Update: All Done! Thank you guys so much for the screenshots! I’m working now on choosing screenshots and putting the video together. I got way, waaay more screenshots that I imagined (hundreds) and so many of them are absolutely amazing looking. I’ll be choosing them based on awesomeness and pet selection (want to show a good variety of pets). Thank you guys again!

Hey guys — Balthazar got me the finished version of the hunter love song, which is all about the unique platonic love between hunter and pet (actually he got it to me some time ago, and the community song (which is crazy awesome) before that, but I want to release the open collab first, which could have the final version done this weekend).

At any rate, I thought a really cool thing for the hunter love song, ‘Till the Servers Shut Down, would be to do a big montage of screenshots of hunters and their pets. So if you guys would like your hunter and favorite pet immortalized in the video, please email me your screenshots.

Size doesn’t really matter, since I’ll just scale ’em down, but time does. I’m hoping to finish off the video at the end of the weekend, so anything you can send in over the weekend has a good chance of making it in the video!

Updates: Okay, so size does matter — I can’t use the wee 76px thumbnails. As long as you don’t shrink your screenshot down, it will work.

Additionally, priority will be given to screenshots with no UI, and to screenshots with no names. If I get enough shots without names displayed, I’ll fill the video with that. If not, I’ll move on to the ones with names (they just look better without the names, you know?)


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  1. Haraz says:

    Can we include names in the shots or do you want them totally UI-less?

    • Frostheim says:

      Preference will be given to totally UI-less shots — they just look better. But if I don’t get enough of those I’ll include the ones with names.

  2. Ironthumbs says:

    Sent you a few :)

  3. Necrie says:

    Sent off a few myself :) I sure got some great screen shots back when we could summon multiple pets for a day or two towards the end of LK

  4. Nanthalas says:

    Sent you mine :D

  5. quivering says:

    Someone sent you a thumbnail? lolol Use it as a joke at the end of the video :P ALL THE PIXELS

    Thanks for doing this btw!

  6. Zhinru says:

    Not even names on the pets? I have my name turned off but if I have to, I’ll turn off the pet’s name too.

  7. Azlan says:

    arrh Am I too late? Please, can I send mine. I promise you they are worthy of your time :(

  8. wonderseeker says:

    Where do we e-mail the pic to?

  9. Frostheim says:

    Hey, guys, as it says at the top of the post now, submissions are closed. I finished up the video today choosing from among the hundreds of screenshots submitted. The video is finished, compressed, and uploaded — I’ll be putting it live sometime this week (provided we aren’t slammed with hunter news)

  10. quivering says:

    A gallery of the best pics that didn’t make the vid would be neat, even if it was just uploaded to like Photobucket or something :D

  11. Asenath says:

    I just read the notice on the Petopia forums. It went up on December 1st, this is two days later, and it’s already over? Geez, a little time to give people an opportunity would’ve been nice.

  12. Elrock says:

    Damn, missed it, should check here more regularly.