Hunter Raid Gear in Tier 14

Posted: by Frostheim

Today at WoW Insider, I go through the best hunter raid gear available, comparing it against valor gear.

We’ve already discussed the hunter pre-raid gear, so now it’s time to start talking epics! Which hunter drops are the absolute best for your DPS? Which are worth a pass? And which four set pieces should you collect?

Here we’re going to look at all the loots that drop from raid bosses, including world bosses. I’m also going to include the epics that can be purchased with valor points — though these are slightly lower ilvl items and never make the top of the lists, sometimes they’re only slightly worse than the top tier loot. For the sake of simplicity we’ll be looking at the normal difficulty version of gear.

As always, it’s worth stressing that the actual DPS difference of items of the same ilvl is very small — though they certainly add up. And, as always, the actual value of stats changes not just with your spec but also with the rest of your gear. I’ll be presenting all of the top gear choices, and then making my recommendations of which is the best, taking reforging options into account. … Read More.

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  1. Omogon says:

    Thank you Frost for yet another gear list. Still working on the “pre-raid” but this is at least something to dream about :)

    • areggar says:

      Frost, talking about trinkets, where in the list we see lfr versions of trinkets? Do most of agility procs stack? (such as relic of xuen and bottle of infinite stars?)

  2. Ranas says:

    The epic bow Klatith does drop, I had to run gate of the setting sun over and over again for a couple weeks, but I finally got it.

  3. ichi says:

    Missed Dreadeye Gaze from Will in MV.

    Dwarves, have to check on ’em often

  4. Steppenwolf says:

    For alchemists, isn’t the alchemy trinket better than all the rest? It has a higher amount of agility in the proc than any of the others.

  5. Sarasin says:

    While I don’t expect the Alchemy-trinket to be better than all the rest, it would be nice to know where it belongs in the rankings.

    Seeing as the Relic is so good compared to normal-drops, how does both the alchemy and the Relic rank compared to the HC-drops?

    As always, thank you for all your time and effort you put into these articles :)

  6. Dielhelm says:

    Still working on the pre-raid gear and upgrading to LFR gear when I get drops. Live these guides so I have a list of gear to shoot for. On a side note, is anyone working on a 5.0 macro guide. I spent 2hrs yesterday trying to make a macro to dismiss pet, call quillen, battle rez, dismiss quillen, and call skarr. Got it down to 2 separate macros.