I’ve been slowly grinding my way through the daily crunch to get rep with all the new factions. I’ve completed a few factions, but am still working on most of them.

All judgements about the dailies aside, there is one thing that is bugging me more than any other at the moment: if you need something for your dailies, just take the damned thing! You do not get dibs on it by standing nearby!

I’ve heard people complaining in general chat, in forums, in guild chat, and once even to me in a whisper. The complaint is always the same: “I was trying to get item X and was standing near it fighting some mobs when some a-hole flew in and took it from me!!1!”

The thing is, the dailies now are so densely packed, it’s impossible to tell exactly what you’re going after.

You could be, for example, fighting a mob near a pile of vegetables, and near a mushroom, and maybe near some rope. I know there are quests to burn the rope, get the vegetables, get the mushroom, and kill the mobs. All I know is that you’re fighting mobs, so I figure that’s what you’re there to do. If you really wanted the mushroom, why wouldn’t you take two seconds to pick it. It’s not like you’re in a life or death fight here: these are dailies.

This is what I do. I fly down, the mobs charge me, I grab the quest item I need first, then burn the mobs down.

If someone is standing right next to or on top of a quest item, then I figure they’re going for it and leave them be. But if they’re just in the area, I assume they’re working on something different. I don’t think this makes me an a-hole; it’s just pragmatic.

Rather than complaining in every channel possible about people doing this, why not just pick up the damn item you want? Then you won’t have the problem.

*Note there are some quest items that have a ┬átimer (takes a couple seconds to grab) on them, that can get interrupted when you’re attacked. Special dispensation to melee classes for these. In this case just make sure you’re standing as close to on top of the item as possible to make it clear what you’re there for.

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  1. Uirah says:

    I have had this done to me, and I have done it to others. Most of the time, I believe it was accidental on everyone’s part. I now use it as an opportunity to practice CC, keeping the mob busy with traps and the pet while I gather.

  2. Omogon says:

    My usual method is …land .misdirect and send in Harry to gather up the mobs….then get what I need. I do admit to waiting for Hordies to gather up the mobs and then swooping in and gathering the vegetables or kicking the candles or what ever :D

  3. Ismena says:

    I, like Uirah, take those opportunities to practice a little bit of crowd control. Between a pet and traps, there’s hardly a reason I even have to enter the fight of mob unless I need the kills. So I agree. You want it? Take it! And guess what? If I needed it, it will respawn within minutes and I now know exactly where!

  4. GHOSTKID says:

    I have stolen items, but only from the opposing faction. I feel it is my duty to keep the feeling of conflict alive since I play on a PvE server.

    If I have taken any items from you, please feel free to /spit and such if you see me in the world.


  5. GoodGracious says:

    What’s the point of complaining? I don’t understand the need for it. Sure I’ll yell at them through my monitor – but I don’t see why it needs to be public. And there is a thing called patience.

    Also – y’all do know that different times of the day have different densities of people going for the quest? If you don’t attempt to do it smack on daily reset time, there’s often a whole lot less folk around.

    I think this is where being in Australia helps. I’m on a full US server, but as long as I do my dailies before 9am US time, I’m in a less densely populated dailies zone.

    Besides which, hunters should never have to worry about fighting while gathering… that’s what our pets are for. Hell – I sic Sooty onto the main guys in the burrow, and then go get all my veges and stuff before I help him finish them off.

    Let the assist classes complain. Hunters don’t need to.

  6. Hyrne says:

    I get invited to daily groups just for this reason. MD to the pet to tag mobs in high traffic areas. Scorpions for Klaxxi dailies is a big one, or gathering up the shackels.

  7. Playboom says:

    If you can’t engage mobs and pick up items, while tossing a caber and draining a tankard, then clearly you did not roll a hunter.

    I mock your sorrow. While I take your stuff.

  8. lol says:

    what bugs me most about PvE is that after about a month since the expansion launch, there is nothing to do apart from raiding.
    What I mean is there is nothing rewarding to do.
    I got all reputation gear I needed and all hc dungeon gear I needed in a week I believe.
    I capped all professions, got Pandria flight and serpent mount.
    The only interest left in PvE world apart form raiding are few mounts and 1 exalted recipee which I am not sure worths the effort since the Enchant could be bought rather easily from AH.
    I tried pet battles to kill time, but for some reason they dont appeal to me.
    I guess now comes 2 years of raiding….

    p.s. I am capped on JP and Honor and there is nothing to spend them on, why dont they put a milion JP/HP reward mount or something to sink those points…..

  9. Farelf says:

    Like those before.. I pracice my CC when I am gathering.. I usually have no problem if someone flies in behind me and taks that item I am standing..

    Where I do draw the line is when I just spent 5 minutes clearing the mobs and trash surrounding a rare spawn boss and have some inconsiderate slob come in and tag it then refuse a party request.

    That’s happened a couple of times, causing me to utter a few words I don’t like my children hearing.

  10. Forest says:

    Land, mob hits me, pet auto attacks, i loot item, kill mob, flys off….

    I have shouted through the screen at people nicking items from me, but only if i was a millisecond away from clicking the item myself :)

  11. Ominous says:

    I’ve never complained (in-game) but, on this one, you can take your attitude and shove it – right up there!
    If someone is standing right next to a quest item, and fighting mobs, there’s a good chance (s)he wants that item.
    The person might not be as efficient / have the same thought process as you. God knows, that’s proven in LFG / LFR all the time.
    It takes just a few seconds to let that person have the option. If (s)he doesn’t take it, then take it yourself.
    Should those seconds make a difference to you, then you’ve got timing issues and bigger problems to consider.
    If you’re not an a-hole, then you don’t need to rant about the perception that you might be.
    Obvious things don’t require explanation.
    Don’t assume that, because you have it, your own opinion is the right one.
    If there’s any class that can afford to give the benefit of the doubt to others, it’s the hunter.
    Remember the word “class”. Have some!

    • Frostheim says:

      Why on earth would the person not pick up the item if that’s what they’re there for? This is the part I don’t understand. It’s not like you need to be a hunter to click on a thing before finishing your fight.

      In my experience, when someone if fighting next to a quest item in the new densly packed daily areas, about half the time they aren’t there for the quest item that I am — when I wait for them they finish killing the mobs and then move on. It is not a no-brainer that they’re after the item.

  12. serp says:

    Instead they should come post on their blogs about it?

    As hunters, this is a frustration we never have to feel so it’s easy to dismiss I guess.

  13. Kaneli says:

    I also tend to use CC or pet to pick up items. But I also do this on my prot paladin, HoJ or Blinding Light keeps the mobs off my back while I pick up the stuff. Now I don’t play every class, but don’t they all have some form of CC? Some even pets of their own? It’s not just hunters who can do this.

    Now if someone is fighting on top of a thing I’ll leave it, but I’m just saying it’s not like they don’t have the option to get it first.

  14. Zeherah says:

    Personally I’ll generally go out of my way not to loot an item someone’s standing next to- that’s always been the universal sign for “I’m trying to get this item”. Many items can’t be looted while in combat easily, and sometimes your gear is not great and you can’t safely just ignore the thing beating on you while you loot it.

    I also have a lot of issues clicking with precision in this game and it drives me batty how many people who can clearly see I’m trying to loot something will follow me around clicking on everything and looting it as I’m trying to loot. That quest with the blazing embers for Tillers in particular is trouble for me as the items are extremely small and hard to click on, and there are a lot of obstacles. It’ll take me forever to do it sometimes because of other people running up and clicking on things as I’m in the middle of trying to click in the right spot.

    The worst daily quest for this problem though is the barrels Golden Lotus quest. The mobs that carry the barrels will stun and generally make it difficult to loot the barrels. Whoever attacks the mob will get agro and someone else will run up and steal the barrel before you can loot it a lot of the time (I’m looking at you flight form druids!), and this can happen for awhile before you can finally get barrels. On my hunter I’ve been able to get around this usually, but on my shaman it was a lot more difficult. It’s one of the most badly designed dailies I’ve seen because it specifically rewards being a jerk about looting and the looting can’t be shared with a group. If the barrels were tapped when you attacked the mob it’d be less of an issue.

  15. Malyuta says:

    Being a hunter puts you at advantage against some of the melee classes that don’t have luxury of misdirecting mobs to a pet. I can see how it could aggravate people that can’t get away from the mob to pick up an item because they get either interrupted or item is not even lootable in combat (the latter is true for hunters as well).

    I had seen people sitting on flying mounts just above an item waiting for someone to aggro a nearby mob and snatching it right after I land before I had a chance to misdirect. This is a common thing I encounter when I gather herbs – druids don’t even have to land and dismount to pick them so they wait until you aggro a mob and then take it on a flyby.

    I do not appreciate it personally. I don’t complain about it, it is what it is, WoW is not a community-building game, it promotes a-holeness in people and punishes cooperation and friendliness.

  16. Eiye says:

    I was doing the vegetable daily and spotted some veggies next to a hut behind two monkeys. I MD to my pet and position myself right next the produce four pack. A warlock hovers in and takes the veggies, but doesn’t fly away, just hovers above me. Spotted another batch near four monkeys, so I MD and run in to collect, but received two out of four because of the lock. I thought the douchebaggery was personal until I watch the lock fly off and do the same thing to a warrior.

    Don’t steal other people’s items especially if they’re standing nearby. It’s rude.

  17. Anahiltis says:

    Meh, if the item is there, I’m taking it. Now, I don’t go follow people for when they are fighting mobs to grab things, but if I see some vegetables, I’m gonna take em. And as for gathering things that can get interrupted, generally the mobs attack slower than the gather speed, I do that ALL the time when I don’t need to kill mobs anymore: Fly in, grab items while things beat on me, run out of range, feign and mount.

    If someone doesn’t grab their item and just fights the mob, that’s their problem. I don’t consider myself an asshole for this either. Just gather your stuff, finish your dailies, and move on. Crying about it helps no one, especially since there’s nothing you can do about it.

  18. Rayne says:

    … and this is an example of how a person will be less of a person in the game vs. RL. You don’t usually know the person playing the toon you ‘may’ have stolen something from in the game during a daily (or other opportunities). What difference does it make since there is really no consequence to taking it. Consider if the player was a guild or raid mate? Honest mistake? ‘Oh, I didn’t know it was you… sry’ How do you feel now? Even a little sad? No?

    Now, you come up to an elevator that already has someone waiting… maybe they are reading a newspaper. The door opens and there is only room for 1 more person. The person hesitates to put the newspaper down before entering the elevator… do you jump in taking the last spot or do you wait your turn? Would it make a difference if it was someone you knew even casually.

    Another example… you are driving and slowly approach a slower moving vehicle. You look in your mirrors to move over to the next lane to pass but notice a much quicker car coming up already in that lane. Do you switch lanes anyway so you don’t have to tap the breaks or do you let the faster car pass first?

    I’m not saying it is wrong or right… I just believe that people look at things differently depending on what is going on around them and in particular, how much consideration they choose to give those around them. It is typically much easier to just take what you want or do what you want when there are no perceived consequences but just because you don’t see or hear about them, doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

    • Frostheim says:

      It’s different. In your examples, the person’s intent is clear: the person waiting for the elevator reading the paper is obviously waiting for the elevator, and first in line.

      The person fighting some mobs nearby (but not right next to — like I said, if they’re on top of it I leave them be) a quest items isn’t necessarily there for the item. They may just be there for the mobs, or for a different item that’s nearby. In fact, in my experience, half the time I do wait they don’t get the quest item.

      So again — if you want a quest item that you’re fighting near, just go grab it. No daily mobs are that difficult a fight that you can’t spare a second for a click. Quit bitching that the world doesn’t leave the entire area to you and you alone.

      • Mehemet says:

        Wow Frost… You’ve really lost me on this one. You complain that others “bitch” to/about you and yet you are the one that is showing a complete lack of courtesy. In the case of the elevator the “correct” course of action would be to pause a few seconds to let the other person get in if they want to (assuming you don’t know for sure). The same can be done in game. It’s called “benefit of the doubt”.

        I’m an old school gamer… from muds to Ultima Online, Dark Age and other earlier MMOs. The behaviour you describe was once considered “griefing” and was considered discourteous in the extreme. In the old days people would even be blackbanned from gaming communities for doing this. These days it has been “normalised”… probably due to the age and size of the userbase which is sad.

        As a hunter I have the tools to get the items I want without being subject to this behaviour too often… But I don’t take for granted that other players are similarly equiped. It might be that they are 6, relatively new to the game or even handicapped and unable to act as fast as me. I simply don’t know.

        I think you need to re-examine your elitist attitude on this one and tone down your replies to those that don’t agree with you. Theres more than one point of view… If there wasn’t you wouldn’t have felt you had to make this post in the first place!

      • Frostheim says:

        To be clear, only once did anyone complain about me — I just hear the complaint fairly often and there’s an incredibly simple solution to the problem — grab the damned item!

        Keep in mind that everyone this is happening to is deliberately standing near the item they want and not taking it when they could. I’m not talking about a split-second timing thing here. I’m talking about sitting there fighting a couple mobs until they’re dead. Take a moment, move over to your item, and click on it. You don’t need to be a special class or have special skills to accomplish this.

      • Neoky says:

        I use to think you were kinda cool. Now, not so much.

  19. Cel says:

    Frost I luv ya, but not everyone has as easy a time doing what you suggest as you make it sound.

    Like Zeherah I have trouble targeting sometimes. In may case thats a vision issue, I have a disability that involves my vision. I play the game fine in most cases but sometimes I have trouble targeting. This isnt a problem on my hunter. My pet takes the mob/s and I zoom in on the item to loot. Its a LOT harder on my clothies and my rogue. They arent well geared and I can’t just zoom in and loot when a mob pounds on me. I have to deal with the mob first. I stand on the item I want and fight as long the mob doesnt punt me around too much (some do) and loot when I can.

    I dont whine in chat or otherwise when someone beats me to the loot because I realize the issue is my problem (my vision) but I’d like to point out sometimes there are reasons for people becoming frustrated with the looting process.

    I make it a point to do my dailies in the wee hours of the morning when i get up before work, so I don’t get a ton of competition :) solves a lot of issues for me. If i have to wait till after work, I’m screwed unless my hubby can come tank for me, which he is often willing to do. YAY for nice people!

  20. RidingWolf says:

    This is a very douche bag thing to do. For starters, some classes and even some specs within that class can’t interrupt movement of a mob long enough to grab a quest item, especially in an area where many of the attacks knock you away from an item you are after. Sure, on my hunter, I can MD and drop traps, but on my blood DK, I have no way to interrupt to grab an item. And being a tank, I am not killing it fast, so when someone like you comes along and grabs something, or even better yet, a complete a–hole hunter comes along and feigns 5 more monkeys on me, it is wrong, and perpetuating the behavior by admonishing those “not fast enough” is wrong. In many instances, standing on an item is simply not possible due to the circumstances involved in the terrain and the mobs abilities. I am actually very shocked that you advocate this sort of behavior after all the years of fighting against douchebaggery you have done. I understand that I and the few others that have responded to you in this way are among a sorrowful few, but this is not a question of moving faster or “it’s just a game and it will respawn,” this is a direct indicator of the declining level of morals in gaming. Like the person said earlier, this behavior would have gotten a perma ban back in the old days. I hate to say this, but after seeing your post on this and the dozen or so people joining you in this behavior, I am leaving this group after 4 years being here.

    • Frostheim says:

      You don’t need to interrupt or CC to grab most quest items. When I fly down to an area with mobs, I dismount, a few mobs pounce on me, and I grab the item first while they’re beating on me, then I MD and kill them.

      Anyone can do this, no special skills or abilities needed for most quest items. Only when they have a cast time is it an issue, in which case just stand as close to the item as you can.

      I hate this attitude that if someone is fighting in a quest area, that means that everything in a 30 yard radius has dibs.

      • Mehemet says:

        To many of us your actions are poor form. There is no justification for them and we consider those actions to be an act of douchebaggery. If you are happy to live with that perception then that is your choice, but your choices in game often say alot about who you are in life.

        Think about the poster above who has eyesight difficulties, think about the people with a slow connection, low gear, learning difficulties, think about the guy who tells his girlfriend “hey, try out this great game” only to have her turned off by attitudes such as yours. For gods sake think about common courtesy.

        And I’m not saying that you should not take an item when someone is within 30 foot of it either… I think we both know we are talking about the situation when someone is fighting mobs next to an item and you fly in and take advantage that the mobs won’t agro on you. I say man up and show some decency – People will think better of you for it.

      • Frostheim says:

        I think perhaps I didn’t word things clearly enough then — as I say in the article — if you’re on top of or right next to an item, then I let you have it. The one time I got an angry whisper it was from a guy fighting a good 20-30′ away.

        If you’re not right at the item and are just nearby, I do *not* know that you want the item — when in the past I used to wait, half the time the person just moved on. Because, of course, most people understand that they should just click the damned button and pick up the item.

        You’re basically arguing that you get dibs on a nearby item, even if you choose not to click on it (when you easily could).

        I think this frustrates me so much because the whole thing can be solved by just clicking the item when it’s an instant pick-up (as many are) during combat. Then there would be no confusion, and what’s more, people deliberately griefing couldn’t mess with you either. Use common sense: if you spend a chunk of time not grabbing the item, someone else will.

  21. hillbillyhatfield says:

    I’ll play devils advicate in our hunters home. I have a pally for tanking when the guild needs one. Ive dont these quests of gathering. When the mob is attacking, you can not just pick them up. Unless it’s the no cast items like candles or embers. You can not just grab the items, when 4 mobs are smacking you. the cast to pick up and there attacks are different. And there attacks are usually faster or staged every second with each other. While my hunter lets my bear hold the mobs while I go claim the price.

    I try to be a good mmo player, and hate asshats with a passion, I stand on the quest item. If Im there for something else I dont stand on quest items. Like veggies, or canons. Besides if there are 10 people in an area, doing dailies, there all doing the same ones as you. Unless they have yesterdays quests and didnt do them for some reason.

    I make it a policy, if the person is in a 6ft area of a known daily quest item, I either wait and see if they move on to whatever, or pick them up. There is no reason to for anyone to swoop in and grab a quest item if a player or a mob the player is attacking is standing on it. Unless there hunters. If they havent picked the quest item up, then they dont deserve to play our class. because they are the huntards of legend.

  22. Aq says:

    Hmmm, so the other day some guildie complained about that cooking quest – where you have to kill goats for meat – and about the people who go in and tag an entire wee herd of goats so that they couldn’t get any goats. I laughed and said I was one of those people, just kind of charge in and quickly tag as many as I can, MD them to my trusty beetle, Methuselah.

    …and now I feel like a DB.


    • Kaneli says:

      Nothing wrong with that, I have never once got all the meats from a whole herd of goats, so it’s not like I’m taking more than I need. That said, after one group I usually have most of the items, so I pull a few more goats from the next group and leave the rest.

  23. Ardor says:

    I have, essentially, let WoW fade to unimportance because of the reliance on inane mechanics to grind your way through unrewarding content. This debate pretty much just illustrates the poor design. There is no solution to a problem generated by a design that packs too many annoyed players into a confined area all competing for the same resources.

    That said, there is still no excuse for being an asshat. Blizzard let us down, don’t contribute to the pain.