss barrage LOVES to hit things that aren’t right in the direct cone and in some cases quite far away from your main target. Now you can also move while casting it, so you can run in a circle around the boss and quickly spray down all the images. Plus it looks really awesome when you pop all the images like that at once.

        The first fight that gave me more than minimal trouble was GG engineering, the first fight at rank 7. Don’t expect to get past this point without considerable raiding gear, the enrage is pretty tough. I’ve only put in a few attempts on the Dark Summoner but already found it to be annoying since the ghosts one-shot your pet if they aren’t stunned, and the boss does too much damage to pets to be safely tanked the whole time. I’m sure it’s manageable but will be MUCH harder than for someone who doesn’t have to worry about a pet getting shredded by the ghosts or who can tank the boss and interrupt his shadow bolt.

      • Arth says:

        Agreed on all counts Dibbler. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, per se, on many of these fights.

        I have some awesome ideas for Summoner, which I’m on right now. Really digging into our toolbox and potential. Personally, I’m more worried about Battletron because it’s an 80-85K dps requirement. There’s nothing fancy you can do to compensate if you can’t hit those numbers.

        Ironically, I also have hope for Rank 8 bosses, where strategic nuance can make a BIG deal. I’m just worried about Battletron, because no amount of clever gives you more dps if you’re a bit low.

  5. Sazda says:

    I ran all the way to rank 8 within 2 days of trying this. Only thing I switched out was talents here and then. I also did not have any flasks/food buffs for most of the fights. I used one spirit beast for heal – no stampede healing either. All of them are very easily doable. I am more than willing to help anyone who is struggeling. Just find me on US-Eredar.

    Good luck everyone,


  6. Ovrkil says:

    What kind of interface are you using on this?

    • Arth says:

      there’s Recount and Omen for dps and threat tracking. Bartender to move my buttons around. Pitbull and Grid on the left for the unit frames, Chinchilla for the map, and JS Hunter Bar for the focus and cooldown tracker in the center. And OneBag to make inventory easier.

      Each has been tweaked to tell me only what I want it to (the “show everything” version of these addons would result in a much messier UI).

  7. Arzen says:

    Ixx was the only guy to give me any trouble until Rank 5. The trick (for me) was to keep my pet alive (and me behind Ixx) for a reasonable length of time while I dps’d him down. When the pet died, I needed to get RIGHT underneath him, and just continued dps’ing.

    As a hunter, I’m still not used to being right up in the mob’s face like that, so it took some getting used to being right in the middle of his hit box so it was only a step or two to get to the back. There’s very little time to more forward once he starts casting his cone effect, so being as close to behind him as possible (without actually being behind him), is key.

  8. Brekke says:

    I’m also stuck on Ixx, I cant seem to get my pet to get enough aggro. My first shot usually pulls and he is on me the rest of the fight. I’m hesitant to stay melee range and run through only because I’m not going to hold up well. I’m using my turtle in tenacity spec, letting him go in first and even misdirecting and still Ixx hates me >.<

  9. Krinsta says:

    There’s a misdirection glyph which is good for the pet maintaining agro. I have found my tanking pet dying a bit. What I have been doing is rotating around between stampede, dire beast and murder of crows which seems to be working sometimes I use my dps pets instead of my tanking pet if I am having trouble and battle Rez them while doing the rotation thing. I don’t get much time to do brawlers guild. I’m pretty noob at it. I have been using survival spec. It seems ok for me but I am only up to rank 3 on the second boss that you missed out on. I tried it twice but had to do some other stuff which has had me occupied for a few days.