Patch 5.1 Hunter Changes

Posted: by Frostheim

Patch 5.1 is here, and brings with it some big game changers, but fairly minor hunter changes. Starting with the significant changes for hunters:

  • Aspect of the Hawk buffed to provide 15% AP, up from 10%!
  • No more Aspect of the Fox
  • Steady Shot & Cobra Shot can be cast on the run by default!
  • New Glyph of Aimed Shot lets you hardcast Aimed Shot while moving
  • MM Steady Focus ability will last a whopping 20 seconds, making it far easier to maintain the buff
  • Lynx Rush damage will change to a bleed effect, but the overall damage done will be the same. This means it’s less bursty, but same overall dps.
  • Careful Aim has been buffed a bit to work on targets over 80% health, rather than only over 90%
  • Glyph of Solace (previously Icy Solace) will let both Scatter Shot and Freezing Trap remove all DoTs.
None of these patch 5.1 hunter changes are huge, but there is some nice quality of life improvements with the removal of Fox and free casting on the move.
MM in particular is seeing some nice improvements with Steady Focus, Careful Aim, and Glyph of Aimed Shot. These three changes will combine to slightly boost MM’s dps output — and keep in mind that MM is not that far behind the others. By making the spec a bit easier to manage and boosting their damage during the beginning of the fight I have a hunch that we’re going to see a lot of hunters checking out MM once again.
The real question is whether there are corresponding nerfs to some of the OP classes, and if cobra/steady on the move is enough of a wee boost to let hunters be a tad bit more competitive in the charts.
And keep in mind, Roger Brown says our new raid content has far more hunter friendly fights than the old stuff.

Upgrade Gear with Valor & Justice Points

While this is not a hunter-specific thing, it’s a big enough deal that I thought I’d point it out for those who haven’t been following the patch 5.1 changes. You will be able to spend justice points or valor points to upgrade your existing gear, making it up to 8 ilvls higher (with correspondingly higher stats).

Here’s the basic details:

  • You can upgrade just about any item of ilvl 458 or higher, including crafted items, dungeon & raid drops, quest rewards, and Darkmoon trinkets.
  • Items of ilvl 458-469 are upgraded with Justice Points. You spend 1,500 justice points to upgrade an item 8 ilvls. You can only do this once per item, and you can’t undo it.
  • Items of ilvl 470+ are upgraded with Valor Points. You spend 750 valor points to upgrade an item 4 ilvls. You can do this twice, to get a total of 8 ilvls for 1,500 valor points.
  • PvP gear can be upgraded with honor and conquest points in a similar fashion

Moar Stuffs

It’s also worth noting a couple of other neat patch 5.1 changes: you will now be able to go into old raid dungeons (from before Mists of Pandaria) without needing to be in a raid group, to make it easier to solo old content.

Then there’s the Brawler’s Guild, which lets you engage in badass 1-on-1 PVE challenges against various monsters. Both of these things are more ways that Blizzard is finding to let you do cool stuff in the endgame without needing to raid or arena.

I’m looking forward to patch 5.1 — I think it’s going to have a lot of sweet stuff (though I’m dubious on having more reputation to grind). I’m not convinced it’s going to balance raid dps to where I’d like to see it, but I’m willing to reserve judgement on that until the numbers start coming in.

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  1. Don says:

    Blizzard is nuts, what are they thinking with adding even more dailies? Seriously considering canceling my sub because I don’t have time to keep up with all this content, they’re grinding me out of my love for the game!

    • Skarn says:

      I’m kinda amused that you have too much to do so you want to stop playing. Sorry, don’t mean to be mean, I just recall people quitting in Cataclysm because there wasn’t enough to do.

      Anyway, I made a couple large posts further down the comments here, but the short version is: Don’t worry about it. You absolutely do NOT need to do all the dailies every day. If you enjoy that, fine! If not, then just do less. You really are not hurting yourself unless you do a LOT less. Work on one faction at a time. When you get to Revered, move to a different one. If you need a break, go ahead.

      If you’re going to quit anyway, just ease back on everything and see how things go. The content will still be here next year, it doesn’t all need to be done NOW.

  2. Rhyas says:

    I am personally excited about the changes just made. I’m a die-hard MM so :-) But also I think adding endgame content is great. Before Pandaria I was running out of interesting stuff to do.. this will add more options to that list.

  3. Mythriak says:

    “Lynx Rush damage will change to a bleed effect, but the overall damage done will be the same. This means it’s less bursty, but same overall dps.”

    So, while some classes like Mages and Shamans have amazing burst cooldowns and spells that hit like a truck, Hunters are gonna have their already fairly average burst nerfed?

    Can you try to explain that to me, Frost?

    • Arth says:

      As I understand it, BM burst is quite excellent right now compared to most classes. It’s our sustained that has lagged in the data.

    • Frostheim says:

      Yeah, BM burst capability is crazy high. Now part of that was due to a Stampede arena bug that they fixed, but even without that BM has very high burst. In our recent podcast Roger Brown from method talked about how his BM hunters hits around 350,000 dps in the opener of a boss fight.

      Before the stampede bug was fixed, most BM hunters could just blow their cooldowns (in a macro) and burn down any one target. If the target didn’t have some kind of invulnerability to pop, they died. So it was a problem — though I suspect the Stampede arena bug was most of that.

      Either way, from a PVE perspective, the hunter issue is sustained dps, and multi-target/cleave dps.

  4. Arth says:

    More dailies. Yeesh. There’s a limit on my playtime, and I hate perpetually being 5-10 ilvl points behind those who can log each day. Because the shared 10/25M lockout was meant to cut down on “needing” to do both. But, realistically, we’re doing all our faction dailies (and there are many), dungeons to supplement to the weekly valor cap, all or most LFR’s, world boss(es), each week just to keep up. And then there are alts for most. If anything stops me from playing eventually, it will be this, not a loss of enjoyment from the raids themselves and working with my guild.

    • Kodiakbrujah says:

      100% agree with you. I’m the leader of my raid but i have a life as well. 2 hours dailies every day plus raiding plus raid prep (cooking, valor farming etc) is too much. They did away with the daily dungeon thing in cata because it was ridiculous to ask us to do that every day……and then they design the entire MoP expansion around dailies? NO ONE LIKES DOING THE SAME QUEST EVERY DAY FOR TWO MONTHS. Much less having 50 of those every day.

      • Skarn says:

        If you are doing TWO HOURS of daily quests, you are doing more than you need to. At most you’ll need to work on ONE of the four “Valor” factions. Though you can work on all four at the same time, there’s no need. You won’t gain Valor fast enough to spend it. It actually takes over four months to earn enough Valor to buy ALL the Valor items. Total cost of all Valor items is 20,500. If you’ve maxed out your Valor every, including the first week you spent leveling, you would have 10,000 Valor at the end of today. Obviously, no one has enough Valor, no matter how much they’ve played.

        Doing just one Valor faction at a time is enough to keep you from capping out on max Valor. Two of them, Klaxxi and Shado-Pan, can even get to Honored without any daily quests! (You’ll need to be human to get there as Shado-Pan.) Then you can stop once you get to Revered. You may not even need to do some of them! For example, I’ve already got drops for boots, gloves and bracers so there is no need to do Celestials rep, unless I want to.

        On top of all that, since you’re a hunter, you should be able to do daily quests pretty quickly. One set of Klaxxi, Shado-Pan or Celestials can be done in half an hour or less. Lotus can definitely take longer, 45-60 minutes. Anyway, the point is that if you are spending two hours a day, you’re putting too much time into it. If you WANT to do that, that’s obviously fine. If you would like to spend LESS time, well, do less dailies! You sound like you are doing too many.

    • Skarn says:

      In general, I think most people are doing more dailies than they NEED to simply because they haven’t thought about it and looked at the numbers. People just see SHINY LOOT and default to “MUST HAVE” mode. As I mentioned in my other post here, it’s impossible for anyone to have all the Valor gear right now anyway.

      Further, the rep gain is faster than many people think, at least related to Valor gain. Golden Lotus takes roughly 3 weeks from start to Revered. Shado Pan or Klaxxi takes only 2, if you have done the zone quests already, because those get you to Honored (or very close). Doing dailes every other day will take you 5+ weeks to get Lotus Revered. In that time you’ll earn 6000 Valor, but the max cap is 3000. Yet if you’ve got Klaxxi to Honored, then you can buy a neck for 1250. You’ll get Lotus to Honored before you cap and that’s another 1250 for a ring. If you happen to be human with the guild perk, Shado Pan can be Honored too so a cape for 1250. Even without Shado Pan, you are spending 2500 Valor out of 6000. At most you are losing 500 Valor and I’d be surprised if that really makes a difference. That’s a single piece a week earlier. I highly doubt it’s going to make or break anyone. Yet if you want to be sure, you can do Lotus quests a bit more often at first anyway.

      Once you hit Lotus Revered, then you can spend a total of 6500 Valor, which you haven’t even earned if it’s taken you six weeks to get here! (That’s not even counting the Shado Pan cape if you’re a human.) Then you can spend four weeks each on Klaxxi and Shado Pan to get them to Revered. Then again, just start with Klaxxi! Four weeks and you’ll have three items to buy for 5250. Yet you’ll only have 4000. That’ll give you that buffer you need for the slightly longer Lotus quests.

      I absolutely understand it’s frustrating and I DO sympathize. I agree that Valor should have a use not tied directly to reputations, which we ARE getting today. I also think that the rep rewards are too valuable. Necessary? Perhaps not. But simply too good to pass up. Despite that, it’s not nearly as bad as people make it out to be.

      Oh, what if you happen to get the items you are grinding rep for from raids before you can buy them? Well, praise your luck! Let’s say that you’re grinding your Klaxxi rep over 4 weeks and in that time you get a neck, belt and pants from raiding. (Maybe you even got tier pants from the Sha of Anger.) Now you’ve got three pieces of gear, 3000 Valor and have “lost” 1000 Valor. If you had gotten NO drops, you’d have TWO pieces of gear and spent either 3000, 3500 or 4000 Valor. Less gear and less Valor. No, your life is really not worse off because you got lucky on gear. Yes, you could have had other places to spend it, but really, it’s ok. You’ll be fine.

      Anyway, all this rambling is just saying: Don’t kill yourselves over dailies. You are VERY likely doing more than you need to anyway.

  5. Baan says:

    I just stopped doing dailies. The game play I enjoy does not involve questing, or massive amounts of dailies. I do understand the need for some dailies but these have really gone to far. It came to a point where I wasn’t enjoying the game, the dread when logging in knowing I had all those dailies awaiting me was just making me not want to log in anymore. So I stopped doing them, if it holds me back a little bit I lvl wise, well so be it. Chances are I’ll still be raiding, as with the lfr loot, and VP upgrades I can keep somewhat competitive with my I lvl without driving me insane.
    I’m looking forward to the removal of fox today as these high movement fights made me go fox at times, stone guards at least, therefore making me take a dps hit because of that.
    What I was trying to mention is that if you are dreading some part of the game it makes you just not want to log in anymore then just drop that part of the game. Unless you are at the tip tops of a progression race in a top realm guild, which I know some are. Missing a few dailies isnt going to hold you back that badly, besides I’m sure the people you play with would rather you skip some part of the game in order to keep a skilled hunter around.

  6. Steelhide says:

    **sigh** I was looking forward to being able to increase item levels week after week. But we can only increase an items iLevel once (or by 8 points really). I was looking to this as an answer to getting Conquest Point level gear by doing the Honor Point quests and BGs. I love to PvP, but dont have the time to do arenas. When in a BG, going /afk for a minute doesnt hurt nearly as bad as going /afk for 3 seconds in an arena.

  7. Malyuta says:

    I am not against the idea of opening older raid content to soloing, but, honestly, was it ever a problem to get into a raid instance for you? I just ask someone in the guild to group with me for 20 secs, convert to raid, enter an instance, and let them go.

    The problem with soloing raid instances is that mechanics prevent you from soloing a lot of them, at least in my experience. Say, Black Temple – you can’t pass the first boss alone.

    • Flint says:

      Currently working on that. It can be done, It just needs to be figured out. I am going to take a wolf and kite the boss instead of having my pet tank him.

    • Skarn says:

      Some of the bosses were made easier to solo in this patch. Razorgore in Blackwing Lair, Najentus in Black Temple and Viscidus in Ahn’Qiraj were all…altered. It should be easier now than it was. How much easier I’m not sure, since I haven’t tried it yet.

      • Malyuta says:

        I soloed Black Temple yesterday, first attempt on the firt boss was business as usual – I was stunned for 100% of the time and couldn’t do anything. On the second attempt looks like I dodged couple of stuns (RNG?) and was able to finish him off.

  8. Goldthwait says:

    If anyone hasn’t seen already, Aspect of the Hawk was hotfixed to a 15% increase instead of 10%.

  9. Oxix says:

    “MM in particular is seeing some nice improvements with Steady Focus, Careful Aim, and Glyph of Aimed Shot. These three changes will combine to slightly boost MM’s dps output — and keep in mind that MM is not that far behind the others. By making the spec a bit easier to manage and boosting their damage during the beginning of the fight I have a hunch that we’re going to see a lot of hunters checking out MM once again.”

    As a huge fan of MM, playing this spec for 2 whole expansions and sticking with it even in “darker times” (not this time however, this time it has gone too far) – I have to disagree here.

    MM is not that far behind? It’s undescribable how much it is. I tested it in several instances, and the resould was always the same. MM, a spec I know I’m best at, is miles behind both SV and BM (and those specs aren’t top-recount either).

    And those changes… Well, most of them can help begginers in MM a bit. A bit, because the rotation isn’t really that hard that it had to be hard fixed with this Steady Focus thing. And Careful Aim increase is a no-brainer, increasing our output by minimum (Aimed phase DPS sucks as well, barely any burst).

    And, personally, I hate removal of AotF. Why? Because I learned to live with it and use it without wasting almost any dps. The only difference it does now is that… My DPS is going to be lower. How? Because in SV rotation I use Cobra Shot quite frequently with Dire Beast as a choice, sometimes just before Explo Shot. And, if in a fraction of second I remark that I shouldn’t in fact finish the cast but use Expolsive instead (it comes off CD during the cast), I just move to cancel it and fire Explosive. Now I’m forced to finish the cast, and it will require some getting used to.

    PS: Worth mentioning – after all those meaningless changes in 5.1, Blizzard increased AotH by 5%, giving us a total of 15% RAP. Well, thanks at least for that:D

    • Dibbler says:

      If you want to cancel a focus shot cast you can either bind /stopcasting to something or include it in a macro for your other shots. That will make it so you don’t even have to move at all, just hitting explosive shot or whatever will be enough.

      • Kode says:

        Thing about removal of aspect of the fox and the work around with /stopcasting macros for our hunter is that, to me it felt a little clumsy.

        Goodbye Jump Shots :(

        Still, /stopcasting still does works like a charm ;)

  10. Taeo says:

    Thanks for putting this all together! Just two things…

    – It seems you missed the Bestial Wrath nerf. Your pet is no longer immune to CC for duration – it only breaks CC when you use it now.

    – Are you sure about the Hawk buff? My tool tips still say 10%


    • Skarn says:

      Since the Hawk change was actually a hotfix and not a patch change, the tooltip should be out-of-date. Hotfixes can change the base numbers of abilities, but not the tooltips. That requires an actual patch. Yeah we just had a patch, but it didn’t include that tooltip change. :)

  11. Kyllea says:

    I’m excited about the new changes especially the 5% boost. Looking forward to the new content and mathmatical potential for pulling my wieght in raiding! :D

  12. Tali says:

    Growl broken (or fixed, depending how you look at it)?

    Not being autocast on bosses, and manually casting no longer taunts bosses. Generally not a problem, but constant MD doesn’t seem to keep some guys off my back, or am I doing something wrong?

  13. datgrl says:

    Steady/Cobra on the run is awesome. But it would be nice to fix the aggressive mode of Stampede.

  14. Ril says:

    Didn’t they once mention a Lynx Rush nerf (on top of the bleed)? What happened with that?

    Anyways it looks like murder of crows is superior in most fights.

    • Huntiel says:

      I don’t mind the dailies, but I get frustrated over the 3000 weekly vp cap. I would prefer 4500, which would give me the possibility of buying two 2250 vp gear a week from the fractions. Took me almost a week to get any usable gear for hunter from random dungeons and I want to become raid ready.

      As to murder of crows, how would that be anything to go for? It can only be used when the target is at 20 % or below health.

      I switched to bm as mm just suxx so badly and has a very complicated spell rotation. Tried out the new lynx rush today and did not see any drawback from the funcionality.

      • Ril says:

        ummm… whatever. first off the first paragraph has nothing to do with what i wrote so what’s the point? vp cap is easy enough to reach anyways.

        you’re wrong concerning murder of crows.

        my question about lynx rush was if the numbers’ve been reduced like mentionned weeks ago at some point or not.

      • Frostheim says:

        I believe the weekly cap is 1,000 vp — and the total cap on the most you can have at once is 3,000.

        But 1k is all you get per week, which is not enough to buy any gear.

      • Skarn says:

        Sort of out of place, but oh well.

        Regarding the Valor cap, you are NOT supposed to use Valor gear to get ready to raid. You can use it to get a couple extra pieces to help you, but it’s not designed to be “pre-raid” gear. It’s supposed to fill in the slots you can’t get drops for after a few weeks of raiding. Valor gear isn’t what you get to START raiding, it’s what you get DURING. You should gear up through Heroic dungeons, Justice gear and crafted gear.

        A Murder of Crows can be used ANY time. If you use it on something less than 20% HP, the cooldown is reduced. It can be used at any HP %. It’s a viable DPS ability.

    • Frostheim says:

      A 29% nerf was datamined once — but that wasn’t really a nerf. Changing it to a bleed means that the ability is no longer affected by armor, so they had to reduce the damage of the formula so that it would do the exact same damage to a boss.

      So the ability does the same damage, but the formula is different.

  15. Iridar says:

    Is it just me or it is really weid that thrill of the hunt procs like crazy and still it is not imbalanced?

    Crap, I wish they buffed our focus spenders and nerfed derp automatic damage.
    There were times when I felt like a rogue – 25% autoshot, 25% dots, bleeds, dire beast, 50% pet damage (rogues generally have 60-75% of their damage in autoattack and posions).

    Why do I even bother shooting?

  16. Huntiel says:

    Hmm, this weekly cap is very confusing. What does it mean in reality? Is is 1,000 vp per toon and week or is it 3,000 per account, I mean when I have reached 1,000 on one toon, then I can reach 1,000 on a second and third and then I go back to the first toon and, voilà, I have 3,000 on that, or do I just get 1,000 on each of the three toons?

    So reaching 1,000 means one day a couple of hours of game every week, and then wait til next week wednesday, play a couple of weeks and then wait til third week and only then can I buy my gear for 2250?

    This scenario sounds like insanity.

    • Skarn says:

      The Valor cap is per character. There is no account level Valor cap. You can earn 1000 Valor per week on each character. If you save that Valor, you can never have more than 3000 total on any one character. If you have 10 characters they can each have 3000, if you want. Your characters do not overlap or share Valor at all.

      Yes, it will take you 3 weeks to buy a helm, chest or pants for 2250 Valor. It’s designed that way. Gaining Valor is not supposed to be very fast. It’s actually supposed to be pretty slow. The purpose of Valor gear is to help you fill those slots you have bad luck with during raids. If you never get a helm drop, you can buy one with Valor.

      Valor is NOT intended to be “buy all of this stuff and THEN go raid.” It’s something you do while raiding, not before.

  17. Honeybum says:

    Overall dmg on Lynx Rush is the same, you say? After using readiness, you can’t use it again straight away since it only stacks up to 9 and have a 15 second duration, which means you can overwrite it.
    So… That means delaying the second one, thus likely letting the trinket buffs wear off. Plus, it’s another debuff to keep track of.

    I’d like to see it being able to stack to 18. I’m fine with a prolonged duration of the debuff if Blizzard don’t like the burst in pvp.
    It would still be a nerf if you want to use it on adds that dies quick, but not as annoying.

  18. Shianne says:

    the new desing of LR i think the best “use” with readiness is the second LR enable when the first is about to expire, this way we can hold 32s of 9stack de LR don´t you think guys? I dont see any advantages of letting wear off the first LR.

  19. Timoleon says:

    I may be dancing around the obvious, and perhaps it’s been discusses on forums before, but the fact is…..Improved Steady Shot (or whatever they’re calling it these days) was a horrible idea from the get-go.

    It was a disaster, it is a disaster, it will continue to be a disaster. And instead of just saying mea culpa and dumping that terrible mechanic, they are tweaking like mad to lift MM up from the mudhole into which it was dumped. It’s ludicrous in concept, and this is coming from someone who raided MM from his first days playing WoW (about 1/3 through BC) through the present (no more, of course).

    What other class *requires* that use its bread & butter filler shot (a casted shot, mind you) so that they don’t LOSE 15% attack speed? It wreaked havoc on the rotation, and they’ve tried so hard to fix it ever since, and it’s been naught but ointment on a cannonball wound. The buff went from 10s to 20s, making the mechanic practically moot (it’s their way of admitting how dumb it was, imho).

    And MM still lagged.

    So they gave us mobile Aspect of the Hawk (I am CERTAIN this was done primarily to help MM, assuming they didn’t explicitly state this already). Have not seen numbers but I’d not be surprised if it still lagged.

    Look Blizz, we loved you then and we love you now. But if you’re at a party and cut a muffin, you look dumb by denying that you cut it or spraying Glade to cover it up. Just sheepishly admit it and light a match.

    They will dump that mechanic, sooner or later, maybe not until the next expansion but they will.

    Mark(smanship) my words.

    • Iridar says:

      As a child of cataclysm I see zero things wrong with Improved Steady Shot mechanic.

      Steady shot is not our filler, like old-timers may want to think. I’ll even go as far as to claim we have no (and can’t have) filler shot, because we have a resource – focus.
      For example, if we had a cooldown on steady shot, and had some other shot, for example, Scorpid Shot, which had no cost and no cooldown, then it could be said that Scorpid Shot is our filler shot, which we use when we have no focus for other shots and steady shot is on cooldown.
      However, this isn’t the case.

      We have a resource now – focus – which we generate through use of the steady shot and spend by using other, more damaging abilities.

      Improved Steady Shot mechanic was introduced to add complexity to rotation, so we had not only to simply use Steady Shot to generate our resource, but we had to use it in a specific way – use it twice in a row.

      To play Marksmanship to it’s full potential one doesn’t mindlessly spend all focus on arcane shot spam and the scramble to gain enough focus by using *filler* steady shot, resulting in a suboptimal Chimera Shot and other cooldown usage, because he *has* to cast steady shot twice to keep up the buff.

      Rather than that, one has to carefully, yet quickly, plan his rotation few steps into future, assuring that he has enough time and focus to use cooldowns a soon as they ready and not lose imp. steady buff.

      Improved steady is a core mechanic in Marksmanship spec, and if removed, marksmanship would become beast mastery with chimera shot instead of kill command.

      All of this is not the case, however, as one only needs to cast steady shot pair only once per 20 seconds, which trivializes mechanic for the most part.

  20. Timoleon says:

    Well, if your argument centers on whether or not it’s a filler shot, then I cheerfully withdraw the term ‘filler’. Use ‘resource generator’ or whichever term you choose: my point remains the same.

    Feral druids don’t have to use mangle or shred twice in a row.

    Dps warriors don’t have to use mortal strike or bloodthirst twice in a row.

    I don’t know what rogues use…sinister strike? They don’t have to do that (and that only) twice in a row.

    I *completely* disagree with your claim that the removal of ISS would turn MM into BM. The mechanic has existed for all of what…20% of MM’s lifespan? Tops? MM and BM had completely different flavors before ISS came about. Even now, the juggling of BW and Frenzy stacks alone (not to mention the more delicate cooldown management) make BM sufficiently different.

    You cede the point that the mechanic is trivialized (by Blizzard’s recent extension of its duration) – does that mean the difference between BM and MM is trivial?

    They’d obviously realized the spec was untenable when they opted to double the duration. Now it’s trivialized or moot *because* of it.

    • Iridar says:

      I don’t see anything bad about needing to use ability twice in a row. So, we’re not like rogues or anyone else, you find that bad?

      Actually, dps warriors DO have to use Overpower several times in a row, this stacks their Thirst for Blood buff, which increases stuff.

      Mutilate rogues also have benefits of casting Mutilate twice (as many) times in 5 seconds after Envenom.

      Yes, I find difference between BM and MM trivial. Previously, BM was all about pets and MM all about shooting. Now, when all specs are forced into using Dire Beast and Murder of Crows talents, also all specs have Stampede, all hunter’s specs center too much on pets and summons, and too little on shooting, imo.

      Frenzy and BW juggling is overrated, we now generate stacks very slowly and actually using Frenzy is on the bottom of priority list, even after Explosive trap on single target, we almost don’t cast cobra shots nowadays, so ranged haste is trash.

      Doubling the duration had to be done, steady shot generates so much focus and we generate it so much more through dire beast that we didn’t actually need to cast steadies so often.

      I disagree about “20% of the MM lifespan”. As far as i’m concerned, pre-cata hunters and cata-and-later hunters are two different classes.

      I dunno why you’re so pissed about this mechanic, is it so hard to cast SS twice in 20 seconds?

      You want simplicity – play combat rogue ffs.

      “Omg, I have to use ARCANE SHOTS many times in a row during Bestial Wrath, or I lose DPS!!!” does this break BM too?

  21. Ryshat says:

    Any thoughts on the new gear and trinkets “at the wall”?

    I saw some 496 gear and trinkets that you can buy from Agent Malley (, once you get the proper rep.