The event started off like many, at the Gurubashi Arena.  We brought between 100-150 hunters to lay claim to the chest that drops periodically in the center of the arena.  The few poor non-WHU souls that were hoping to have a shot at the chest never had a chance.

Longtime WHU member Mullingrew (I spell his name wrong in the video) won the prize, being the first to successfully open the chest.  After that, there was some fun free-for-all style PvP before we headed to our second destination.

The original plan was JUST to attack Razor Hill.  The idea was, with Orgrimmar guards at level 90, and Garrosh at lvl 93, we weren’t going to be successful in killing him.  So we had hoped to take Razor Hill and goad the Horde into attacking us, since it’s close to Orgrimmar.  While the sacking of Razor Hill went well, the plan to lure Hordies failed.  So we inched closer to Orgrimmar, trying the same tactic.  At one point we were standing at the gates of Org., daring the Horde to attack us.  And…nothing much happened.  So since the Horde were a bunch of cowards, we decided to finally take the fight to them.  The results were predictable (we died), but we performed surprisingly well, making it into Garrosh’s throne room and lasting for a few minutes.

…watch in HD for the best quality.  And to see another view of the charge into Orgrimmar, click here.

This is the last event of Cataclysm, and also the last for quite a while (since we’ll be leveling and exploring Pandaria).  But stay tuned for info on the “baby” hunter guild that we’ll be forming, as well as endgame raids and events.  Until then, thanks for continuing to make these events awesome!

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  1. Marisha says:

    To make this an actually fun and exciting event, you should inform a couple Horde guilds of the event date so they can get into the spirit of the thing and give you a fight. 100 85 s showing up unannounced on just about any server is going to steamroll- what’s impressive about that??

    • Arth says:

      We didn’t actually steamroll. A significantly longer respawn run hurts, and without healers, I think we’ll have trouble taking Org. at any level. Informing the Horde would just be ensuring our demise.

      Also not sure what server you play on, but on my old Horde toon, there was routinely a few hundred people in Org. at any given time (that wasn’t unreasonably late at night). If even half of them join the fight, it’s pretty fair.

      But beyond that, the events are as much for the spectacle and fun of it as they are for tangible achievements (though those are cool too).

    • Flint says:

      What, the Horde can’t read WHU?

      We had a few Horde in vent with us while this was going on. They had plenty of notice to get ready.

  2. Painbow says:

    Weird aspect ratio, low quality even at 1080p, and difficult to watch.

    That’s what WoW is supposed to look like at 1080 and 1600p.

    • Flint says:

      Silly Troll

      • Painbow says:

        Uh, no, FLINT, I ACTUALLY mean what I say. I’m not acting or pretending, so you’d better stop using that disingenuous word. Nobody ever calls me a troll in voice–only in text–so maybe it’s YOU who doesn’t mean what he says?


        Use Fraps or DXTORY for capturing. Run the game at your monitor’s native resolution which is probably going to be 1920×1080 (16:9 aspect ratio). Or, if you’re a real PC gamer, you run in 1920×1200 (16:10) or 2560×1600 (also 16:10).

        After capturing the AVI, you can convert it to Xvid if it already isn’t (DXTORY) using VirtualDub and then upload it to YouTube.

        I don’t know WHAT you did or what software screwed with your aspect ratio.

    • Arth says:

      Unhelpful criticism is unhelpful. Do you have a constructive suggestion?

      I monkey with video settings regularly to try to get a better picture. Only my last few videos were in HD at all and use most of youtube’s screen, so it’s an improvement. I’m sure it will continue to improve as I discover more. But until then, I’m happy to capture the events as best I can.