Your Finest Moment

Posted: by Arth

I’m pretty sure that, the other day, I had one of my finest moments ever in WoW.

I don’t have a video of what I’m about to describe, and I doubt I could repeat it (it would ruin the spontaneity of it anyway, which was half the impressiveness), so I’ll have to trust that I’ve accrued enough trust on the WHU to simply tell you all about it.

Golden Lotus dailies, and it’s one of the kill quests.  I want to finish quickly, so I pull a TON of mobs.  As in, way too many for me to live through.  I’m blowing my cooldowns, and trying to shunt them to my pet, but not making enough of a dent.  I’m going to die.

So I start to run toward a cliff with a fence in front of it.  What happened next was something I didn’t plan at all, but happened organically and swiftly.

I jumped over the fence and off the cliff, doing a mouse-turn midair and tab targeting to the nearest mob following me.  I Kill Shot’d the mob, killing him, as I disengaged into thin air.  Well under 25% health, I was now hurtling to a death-by-ground.  But other mobs were still trailing me, so I was still in combat.  I cast Readiness while falling, and a well-timed 2nd Disengage just before I hit, and I landed safely on the ground.

All of that happened in approximately 4-5 seconds, all of it spontaneous reaction.  It almost gave me the last kill needed to complete my daily quest, but alas, I needed one more.  Real life can only imitate the movies to a point, it seems.  But in my mind, it simultaneously completed all my dailies forever and set off explosions across the length and breadth of Pandaria.

I know, I know.  It’s not THAT epic.  But I felt like the ultimate badass at the time, especially since it came only moments after I was lazily facerolling my way through dailies.  It used multiple spells in the hunter toolbox, relevant skills like jump-shotting, and split-second decision making.  It may sound far-fetched, but that 5-second stretch wouldn’t have happened if years of playing a hunter hadn’t preceded it, to the point that all of those decisions and casts became second nature.

I don’t bring that up to seem like a badass.  I’m a competent and knowledgeable raiding hunter with no PvP skill.  I take my class seriously, but there’s thousands like me.  And this particular story was somewhat fluky, not a repeatable skill.

But I bring it up because I want to hear more badassery.  Specifically, share in the comments.  Raids, PvP, soloing, questing, or maybe it was a nerd-rage PUG raider that you showed up in epic fashion.  Or a great Chuck Norris joke you told in trade chat.  It doesn’t matter, so long as it was badass.  Frostheim needs “off-day” posts to fill the void between hunter news quite often, and this should be a fun way to spend the time.

So…what was your finest moment?

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  1. Iridar says:

    I also got few of those, disengage related too for the most part.

    First one brings me back to beginning of my raidin carreer. On Magmaw (big lava worm) we had two ranged dd and healer camps, and we were altering between them whenever Pillar of Flames occured. One time I forgot to switch camps and got blown into the air. So I disengage-parachuted right into the second camp, safe from the adds which crawl out after the Pillar of Flames.

    Second is Al’Akir. He has an AOE which can push players from platform if they’re not careful enough. I used to disengage back on the platform whenever I got pushed off. I also heard one can disengage through Wall of Cyclons on than boss, but I never accomplished that. I also fealt somewhat badass when I had my turtle tank Al’Akir.

    Last is modern days. On Stone Guards in Mogushan, on the first day of trying that boss we had void zones, ice traps and weak aoe. And I felt really badass when during cobalt phase I popped master’s call, engi rocket belt and blew every single one of the ice traps. Or even during eny other phase I used deterrence to clear some of the traps.
    Not exactly rocket science, but I feel if not for me we hadn’t killed that boss, ‘cuz raid leader coudn’t be less concerned with traps, standing right in them :P

    • Arth says:

      Good stories; nice use of the hunter toolbox. Though I smiled at “the olden days” being Cata. For any of the stalwarts who have been truckin’ since Vanilla or BC, you’d be considered a WoW baby.

      • Iridar says:

        Well that’s when I started playing. Allthough I’m very much sceptical there were anything at all similar between cata hunter and pre-cata hunter, except, maybe, that both of them were yelled at by the tanks until they cried.

      • lol says:

        Beautiful story :)
        I so much whised Disengage worked out of combat. The epic things we could do with it…..

    • Malyuta says:

      I recently tanked Armmaster Harlan in heroic Scarlett Halls with my ferocious pet when tank didn’t get away from the Blades of Light.

  2. Raynag says:

    I was doing Shado Pan Monastery with some guildies, still as SV. We were on the last boss and had just recruited a random into the group. He ran all the way in and stupidly aggro’d a pack we intentionally skipped.

    We were very close to killing the boss and our tank got taken out as well as the other 2 dps leaving me and the healer to deal with the large packs of mobs and the almost dead boss.

    I heard down vent “just feign death and reset”, silence followed as I did the following naturally and without thought.

    I threw an ice trap down in front of the approaching mobs, they all got locked in place and I fired a couple of multi shots into them.

    I then set my pets growl on, mend pet and sent him after the boss.

    I proceeded to down the boss and finish off the pack that had caused us the trouble.

  3. Flint says:

    Well laddies and lassies pull up a squat grab a brew and popcorn and let Flint tell you about the Epic PVP battle with the bear.
    This story goes along way back to Drand-pappy Flint on Sargeras during those cold dark days of of BC when Demons ruled.
    The call was for Arathi basin so we answered it. Tis was the usual fight with Dwarves stomping the ground red with Horde blood. Around 2 minutes in; in the middle of the field I saw a druid bear kill a Knelf, normally I would congratulate the Druid, but this was war and even Knelf’s deserve a little vengeance. I sent in my trusty boar Baconbitz and the fight began. This bear wasn’t as dumb as your usual Hordie and quickly cam at me. A drop a frost trap and the circle kite begins. Round and round we went with me in a decent lead. Baconbits was doing damage and I was jump-shoting and trap dropping. Whenever I would get the Bear low he would change back to his ugly cow self and heal up then back to a bear. After awhile I noticed that there were people watching. Horde and alliance alike. They were just standing there watching us go around and around. The bear never catching me and healing himself when close to death. The cheers started to erupt for each side as people watched up. I have no idea how long this would go on but I was starting to feel like a Knelf Hunter. I was getting a little dizzy and knew with time a mistake would cost him or I the fight. Somewhere off in the distance I heard the 80’s Anthem “Round and Round” playing. My ancestors were hoisting a brew to this battle. Cow/bear vs the metal of Ironforge. Druid against Hunter in a battle of the ages. Then it happened , the Druid missed a heal or ran out of manna, but he fell. I heard the last breath release from his lungs as he slowed then fell to the ground in a bloody pin cushioned heap. A quiet Hush covered the land. The Horde looked beaten as I glanced around. The Alliance looked confused; slowly one by one the Alliance woke up and a cheer rang out then more and more. The Horde know battle so at times they can appreciate an epic battle. They too started to clap. Then that dirty undead Rogue ganked me from behind. As I fell I saw the battle for Flint erupt.
    Year from now this story will be told, the names of those that participated will be lost. Eventually this battle like many before will be forgotten, but those sacred halls of Ironforge will stand strong. So ended the tale of Grand-pappy Flint.

  4. Hyrne says:

    PvP: I hate it, but when you’re mining, you’ve got to be prepped for it. Horde Paladin and I land on either side of a node. I don’t know who won the node, but we took a couple steps back from each other, and I felt we were both thinking the same thing, “Are we going to do this, or are we going to part ways and go for other nodes?” He took a step forward and I let concussion shot fly. What occurred was literally a 5 minute dance, one on one. I kept concussion shot up and danced him around ice traps, and he kept healing himself up while getting a couple melee hits in. I eventually wore his mana down and he wasn’t able to keep himself healed up. I saluted his corpse and took off.

    Everyday: From my 9yo son, who can’t settle on a toon to save his life, will get on one of his upper level toons and ask, “Dad, can you come tank and go through these mobs in Stratholme? I want to go get the mount.”

    From my wife, Resto Druid, “Hyrne, these [insert Pandarian daily name here] are a PITA, will you come help me?!”

    From my Guild leader, “Ugg! I can’t tag these mobs for these friggin dailies! Hyrne! Get over here and MD these damn things to your pet so I don’t have run around the effing zone killing these things one by one.”

  5. Z says:

    scatter-trap followed by glyphed explosion trap is the only reason I play right now.

  6. Dorianchika says:

    Back in Vanilla, on Llane, I used to help hunters figure out the Rok’delar/Lok’delar challenges. Giving advice, showing newer guildies the moves and watching them finally complete thier bow. One day, we’re working on the demon boss in Silithus and my guildy was having a tough time of it. We’re Alliance and so our ears perk up when a horde 40 man guild finishes up at AQ. About 30 of them come crawling across the landscape like a swarm of locusts as they head for Cenarion Hold. I whisper to my guildy “watch this” as I get the most evil of impulses. I flag myself for pvp and stand back with Solenar between myself and the incoming raid. A couple raiders fly by me, but an incoming troll mage takes the bait. He nails me with frost bolt and I simply lay down with FD. The raid begins to explode and inside of 10 seconds not a single raider is standing! The mage goes down after casting into Solenar. Solenar starts angilly emoting about cowards and lights up like a Christmas tree as the mages fellow raiders begin to dps the demon. The raid imploded after that as the demon chain wiped the group like an atom bomb. He despawned quickly after and we took our time laughing our asses off about classes that really don’t know anything about hunters. It took 3 more days, but my guildy got his bow and I got a good chuckle out of it.

  7. Flint says:

    NON HUNTER STORY!!! I know it’s a shame, but its true. A not so epic PVP season moment by a non Hunter sub class.
    BC Season 3 Arena’s 5 boxing Shammies. Names: Iiiii, Iliii, Illii, Illli, Illll
    In any of the Season 3 or 4 arenas these Shammies could be found stalking the Alteric Mountains realm. The formula for winning a 5 man was simple. Target the healer Chain lightning, Lightening bolt (Healer dead). Target plate wearer use Lightning Bolt then Chain Lightning (Plate wearer dead). If there was another plate wearer I’d target him, if not; the Hunter, then casters. This fight usually lasted less than 2 minutes as 5 Chain lightning’s and Lightning bolts usually killed the best geared players. It got to the point when I went into BG’s Horde toons would leave when they saw me. Halaa would go unchallenged if I showed up. Those epic Southshore battle would fade quickly when I arrived. It had nothing to do with skill, and everything to do with using the naming and targeting systems to my advantage. I eventually got bored with PVP and let the toons just fade away. I have often thought about bringing them back, but I would have to reactivate 4 of the accounts again and level from 70.

  8. Haraz says:

    This was near the middle of Wrath, I was in Obsidian Sanctum(25) with a few guildies in a mostly PUG group. Some of us had killed Sartharion before but some others were new and were having troubles with the lava waves. After a few wipes, the raid leader said that the next pull was our last one. He yelled, “Pull!” and led the charge.

    In I ran, with my trusty ice wolf, Murphy, by my side.

    It seemed like the group had finally gotten the hang of the waves. We were melting Sarth’s health bar and only had to switch for minimal adds. Closer and closer to that magic number. 20% left. “Kill Shot! Execute!” said our guild’s tank, using his patented catch phrase. Then the tunnel vision set in. A couple dps didn’t move for the lava wave. Adds came. Next time, a couple more dps and a healer got caught as well. More adds. Our group began to panic and raiders started dying. Some stayed on the boss while others tried to deal with the adds. Organization gave way to chaos as the main-tank died and the off-tank rushed in to pick up the boss. I turned on Murphy’s growl and sent him after an add that was going after our remaining healer. There are only a few of us left now. We decide that our only chance is to try to focus down the boss with the few of us that are left.

    I misdirect all the adds that I can reach to the tank to try to save the healer and I pop Rapid Fire, fresh off of its cooldown. There are only a handful of us left, but still Sarth’s health is dropping. Those of us that remain are all trying to dodge adds and lava waves at the same time. Adds overwhelm the remaining dps and turn for the healer. One more misdirection on to the tank isn’t enough to save her. The healer drops, and then the tank follows. All that remain on our little island are Murphy, myself, a dozen fire elementals, and one very angry (but wounded) dragon.

    Misdirect to Murphy. Feign Death. Sorry old pal, but there’s a good chance that neither of us is making it out of this one. As they charge at my faithful wolf, I rise to try to finish off our foe. Less than 1% HP now. Mend pet is no match for the onslaught. He falls shortly after they arrive and turn back towards me.

    I disengage while firing, desperately trying to put as much space between them and me as possible. I strafe to the edge of the island, low on health, lava behind me, and fiery death rushing to meet me at the front. Everything is on cooldown and I’m low on health. I mash the 5 key; willing Kill Shot to to fire and watching the slow tick of the cooldown. Arcane Shot comes up and I fire it. It’s not enough. As they close in, I see Sarth stop and begin to cast Flame Breath. I can’t see green on his bar anymore. I count his cast time, “one one-thousand, two-one….” Kill Shot is up.

    I shoot. He breathes. We both fall.

    I sat silently for a moment. Staring at the dragon corpse lying just just outside minimum range from my Night Elf corpse. The cheers in vent bring me back to the moment. We resurrect and make our way to the body. I take the time to revive Murphy before wading into the lava. I don’t remember what dropped, but I’ll never forget that raid.

  9. Kode says:

    My finest moment can be shared here from a screenshot I submitted.

    :) Thank you Peeps of Shoulda Rolled Horde and Equilibria though it has been years we parted ways.

  10. Ard says:

    My guild during vanilla, BC and Lich King was primarily a friends and family type of guild, and we routinely scared up 10 folks to try and raid after the size was scaled down from 40.

    We chewed glass on Ulduar forever because we just weren’t all that good. We usually wiped on Razorscale many times before calling it a night. Then came the time when things seemed to click, and we managed to get over the 50% hump when she finally stays on the ground and we’re struggling to get her down before the debuffs take down our tanks. We’re getting close when the MT is finally overwhelmed with the debuffs, then the OT is a little slow shifting back to Bear from Cat, and one by one everyone dies. The last man standing was a AffLock who lit up the dragon with every possible DOT while her health was in single digits. The Lock’s pet goes down immediately and the Lock himself shortly after that.

    So we’re all lying there in our corpses, watching Razorscale’s health drop, little by little, until…she’s dead, just like us. So we killed her after she killed all of us for our first Razorscale kill. It was pathetic because we were such weak raiders, but if felt epic!

  11. Toka says:

    I had just killed one of the Panderan rares (I forget his name). He dropped this odd looking horn. I went “Huh” and moved on with my questing. I ended up in an area tightly packed with mobs but were all non aggressive to me. I look at my shiny new horn and wonder what will happen when I use it. So I use it. Everything with in a 30 yard radius rushes towards me intent on killing me. I prevailed with the judicious use of my CDs but only just barely. At the end of it I only had the smallest sliver of health left.

  12. Absol says:

    @Haraz, I had a nearly identical experience in the 10 man OS (except I lived). Was my most epic moment in wrath.

    In the current expac I had a satisfying moment on the Headless Horseman. As soon as we ported in the healer afk’ed. After waiting a few minutes I told the tank to dps as I swithced to my fire turtle. Towards the end of phase 3 while the 2nd group of pumpkin adds were spawning the healer decided to join us. I, of course, allowed the adds to go to him and he almost died before we downed the boss, which would have been poetic justice.

  13. Itukaaj says:

    The Day I got my Naga mouse. I had a macro keybind on 12 Hunter’s Mark Petattack. Joined a pug raid we go to Onyxia hop down the bridge and begin to buff up. This is a quiet moment for me to check out my mouse. I lift it up and look at the awesomeness even try to look at the laser on the bottom. I guess I had my finger on twelve while I was staring at the mouse. I look up at my screen to see a raid warning. My pet running at Onyxia with a big old mark over her head.

    Next thing I remember is flames up the tunnel like Smaug in The Hobbit. And people running into trash that we didn’t kill cause we jumped down the bridge. I Los’d Onyxia in the tunnel and Feigned Death. After 10 seconds I hearthed.

    I still love my Naga mouse but I don’t star at the laser anymore.

  14. Wätts says:

    My little story of spontaneous and unrepeatable awesomeness involves world PVP while leveling.

    I’m on my way to 89 when I get called away from the computer. While I was away, some honorless cowardly Moonkin killed me with no resistance. I return minutes later, check my combat log, and discover what killed me. Now, I’m a vengeful type, particularly when it comes to such assholery as to pick on those who cannot even begin to defend themselves. So I take down his name and etch it in my short term memory in case I run across that druid again. It didn’t take long.

    Upon spotting my target, I proceed to unload with bestial wrath and stampede–no mercy. He fights for just a moment before breaking into cat form and dashing away as fast as he could. Not to be outdone, I hit my rocket boots to pursue… They fail.

    My rocket boots launch me not toward my target, but HIGH into the air. Shit! I’m going to lose him! Here’s the awesome part: Thinking quickly, I disengage at altitude in the general direction of my foe’s retreat path and then use my parachute. Thanks to Post-Haste, I keep up speed-wise.

    Sailing through the air, I gun down the honorless dog from above. A final assault symbolic of my moral high ground, and heavenly vengeance!

  15. Ollair says:

    I was in wintergrasp, waiting for the battle to start when a horde shammy decides he’s going to start harassing us. Me and a warrior make chase, but he runs off right as he’s about to die each time. After a few dramatic chase scenes, I find our new friend at the top of the fort. I dive bomb him and start blasting him, determined to take him down once and for all. He jumps off the edge and begins to slow fall down. Unfortunate for him that I’m an engineer who always makes sure that he has a parachute ready to go. It almost felt as good as killing a rogue.

  16. Flint says:

    The airship battle in ICC: We all know you can miss the jump during the fight and teleport back to the ship.

    During my serious progression days we were bringing in a new tank. Talking on vent during the initial monologue before the fight begins I said “Don’t worry if you miss the jump you will teleport back like this” and jumped off. It is important to note here that I was wrong. In fact before the first frost Mage comes out if you miss the jump you fall to your death. Luckily we had that part of ICC on HM farm. Everyone was laughing at me for around a month and would tell me to stay away from the edge.

  17. Dmirion says:

    I always feel like a badass when tank dies in the middle of a boss fight or mob and I quickly without thought Dismiss my current pet and summon my turtle to finish the job.

  18. Aergor says:

    Not a hunter story, but back in Wrath my DK Aergor was tanking regular TOC, farming it over and over for the Black Heart tanking trinket, which is what a lot of tanks were doing back then.  In one group there was another DK, Zax, dpsing and just as we started the Black Knight encounter he says, “I hope the trinket I want drops.”
    Me:  “Let’s be clear.  If the tanking trinket drops, I, as the tank, get dibs.” to which several in the group agreed.
    Zax: I usually tank, I’ve just been dpsing lately.
    Me:  If you want to roll need for a tanking item, you should be tanking.
    Zax:  I’m just saying, if it drops, I’m rolling need.
    Me:  You realize your the guy people hate, right?
    A few “lol”s from the group, but at this point the fight is underway, so I get to tanking.  We get through the fight and into phase three.  As we bring him down to about 5%, I initiate a vote to kick the guy, to which everyone immediately agrees, kicking him from the group just as the Knight dies.  I click on the loot, and there’s the heart.  We all cheered and there were many congratulations for my drop and our epic shafting of that punk.

  19. galendrakos says:

    Mine is rather simple so it has happened a handful of times. It’s when my raid is close to killing a boss but something goes tango uniform. People start dropping like flies but I don’t run like an elf I feign death to get to the bottom of the threat meter pop back up pull all the stops to max my dps. When the boss dies and dust settles only 2 people are left alive our dwarven pally tank and my dwarf hunter. I just love it when that happens!

    I’m sure I’m not the only one of use to have had that happen.

  20. Omogon says:

    I was going to post about how Harry (my turtle) and I finsihed off Sartharion in OS 25 once when Murphy’s law kicked in and killed everybody but me and my dwarf shadow priest guildmate. The raid had not gone well… cat fluffy was dead along with almost everybody else. I had just revived the cat when the last tank went down…..dismissed him and called up Harry and sent him in. Sarth just about killed him but the priest got ag for bit and went down. Now it was Harry, me and all hell. Others have already told similar stories. Sarth was just about dead ..Harry held him for a few seconds and went down and I got a couple of lucky crits and it was over. There was no green in my health bar that I could see but I was still up. It was a guild run and we were all in vent. I felt like a million bucks

  21. Shift says:

    Heroic Dragon Soul, Yor’sahj the unsleeping. Our guild is trying it on heroic for the first time, and it’s not so bad but we’ve wiped a few times. Guild leader calls last attempt before switching back to normal and we set in, everything is going great, until with a few percent left to go, we get back to back red, yellow, black. All the cooldowns have been blown, people start dropping like flies. I’m doing the usual hunter dance, misdirecting, multishotting the adds, feigining… Anything to stay alive to keep burning him down that last little bit… To this day I don’t know why I did it, but in my final flailing moments before death I launched a snake trap right under Yor’sahj’s feet. It armed and activated just as our holy priest because a spirit, so we’re all discussing on vent what we did wrong, and how to deal with back to back death combo next week, when suddenly Yor’sahj keels over and we get the heroic kill achieve. My snakes had been nibbling his toes while we were talking, and because the priest hadn’t died the SECOND time, he hadn’t despawned. Snake trap killed Yor’sahj the Unsleeping.

    So now whenever things are looking grim, you always hear the call “Don’t worry guys, I’ve got this. I put down a snake trap”.

  22. Rangus says:

    Sadly, my most epic moment isn’t really all that epic and involved me abusing a hunter on my rogue but it has stuck with me after all this time and is one of my most cherished memories of WoW. It was waaaay back in vanilla when I was leveling my rogue in Redridge Mountains. Now I was an utter newb an only had a mimimal understanding of my abilities and how to use them.

    There was a quest were I had to kill an orc leader surrounded by lots of adds two of which were standing right next to the him. I really had no clue how to go about it without dying so I hung around in stealth pondering my options. I realized that there was a much higher level hunter with a party that was grinding all the mobs in that area. So I just waited until they came and just as I saw the hunter’s pet making a bee-line for the head mob I had to kill, I garroted him and vanished before his guards could attack me. While the swirling fight was going on, I stealthed over to a chest and looted it. After everything was dead I went over to the boss and collected what I needed to complete the quest, vanished ane went on my way. :P

    I thought, “Now that’s how a rogue should do things.” :P

  23. Sharp says:

    My finest moment ever was actually from PvP. It was actually at TBC times.
    One day, I was running a solo queue Arathi Basin, just for fun.

    I was not known at all during that times, so no wonder I had no one coming with me. I visited the Blacksmith and faced a priest against me. No wonder, he fell down to a hunter. I took it and saw my mates fighting at neutral other bases so I decided to take the Farm. I saw there 3 people waiting for me, but I decided to fight. I actually CCd the healer, shut down their warrior with bestial wrath, continued with rogue and killed the priest from back then again. But they ressurected so I had to try to do it all over again.
    However, I got lucky and potioned just in time to get out of there alive with another 3 honorable kills. Their farm was their only place to ress at, so then it was either be lucky or die.

    I placed a freezing trap behind my feet and started capturing the Farm, when I heard a sudden noise from my trap of a sneaky rogue. I managed to take it, but as I turned around, I saw half of my mates wiping out the entire ressed horde forces resulting in 5/5 capped.

    Horde refused to get back on their feet and I got an audience of clapping and bowing of my alliance mates. I am never gonna forget that moment.

  24. Akryn says:

    My first raiding experience was Magmaw in Blackwing Descent. I was asked to learn to kite the lava parasites.. So i know how hard this is. This isn’t even my moment but you should watch it. He uses just about every trick in the hunters arsenal and the speed at which he moves and keeps moving is intense.. He makes it looks easy.

    Amazing hunter kiting skills:

    If you want to check it out. He literally showcases everything..Including scatter shot, explosive trap to grab aggro, jump disengage, the best way to get the most out of ice trap and how to recover from something going wrong.. This video is a mix of really good R&G and fantastic play style and ability.. If only he weren’t a horde.. But he is a fellow hunter who topped the dps chart to boot..

    Or search ‘hunter kite’ on you tube.

    Knights of Valhalla vs Magmaw 25 (hunters kiting)

  25. Odras says:

    I got this video of mine. My partner dced and was unable to take our arena queue. I went into the arena and was about to just leave when I saw it was two warriors I was against and at the time BM was OP due to stampede bug. In my defence warriors are also on the overpowered side at the moment. Anyway I managed to win this arena 2v1 which was pretty cool. Some clutch moves like camoing and FD to avoid charges, trapping and swapping through spirit beasts to heal.

  26. bahzob says:

    Trapping a priest defending lumber milll in AB then dropping an explosive trap under him and watching him fall to his doom. Sweet payback for mind control.

  27. Argent says:

    During the final encounter in Stormstout Brewery we were facing three alemental, the tank died and the rest of the dps followed. I had my quellien out so I battle ressed the tank, who promptly died again, but brought 2 of the 3 mobs down to killshot health. I told the healer to heal my pet, turned on growl, hit bestial wrath, killed one elemental before it reached my pet or the healer, and then killed the other two before BW had finished. Note that my pet was specced ferocity as I didn’t have a tenacity pet on me. For a quick encore, I disengaged out of the spawn zone before the final boss appeared and mass ressed everyone.

  28. Imoen says:

    the most recent I recall:

    My heart almost stopped when Patrannache stepped out of invisibility, into the range of my flare with her royal charm after finding hundreds of her barely visible tracks for a couple of nights all over the Valley.

  29. Flint says:

    Very good stories one and all, okay the rogue story has to be a fish tale. Rogue beat Hunter it cant be so.

    I’ll just finish up with “This one time at Band camp…”

  30. lordmogg says:

    Can’t really think of any defining past moments. I expect there are many and i have but conveniently forgotten them.

    Was busting the Klaxxi Dalies the other day when someone was spamming “ rare found need major help “

    So i said i would help. He invites me ( Gnome Mage pssshhh ) and there are another 3 people in the group so im thinking this must be a super beast or some such.

    I rock up and its down some hole . Just as i turn up all bar the mage leaves saying they’ve had enough.

    “ He hits really hard “ said the Gnome.

    “ Witness “ said i…..

    So i sent in Fred the turtle and bust all cool downs and nuke the hell out of this beast. It took a minute but he went down in the end. I surreptitiously glanced at the Mage sending pixie dust at him to my left and rolled my eyes.

    “Thanks so much “ piped the mage.

    “Road house “ said i ,as i passed on the intellect blue drop he dribbled over, walked out of the hole and went to complete my dallies.

  31. Arth says:

    There are too many comment on, but there’s a lot of cool stories in here. Awesome stuff, guys!

  32. Enarrah says:

    Tank died on Loatheb back in WOTLK days, everyone else died and I ended up tanking the boss with my pet and downed him at 80k life left. It was pretty intense and my guild still talks about it. It may not sound as glamorous as some of the other stories, but I thought it was pretty awesomesause. /reminisce

  33. Delirium says:

    This just happened, and I thought of this post and decided to come reply…

    Spirit Kings in MV, 10m normal. Not the most Bad ass thing ever, but perhaps interesting…

    We were fighting Qiang the Merciless, and because of some silly fluke, lost a tank twice and several dps. Since it’s so close to the beginning, the raid leader called it, said quit healing, we were going to restart it. So I feign death by the edge, hoping the AoE won’t kill me before he resets. Then I wait… after a few seconds (I think I was looking at my other monitor), i start to think this is taking long than expected, how have they not all died yet? At which point, i look up, and realize I forgot to dismiss my pet before FD. So my spirit beast KurtGodel is hanging out up there, not taking any damage from AoE, and healing himself from a very weak (must have been a bug…) Massive Attacks with AB and SM almost as fast as he’s taking damage… everyone on vent is laughing at how ridiculous this is. So I pop up to give him some help. I drop my tank focus, spam MD and after 20 – 30 seconds of constant mend pet, and the rest of my CDs, we finish off Qiang. I’ll have to ask my guildmates, but I don’t think he cast annihilate while we were up, for some reason, or perhaps that counted as AoE and didn’t effect my pet either…

    Of course, we died in mere seconds to Subetai coming out…. Again, perhaps this was a bug, lucky timing or placement, but it was still very satisfying…

  34. Holy says:

    Similar story, was doing dailies on that one cliff for the tillers, and a ram pushed me off, and i disengaged back onto the cliff, felt real good

  35. Hysterîa says:

    Nice original posting. Thanks for that. But you shoukld really consider to do more PVP so you will have much more such moments where you think. Wow… How did I THAT!?? :)

  36. Forest says:

    Burning Crusade on the Hellfire PvP towers. I’m not a PvP’r but some dailies had to be done to get access to a trinket.

    I’m standing on the tower walls waiting by myself for the tower to cap. 4 Allies descend on me and splattered my fat Tauren ass all over the walls. After a sigh I res, run back to my corpse and find the 4 allies still there. However, they are dueling each other in two 2v2’s. A smile grows across my face. :)

    Both duals complete leaving 2 allies on practically zero health and the other two around 20%. They sit to eat up, quick res, went big and red, Multi shot wiped the two on zero health immediately, I brought the third down while sending the pet to the 4th who was running away fast making no attempt to fight. He fell on one shot.

    I’ve never tasted a revenge so sweet :)

  37. Rosbaros says:

    These are a couple of my favorite moments from the vanilla days which has always stuck to me. It wasn’t that skillfull compared to current day WoW. But these moments were kinda intense at the time.

    I was in Alterac Valley, just battling it out for the horde(!!) when I noticed a paladin and rogue were coming for me, 2v1. I started the following kite routine: drain mana with viper sting on the pala and shooting the rogue to keep it in combat and trying to kill it. The paladin kept healing the rogue, which worked wonders for my evil plan. When the paladin went OOM I finished him off losing quite some health to him in the process. The rogue had vanished or went out of combat, I can’t recall. All I know it was not visible. So I placed a trap + flare and bandaged up with my back towards the trap. The rogue took the bait and got into my trap. I ran off to some distance and killed the poor thing in seconds. This was kinda like my first proper pvp experience =D

    Another day in vanilla I was lucky enough to queue with the realms High Warlord grinding pvp team (this was before cross realm pvp) because someone from that team must’ve missed the queue. They were doing their AB routine smashing alliance @ stables. I was defending BS. Then a warrior and rogue got out of the stables mayhem and were going for BS. The leader of the grind team was defending farm and noticed my ‘problem’ and watched while I trapped the warrior and proceeded to kill of the rogue quickly. Then I made quick work of the warrior after. It got me an invitation to the grind team whenever I was online and they needed someone. Fun times!

  38. Bonamassa says:

    Soloing Maggy still being lvl80 and surviving him on my second attemd with 200health left…

  39. Wolarsen says:

    THE EPIC: BC Hc Shattered Halls, we engage 2nd boss after the gauntlet and he kills us all but me; poor pet also dies and I start kiting aaaall the way back, reaching the entrance with boss on like 5% health. I think I can not do more and feign, but just ONE SECOND before that, our healer enters instance, draws boss attention, gets 2-shotted and allows me to disengage back towards the gauntlet and start kiting again. Boss died in 1st boss room on the way back ^^

    THE LAME: BC Hc Sethekk Hall, i had to kite 2 non-CC-able hard mobs while party took charge of the 3rd, using traps, concussion shot and aspect of Cheetah. After some time, i hear in ventrilo “Ok, Wol, drop it”, so I feign, turn back and have a sip of my soda.
    When i looked again to screen, i had caught up with the mobs in the last laid trap; they joyfully smashed me to pulp…

  40. Kheldul says:

    Proudest moments are from Vanilla and probably don’t make sense to anyone anymore. Hunters used to be responsible for pulling in raids. 40man raids. Old style. Carefully tag a mob (there were a *lot* more cross-pathing mobs and skipping a lot of trash back then), pull it back to the 39 other people and wait for it to get close to you and the tank and then hope FD works and the Warrior picks it up.

    Most recently though, I ran Gate of the Setting Sun in the hunt for Klatith, Fangs of the Swarm. In one run on the first fire bomb boss, the healer left at the start of the first boss fight. I wasn’t going to leave because it takes a while to queue and I really wanted yet another shot at the epic bow. Well the warlock leaves, then the tank dies and leaves and the boss is at 75% and find myself kiting though explosive fire lines with just deterence and disengage. Then I let the remaining rogue eat it with FD while I dismiss and summon a tank pet. Tank pet gets to 10% despite heals and I pop stampede and a heal on myself (which nicely gives five spirit mend hots to myself with a full pack of spirit beasts). I’m taking damage from the bomb debuff and I’m finally doing kill shots. A FD and extremely brief Dire Beast tanking and I’m alone again. Healing pot, Stoneform, and standing toe to toe with him with hardly any health. He goes down and then I go down. It made my evening. I even appreciated what a rogue typed that night.

  41. Anahiltis says:

    My finest moment was actually not hunter specific, but did utilize a lot of the skill learned as a hunter. On Teron Gorefiend (My favorite fight in the whole game), I was killed, managed to kill of my wraiths in plenty of time, so that I was able to fend off two more sets (the one before was failing and almost wiped the group). I was then BRed and immediately killed again, and did the same thing once again, single handedly saving the raid. It was beautiful.

  42. Geckko says:

    Don’t know that I’d claim this was my finest moment, but it was pretty funny. A couple weeks back, I was out along with what appeared to be half of my server doing August Celestial dailies at the Temple of the Black Ox. I finally found a spawn point for the food I was supposed to be collecting, swooped in, ice trapped the nearest mantid, collected the item, and was about to leave when my strongarm friend managed to aggro the mantid pack. I spent the next 10 minutes trying not to die while the mantid respawned as fast as I killed them. The mantid I’d originally trapped stayed in ice, with one minor exception, so that I didn’t have to deal with him respawning, too. The LnL procs didn’t hurt my feelings, either.

    Several minutes into this mess, my concentration got jarred by an angry whisper. Some pally early on had ohsohelpfully showed up, killed a mob or two, broken my trap, and then ran off. Thanks to all the pet mending I’d been doing, I had aggro, so I got to take a few hits until my trap came off CD. I promptly trapped the mob again and went on with the business of staying alive until I could finish the quest and get out of there. That was apparently inconveniencing Mr. Pally, whose CC breaking ways caused him to remain on that trapped mob’s combat table and rendered him ineligible for little perks like mounting up and flying away. Shucky darn!

    I did kill the thing soon after that. I was done, and respawn rate had slowed a bit. No point in griefing the other player – didn’t mean to in the first place!

  43. Ismena says:

    Best moment was this week. Joined a PUG heroic that had just lost another dps to General Pa’valak. I joined group and the healer says “Oh thank god, a hunter” as the tank rushes in (evidently yet again) to pull the General. I quickly discovered the tank didn’t seem to notice the adds or that his attacks on Pa’valak became pointless. He did however seem to think that running toward the detonating bombs was a good idea. So he was down in with the first wave of adds. The mage and spriest dps’ers quickly followed during the second wave of adds, though I never really figured out why exactly.

    And I didn’t have my turtle in stable.

    So me, Fraiser the crane and the craziest healer priest I’ve ever seen took on General Pa’valak alone. I turned Growl back on and prayed. I felt like I was moving in slow motion; cooldowns were popped at just the right time and CC’s were keeping the worst of the adds away from the healer. I felt like I could sense when Gen Pa was going to toss his sword and I was moving before he could place the target.

    It may not be as epic as the solo raiders, but I knew I could have only done all of that from the years and hours of being a hunter and training and practicing and taking off a bite of more than I could chew just to push myself that much farther. To me… it was epic.

  44. Varisa says:

    The best story I have for epicness came from my guilds old Raid night. Cata was still new and we decided to finish some of the old LK raids. Ruby sanctum 10 man…being all new and powerful 85’s we figure it would be a cake walk, faceroll everything. Well it was relatively close until we decided to test ourselves against Halion. The basic premise here is that after the first phase or so he phases into 2 realms and you need to split into 2 groups and dps him down from each side. If he isn’t, he fades to the other side until he can’t be hurt. Please note the following was performed by a group of people who were brand spanking new to raiding.

    Attempt 1-4: After reading up on the strategy we had decided on our 2 groups (light side and shadow side, I was on light) and began the fight. Of course being new to raiding the “if you cleanse this it’s gonna leave and aoe on the ground” mechanic was a foreign concept to some. Needless to say we didn’t hit phase 2.

    Attempt 5-8: Yea I know what your going to say, “noobs, terrible players, etc” but to our credit we got a little further each time. These attempts were all cause by the same thing…heals not keeping up on the other team and the lack of movement by the “shadow” side team to avoid the “whirling blade of death” as someone called it.

    Exausted and frustrated we all start snipping at each other a bit but pull together for one last try. That’s where it all happened.

    Attempt 9: Phase one everytone is on the same page and we breeze through it with ease. Then comes time to split the groups and Shadow goes over…as I watch the other groups health I am getting a sinking feeling. One dps dies. Then another. There goes the tank…and heals…finally the last dps. He’s at 20%…

    Exact Conversation on vent
    Raid leader “Well guys it looks like a wipe”
    Light side healer “V where are you your out of my range?”

    Seeing the second group go down again was too much, I just went crazy and jumped through the portal to the “Shadow” side. Terropenne (or Shellburn as I have named him) flew out of my stable and went right after the boss. Mend pet, and the Aoe damage reduction took care of almost everything Halion was throwing at him. I, on the other hand was running in a constant circle avoiding the “Blades of death”, disengaging, health potting, and lifebloom keeping me going. Luck being on my side as shellburn took almost all of the aoe damage. Boss at 7%, ran out of heals. 5% I’m downto 40k health. Disengage, killshot, I fall over from a last tick of aoe damage. BOSS DOWN!!!!!

    I don’t think I’ll ever forget the squeak of victory that came out of Knehi’s mouth over vent. It was our final horn, I still remember having to pry my hand off the mouse. But we did it…and that was my finest hour.

  45. Dettbizzle says:

    I don’t know if anyone will ever read this, but I was able to utilize both Disengage and the Rocket Jump Goblin racial the second night of Pilgrim’s week.

    It went down like this.

    I decided I was going to do the achievement “Pilgrim’s Peril.” We all know what it entails. On a PvP server, this is not going to be easy.

    So, I began my journey to Stormwind, which was my first target as it would likely be the most difficult. I start in Stranglethorn Vale, and gank myself a Rogue along the way, for good measure. No mercy given, just a steady stream of pet attacks and Arcane Shots. Feeling fairly good about myself, my pet having just feasted on Roguemeats, I continued onward into Duskwood. The trip was uneventful, and as I neared the stream dividing Elwynn Forest from Duskwood, I can feel something isn’t right.

    I cross the river, and all Hell broke loose.

    Apparently, this rogue has friends. Lots of friends. They were waiting for me at Goldshire. I went west, around the small town, and continue onward on my trusty Trike, and make a guess as to where the table would be.

    I guessed wrong my friends. So, horribly, horribly wrong.

    Yep, I went to the west side of the road. The table is on the east side. I was promptly murdered by Stormwind’s finest; (read: Stormwind City Guard.)

    Realizing my mistake, I decided this was a chance to see how creative I was. Upon ressing at my corpse, I made a mad dash for the table, only to be ventilated by another hunter. Oh sweet irony. After my second trip (walk) back to my corpse, I again ressed and made a mad dash for the table. I’m determined, if nothing else, what can I say?

    I ran smack dab right into a level 58 Warrior. Knowing he could easily murder my adorable, floppy eared havin’ ass at my mere level 53, I made some snap decisions. My first move, was to Disengage and Feign Death to avoid his Charge. Crisis averted, or so it seemed.

    I was wrong, yet again. He knew this trick, and promptly ran to me, and bashed my face in with his shield. Knowing I am in trouble, I had my bird steal his weapon and shield. This may have saved me for the greatness to come. Once he was disarmed, I ran for the chair as fast as my tiny green legs would carry me, and executed a Rocket Jump to make the last push. As I landed, I clicked the chair, and was seated, gaining credit for Stormwind’s table.

    Just to clarify this, I Rocket Jumped into the chair. It felt like a great day. I immediately got out of the chair, turned, and saluted the Warrior for a good show. He saluted back, knowing now why I was there in the first place. As I hopped on my Trike to get out of there, I was backstabbed by a rogue. Again, irony. Oh well, got my credit.

    Next up, Ironforge.

  46. Nonabsolute says:

    My best story in WoW was an unbelievable encounter with Gluth in Naxx10.
    Our guild group had been wiping and wiping on Gluth. The main problem was that I was having trouble with kiting the adds around a frost trap. Whenever I got that right, something else would go wrong. This attempt, I had finally gotten into a rhythm of kiting the adds when all of the sudden our off-tank died. Some of the people called for a wipe, but I had a sudden moment of clarity. I didn’t talk on vent, but I typed out something to the effect of “don’t wipe it” as I watched the tank’s Mortal Wound debuff grow higher and higher while kiting adds. I continued to kite the adds while moving away from the boss, and just when the healers were starting to have serious trouble healing the tank, I hit Distracting Shot on the boss. As DS was a taunt in those days, Gluth started running towards me. Just before he hit me, I feigned death to give aggro back to the tank and then popped back up to re-aggro the adds. That gave the tank just enough time to lose her healing-reduction debuff, and I went back to kiting the adds. This continued from ~40% of Gluth’s health to zero. Going from having trouble to kiting the adds at all to doing so while off-tanking Gluth was a rush I’ll never forget.