Sneaking in just under the wire with the patch 5.1 changesAspect of the Hawk (and Ironhawk) has been buffed to now boost hunter attack power by 15%, up from 10%.

This is not something that was on the PTR and is instead a quick little hotfix that Blizzard slipped in under the wire.

This is a flat out buff to all hunter specs dps, and is a great thing to see. Hunters were at best performing a bit low in raid content in Mists of Pandaria up until now, and while Patch 5.1 had some nice things that would help dps (and MM dps in particular) it didn’t look like enough to bring hunters out of the Meh area on the meters.

Now with cobra/steady shot on the move with no fox and an extra 5% attack power for all hunter… it’s good times in Mists of Pandaria!

Thanks to Goldthwait for the tip and David Dashifen for confirming it in game.

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  1. BoomBuster says:

    how is this being calculated maybe my calculation are wrong but i’m not seeing 15 % increase to attack power

    • Frostheim says:

      You have to take into account other AP buffs you might have, like Trueshot Aura.

    • Frostheim says:

      You have to take into account other AP buffs you might have, like Trueshot Aura.

    • Stomp says:

      If you guys aren’t competitive in your raid core as a hunter.. it’s likely your roataion, i raid with some very good players and i’m always at the top of the charts… so your doing something wrong if you really think we have been nerfed.

  2. Dan says:

    What will be the overall dmg buff from this change?

  3. Arth says:

    Good deal!

    Now we just need the outlier specs to be nerfed slightly: fire mage, (affliction?) lock, and…I think spriest? If we get the nudge up and they get the nudge down, we should be pretty close.

  4. Jaromor says:

    Give me sec to swallow several sarcastic comments about certain quotes that have been made by Blizzard about hunter DPS…
    Thanks Blizz!

    Maybe I can stay for Garalon after all!

  5. Waar says:

    Woot !!! Gotta love that! I wonder… will the buff to RAP move SV closer to BM overall?

  6. Drake says:

    Trueshot aura gone, they up Hawk by 5%, aren’t we nerfed, now not having the benifit of the trueshot aura?

  7. Elbareth11 says:

    Trueshot is not stacking with Hawk currently we are losing out on 5% AP this is indeed a nerf if this is intended.

  8. Drake says:

    exactly my point.. we are 5% just ran an instance… seeing a change… not for the good

    • Skarn says:

      Even if Trueshot was removed, that would just be a nerf to soloing. We would still gain the 10% AP from other raid buffs. Thus this is a buff to our overall raid DPS.

      Regardless, that’s not the case. According to Frost and others, both buffs are working just fine. The icon is not displayed, but the right amount of AP is. No worries!

  9. Petrus says:

    Both Trueshot Aura and Aspect of the Hawk are working properly. I ran a quick test and found the following AP values. Trueshot Aura persists even when you die, but not after you release, so that’s how its contribution was confirmed.

    Alive w/ Hawk: 40154 AP
    Alive w/o Hawk: 34916 AP
    Dead as a ghost: 31742 AP

    31742 * 1.10 = 34916.2 * 1.15 = 40153.63

    Hound status: Unreleased

  10. Iridar says:

    Dunno about TSA, but my shammy has some auras, and they are not shown unless I’m in a party. Dunno if they still work outside of party though.

    Lynx Rush is a severe nerf for PVP, so only viable talent is Blink Strike.
    For PVE, I was running BM with Lynx Rush for the sole purpose of free and immediate burst, if it becomes a dot, like crows, it just loses all flavor. Allthough I wonder, can one stack up to 18 stacks of this DoT through readiness…
    Not that there’s any point in doing that, all hunters gonna be running with crows anyway.
    Such a sad talent tier.
    Small AP boost is nice, but it doesn’t correct our issues, we still need overall workaround of our spec/talent system.
    Being able to cast steadies/cobras on the move is sort of nice, but I feel like that we’re gonna be like at child in a eat-all-chocolate-you-can party which is about to be destroyed by tsunami or something.
    We can enjoy while it lasts, but someday they will change in it, and i fear not for the better.

  11. Don says:

    Doesn’t matter. I’m doing about 8k-10k less dps on bosses this week compared to last week.

    We got mega-nerfed.

    • Skarn says:

      Explain that. There are no nerfs up there to sustained hunter damage in a raid environment. Only buffs! If your DPS is down it’s likely you. Yes, really. If you’re absolutely sure it’s not you, then it’s a bug and you should try to track down what is wrong and report it.

      • Don says:

        After running some post-raid LFR and looking at logs, it seems to be a combination of things:

        1) Personal play style – Dire Beast macro’d into other shots no longer works, so I was missing Dire Beast on the first few fights until I caught on

        2) Lynx Rush redesign – Lynx Rush no longer appears to be good at all on multi-target fights (i.e. Stone Dogs) where it used to be great

        3) Lynx Rush bugs – On single target fights, Lynx Rush is often not stacking up to the full 9 stacks, but often stopping at 7 or 8.

      • Skarn says:

        Thanks for the information, Don. I’ve been manually doing Dire Beast anyway so that wouldn’t have bothered me. I haven’t done Normal raids yet this week so I don’t have much to compare myself yet. I’ll have to keep an eye on Lynx Rush to see if it’s stacking properly.

        I’d like to keep using Lynx Rush, primarily because of the lack of focus cost, but if it’s not doing full damage then I’ll be dropping it.

    • Ril says:

      i did more damage, mostly thanks to free movement.

      there’s no reason to do less.

  12. Don says:

    They also seem to have changed Dire Beast somehow, it no longer works macro’d to my shots like it used to.

  13. Dezibel says:

    Salutations! Salutations! we have been heard

  14. Winterhawk says:

    The dire beast no longer macroing is an inconvenience. Also, glaive toss now apparently requires you to be facing your target. Too bad, I was liking the 360 degree mobility of the glaive toss. I personally prefer using lynx over crow as BM due to it’s lack of focus needed and it’s reduced time required to deliver as opposed to crow – I hate seeing crow tick off uselessly as a fight switches targets/phases, or needing to pushback rotation to gather focus for crow. However, with lynx’s damage spread over fifteen secs, you may be altering/ delaying some aspects of your opening burst w/ readiness as BM. I found that my overall dps was much more robust after the patch, I am feeling much more competitive.

    • Ril says:

      crow aligns perfectly with BW, which is when we’re at high risk of becoming focus capped anyways. of course there’re fights where you’d prefer LR or even BS. it is fully dependent on the situation. however there’re few fights where we’re unable to predict if MoC lasts or not. the only one that comes to my mind is lei shi (blew a few BWs into her vanish/immunity yesterday… very frustrating).

      you might want to pick BS in the elegon fight in case you’re having trouble with the orbs, or gara’jal if you need extra damage on spirits.

  15. Jaeger says:

    Fervor can’t be macro’d either….

    GC tweeted the other day that we had too many buttons so I guess this is Blizz saying “we’re gonna make you press them all!”.

  16. Iridar says:

    You have to realise we have two new free keybinds from aspects (since we’re always in the hawk now, and can switch between hawk and cheetah with single castsequence macro).

    Macroing fervor is a bad idea anyway, if you want automatation use thrill of the hunt, it’s always up anyway.

    I feel some sort of idiot, though. Was Dire Beast off GCD all this time?..
    I treated it like it had GCD all this time…

  17. Canardo says:

    I never used aspect of the fox anyway so there are no new free keybinds for a pve hunter like me.

    What does it mean: Can’t put fervor and dire beast into a macro ?
    You press the macro but the abilty just doesn’t activate ?
    Any news if this is a confirmed bug by Blizzard or intentional behaviour ?

    • Iridar says:

      It means one previously could use macro
      /cast Fervor
      /cast Arcane shot

      And this macro would use both of these abilities, because Fervor used to ignore global cooldown.
      Dunno about Dire Beast though, I used to think it didn’t ignore global cooldown.
      Also dunno if these abilities ignore GCD now, in 5.1

      • canardo says:

        Yes but you could just mash the button a couple of times and then the other abilities would activate.
        Now that I’m online I notice glaive toss also stopped working in my macros.
        Somebody posted it allready on the official wow forums, let’s hope it’s confirmed as a bug that they will fix soon, otherwise it would suck bigtime.
        Don’t mind manually pressing stampede, readyness, rapid fire and murder of crows since they are on a 2+ minutes cooldown. But but dire beast and glaive toss not in my cobra macro would suck bigtime.

      • Iridar says:

        Omg, this is never a bug, you shouldn’t be able to use abilities in this manner.

        Truly horrific. is this playstyle even interesting?

      • Canardo says:

        Truly horrific. is this playstyle even interesting?

        Surely you have something in a macro as well.
        Pet attack ? Engineering gloves ? On use trinkets ?
        A misdirect macro ?
        I suppose it’s up to every individual to use them or not, but it’s weird that something that worked for years all of a sudden stopped working without any announcement in the patch notes.

      • Iridar says:

        I’m not saying macros are bad or anything, but if one can put his entire (or even half of) rotation in a macro then obviously something is wrong.

      • canardo says:

        If we remove the word “can” from that sentense then we agree.
        I don’t want to put them all in a macro, I want them to be gone.
        Blizzard stated once that 4 buttons was ideal for maintaining a base rotation. As far as I’m concerned anything 1 min or less is base rotation.
        I like running out of fire, running to people with chains, jumping to platform, stuff like that. I don’t like watching 25 cooldowns, it’s boring

  18. Malyuta says:

    I am a BM hunter.
    I did LFR twice last night and while my DPS was somewhat higher (2 -2.5 K) my overall place on damage charts fell down couple of notches from usual. Not sure if I got lucky playing with better than average guys or it’s just not only hunters were uplifted.

  19. SweetMrGibs says:

    Does the increase to RAP mean that, if I use Valor points to upgrade my Bow, I’ll gain even more of an DPS increased from this buff (assuming that upgrading my bow increases my RAP)?

    • Iridar says:

      You should upgrade your weapon first anyway, regardless of RAP, weapon DPS is *the* top stat for increasing dps.

      Upgrading your bow also increases your RAP, but only as far as agility increases on your bow.

  20. ZBob says:

    “I am a BM hunter.
    I did LFR twice last night and while my DPS was somewhat higher (2 -2.5 K) my overall place on damage charts fell down couple of notches from usual. Not sure if I got lucky playing with better than average guys or it’s just not only hunters were uplifted.”

    Initial (VERY initial) indications are that many specs were buffed to some degree by the 5.1 changes (including, against all reason or sanity, fire mages.) Knee-jerk analysis of VERY limited WoL data is that only hunter spec with enormous movement in terms of relative ranking appears to be MM (and that’s because nobody was playing it until yesterday). BM and SV are likely closer to rank-neutral.

    • Jaromor says:

      i take my thanks back, was prematurely optimistic i guess
      losing last bits of respect the the “lead developer”, class balance my a**

      • Frostheim says:

        If you want to know how we’re doing in a realistic situation, check out the logs. The Noxxic rankings caused lots of fuss, but turned out not to reflect what actually happened in raids.

      • Jaromor says:

        The thing is, last time I dismissed those I got proven wrong after a month, they were pretty much matching what top DPSaurs recorder.

        Next week I will do my own summary of top hunters from WOL, all encounters… To see how close we get to the top.

      • Jaromor says:


      • Frostheim says:

        No, the Noxxic rankings that got everyone in a huff turned out to have almost no resemblance to what the top 100 WoL logs were showing (for example — they showed hunters as dead last behind everyone, when in reality we were about in the middle, just a bit below median).

      • Jaromor says:

        I know you stated monks were in worse situation. I saw it in different colors on WOL tho.
        Anyways, last or 2nd to last, the gap between us and mages is just outrageous. And given lead dev tweets @#$% like “hunter dmg is fine” (haven’t seen the tweet myself tho) I have little hope this will get fixed.

      • Frostheim says:

        You can see the WoL analysis on WoW Insider here:

        Hunters certainly have the worst *spec*, but that’s very different from being the worst *class*. We seem to do the worst in the raid format that the fewest players use (25) and do far better in more common formats.

      • Jaromor says:

        i read that analysis
        including some bizzare comments from several mages

  21. Drake says:

    I am staying the same place in our 10 mans. Lock seems to get me, I ranked on a fight as well. so.. for now, we seem to be ok..
    as for LR and MOC not sure what to use, currently using LR. wonder what others have decided?

  22. Flint says:

    Last night when Solo’ing BT I noticed that Growl was not acting like a true Taunt any longer. I could not get my trusted Turtle to taunt off me at any time and watched my aggro meter when hitting growl, my pets aggro did not gain at all.

    Did Blizz change this? Has anyone else noticed anything?

    On a side note All but Requiem of Souls was solo’d. Most are just Nuke the boss, but a few took a little bit of a Strat.

  23. Silv says:

    No idea why in the world frosty would ever stick up for this BS

  24. Dan says:

    Serpent Sting’s damage has been increased by 100%, and its cost has been reduced to 15 Focus (was 25).
    Improved Serpent Sting now deals 15% of its total damage instantly (was 30%).

    More buffs :)

  25. robbiedehand says:

    I must be blind then it still says 10% in the tooltip on hawk and iron hawk even after relogging / switching specs / clearing cache ect.