Hunter Poster Friday

Posted: by Frostheim

Thanks to hunters AlbinoDragon and Daniel, we have another set of posters for another hunter poster Friday!

Hunter Motivational Poster: Blink Strike



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  1. Omogon says:

    I gotta say that hunting rogues in BM spec with a ferocity pet has never been more fun…poor bastages are dead before they know WTF happened :D

  2. Arth says:


    Actually imagining 200+ hunters in that camo picture is hilarious and intimidating.

  3. Zabada says:

    Oh Camo Rogue hunting .Now that would be a blast . Kind of like Camo node trapping and camping in Uldum :)

  4. Myrrmi says:

    We SOOOOO need a honey badger pet. Or a wolverine :D