Rank 7 of the Brawler’s Guild is when &*%! gets real.  All three bosses (the fourth boss at Rank 7 is a deliberate joke boss) are very tough and very different.  There’s a huge dropoff on each boss in terms of the number of people that have killed them.

GG Engineering is the first of these.  And as you’ll see, it’s almost entirely about positioning.

For reference, this was done at a 481 ilvl, BM spec, and with “normal” dps talents.  I toyed around with all three mitigation/healing talents on this fight, and found Spirit Bond to be the most reliable.  Your own experience may differ.

This is the first video that I slow down, because 2 minutes isn’t enough time to talk through every fight point.  The others shouldn’t be like this, but I think it will be beneficial to see the fight at about 2/3 its regular speed.


The holidays have nuked my progress, so I’ve still only had time for a few attempts on Dark Summoner.  With luck, things will settle down soon and we’ll have more videos from Rank 7.

And for those hoping for other hunter content, fear not.  Frost has been similarly tied up this holiday season.  But normal content will resume soon.

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  1. Sparbanken says:

    I like your vids. Something I found very useful with these bosses was to change pets.

    You have time to start with Hero a few seconds before you are in combat, and then take a healing pet.
    It helped a lot in the third boss of that tier (Battletron) as I got both Hero and good amount of healing from spirit beast stampede.

    Oh and Second boss sucked for me, I had to do it so many times before I was lucky.

    • Arth says:

      Pet switching can be useful, and I’ll likely HAVE to do it for Battletron. where the spirit beast Stampede is a common tactic. Fortunately though, I didn’t need it through this boss.

  2. Dibbler says:

    I found it helpful to attack Max when Bo ran under the shield. You can either follow Bo under the shield while shooting Max (which will case Max’s rockets to destroy the shield faster) or you can just sit on Max the same way you did for Bo (which will cause the shield to die more slowly but it doesn’t really matter). I’m not 100% positive but I’m pretty sure Max will still aim rockets at you if you’re right next to him while Bo is under a shield. If you’re right up against the enrage, getting a few more seconds of DPS on a gnome rather than the shield generator can certainly be the difference maker.

  3. Skarn says:

    GG was all about getting the rockets to hit Bo, but not me or my pet. I also made sure to keep Bo’s aggro on my pet. His Death Ray was too damaging to stay on me. Also, like Dibbler suggested, when Bo hides under a shield I attacked Max. I followed Bo to get the rockets to bust the shield, but still got that bit of DPS on Max to help out. When I killed them, it was right at the enrage and the Fire got me just after I got credit, but before I was ported out. I was a corpse, but a victorious one!

    For Dark Summoner, I recommend Survival or Marksman. It’s easy for a ghost to one-shot your pet if you aren’t careful as BM, so I preferred to keep the pet on the Summoner and go Survival for easier ghost killing. The ghost spawn locations are random, but in my kill it seemed like the ghosts “faded in” for a second or two before becoming active and I was able to move away from them. I’m not sure if this was a bug, a tweak or just something I didn’t notice before, but it was very helpful. Other than the ghosts, it’s important to interrupt as many Shadow Bolts as you can or Deterrence them. Or see if you can get Summoner aggro on your pet, but that’s obviously harder non-BM. Of the three, this was the only one I didn’t hit the Enrage timer on.

    Battletron was rough. I had to pull out every trick for this one. Not only is the DPS check tight, but survivability is tricky too. First few times I couldn’t survive the Zot! damage. Zot seems not to hit your pet unless you are currently Feigned. Spirit Bond is absolutely necessary for this one. I highly recommend BM. Do the Core Hound swap to max your DPS. Start with the Core Hound out, cast Ancient Hysteria and swap to a Spirit Beast. You’ll want the Spirit Mend heal to help you stay alive. Get every possible buff you can. I didn’t find Spirit Beast Stampede necessary to stay alive, so I used a DPS focused stable. Core Hound, Spirit Beast, Serpent, Ravager and Raptor. I still barely came in under the enrage timer with my 488 ilevel.

    All three are very rough, but definitely possible for a hunter to kill! The fourth boss, Meatball is easy and amusing. An easy boss before the real pain of Rank 8 bosses. Good luck everyone!

  4. Artystorm says:

    Thanks Arth, helped me alot. One thing to add is that Serp-Sting dropped off for me during the shield phase and I didn’t notice, so watch out for that if you are hitting enrage like I was. Only just made it on my kill…infact you can’t really get much closer!

    A video of my kill is here:


  5. Sandra says:

    These are all really great, if you get to go to Brawlers. However, maybe some updated gear and guides would be good as they are SOOO out of date and all the new gear isn’t listed or ranked.

    I am a little frustrated at the lack of updating of these other guides.

    • Arth says:

      Frost has been sidelined with an ailment and holidays. Same with me (the holidays, not being sick), though I’ve never really been prolific enough on the WHU for regular updates. We’re working on it though; hang in there!

    • Tongus says:

      Or you could do your own research.